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  1. pellejones

    Fun with Nitro

    I hope you enjoy it :) there are a still a few bugs in it but nothing game breaking.
  2. pellejones

    MX Series Black Edition

    GDSN, the normal MX Black still has a tan vertical hand grip. Is it meant to have that? The MXC has a black one.
  3. Shemags are default A3 ones. You will find their class names here: http://browser.six-projects.net/cfg_weapons/classlist?utf8=%E2%9C%93&version=72&commit=Change&options%5Bgroup_by%5D=weap_type&options%5Bcustom_type%5D=&options%5Bfaction%5D= H_Shemag_khk H_Shemag_olive H_Shemag_tan
  4. Massi I have another feature request. The Independent helmets in woodland tricolor (as I asked in the wrong thread) and also, if possible, the Tri-Color Desert uniform? It would be awesome :D (I know it is in the SOCOM DEVGRU pack but it would be cool if it was in this pack as well.)
  5. We feel the same way. We use the M16 and HK416. When sitting a few meters away from a unit with a gun you can't distinguish the point of origin of the weapon. It sounds like he is on top of you. Awesome sounds but they are waaay to high.
  6. Massi, we found another bug. Not sure if is is because of JSRS but the AK74s are sometimes are soundless :( It happens in MP when the AI uses the weapons.
  7. Oops! I think it's this one we are using :) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?165080-US-Marine-Corp-and-MARSOC-units-A3 Anyways, they are AWESOME! They make our A3 experience incredible.
  8. Also, the MARPAT cammo have AAF helmets that fit the cammo pattern, is there any chance you could make one with Woodland as well? //EDIT Sorry for double post! :( //
  9. Massi SSG uses this all the time now :) Here are a bunch of pictures: http://www.ssg-clan.se/gallery/pelle/fd_pt1_beachhead_20131006/2013-10-06_00002.jpg (548 kB) http://www.ssg-clan.se/gallery/pelle/fd_pt1_beachhead_20131006/2013-10-06_00005.jpg (417 kB) http://www.ssg-clan.se/gallery/pelle/fd_pt1_beachhead_20131006/2013-10-06_00008.jpg (493 kB) http://www.ssg-clan.se/gallery/pelle/fd_pt1_beachhead_20131006/2013-10-06_00012.jpg (374 kB) http://www.ssg-clan.se/gallery/pelle/fd_pt1_beachhead_20131006/2013-10-06_00013.jpg (331 kB) http://www.ssg-clan.se/gallery/pelle/fd_pt1_beachhead_20131006/2013-10-06_00014.jpg (502 kB)
  10. I just tested this with ARMA 3, did a minor change to the debug script to make that one work. The rest worked like a charm! Thanks a million for this, this has saved me from headache. THANK YOOOU!!!11!!!11 SSG Loves you for this.
  11. pellejones

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    This happens for us as well! It is very veeery strange.
  12. So... we would love to make this work on a dedicated MP server. And we are very much willing to test it and test it good, but I have no idea how to make this dediMP compatible. Is there any one who cares to help? We want to use the script version.
  13. Massi we found a strange sound bug. The M16s can be heard anywhere on the map. We were about 2-3 km away from all the gunfire but we could still hear them in the distance as if they were quite close... very strange. Also the sounds on the guns are WAAAY louder than any other weapon in the game. 35+ players on dedicated MP.
  14. If the sound is to be local to the unit only then use: playsound "theSound". If you are using CBA the you can use their say3d command. It should work just fine on a falling unit.
  15. We use this addon as main units in SSG now :) from time to time http://www.ssg-clan.se/gallery/ops/thefollowers_20130911.png (1988 kB) http://www.ssg-clan.se/gallery/ops/thefollowers_v2_20130911.png (1988 kB)
  16. pellejones

    Refined Vehicles

    I was using the mod yesterday, and when I reach speeds above 100 km/h the car sort of sliiiiiides around like it is on ice. There is no "the car is sliding" feel, it's just a feeling of "this car has no grip what so ever and I have no control". Like the car is moving above the ground a few millimeters.
  17. 1) Pods + Fog bug thing would be awesome if it was fixed. I have no idea how you'd solve this but it would be cooooool! 2) Predefined shaders for different worlds so you don't have to have different launch options depending on world.
  18. pellejones

    Refined Vehicles

    RedPhoenix, you rock!
  19. pellejones

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Pleeeease moderators, lock this topic or say something to stop this infernal flame war! :( :(
  20. This is how we do it (via .bat file)
  21. arma3server.exe causes clients to crash on connect, so we run All in Arma with "arma3.exe -server" instead.
  22. Wow this looks really good. I am looking forward to this release :)
  23. I have a nice bug that I find when using AiA and custom islands for ARMA 2. I will add a picture later today but here is what happens. You have the sea-level in height with your face, depending on what direction you look. For example, when I look north/north-east, I have a brown nice water wave in my face that moves up and down. But now when looking SE, S, SW. Will update with picture.