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  1. This only happens with XMedSys though.
  2. No the issue of a unit remaining captive is a problem with XMedSys. The line that resets captive status (_unit setcaptive false) is not always done. It happened for us when a unit Died from headshots, and we had a 5 - 10 second respawn time set in description.ext. if!(local _unit) then { _res = [_this, "X39_MedSys_fnc_knockOutUnit", _unit, false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; } else { _isUnitPlayer = (_unit == player); if(_flag) then { if(_unit getVariable "X39_MedSys_UnitKnockedOut") exitWith {}; _actionToUse = ""; if(_isDead) then { _actionToUse = "die"; } else { _actionToUse = "unconscious"; }; DEBUG_LOG(_unit) DEBUG_LOG("knocking out unit") //if(_isUnitPlayer) then //{ // true call X39_MedSys_fnc_FadeToBlack; //}; _unit allowDamage false; _unit setCaptive true; _unit playActionNow _actionToUse; _unit setVariable["X39_MedSys_UnitKnockedOut", true, true]; if(_isUnitPlayer) then { _time call X39_MedSys_fnc_createBlackOutDisplay; //ctrlSetText [1000, "You are"]; //ctrlSetText [1001, "Knocked out"]; }; if(vehicle _unit == _unit) then { _unit setVelocity [0,0,0]; _unit setPos (position _unit); _unit setDir (direction _unit); } } else { DEBUG_LOG("unknocking out unit") //if(_isUnitPlayer) then //{ // false call X39_MedSys_fnc_FadeToBlack; //}; if(vehicle _unit == _unit) then { _unit switchAction "down"; _unit switchAction "down"; }; _unit setVariable["X39_MedSys_UnitKnockedOut", false, true]; if(_isUnitPlayer) then { closeDialog 30097; }; _unit allowDamage true; [b]_unit setCaptive false;[/b] <--- THIS does not happen sometimes };
  3. Unit setCaptive true turns the unit to Civilian. Unit setCaptive false will make the unit join his own side again. If it does not then either ARMA or Alive is broken. I have however seen that sometimes after unit respawn the unit remains captive!
  4. pellejones

    [WIP] bCombat infantry AI Mod [SP]

    We did some testing with this on a dedicated server. All AI was controlled by the server. The server was running bCombat. At first it was cool, they attacked fast and so on, but after a while we noticed that the behavior was strange. They sort of just stood there, wiggling back and forth, trying to figure out where to go. It was all really strange. Something is off there.
  5. The folder structure is going to be: <mission> <Folder 1> <Folder 2> <Folder 3> <X39_EventSystem_Core> <x39_medsys_items> <x39_medsys_ressources> <x39_medsys_scripting> <x39_medsys_settings> <x39_medsys_uis> mission.sqm description.ext init.sqf All the scripts will automatically be in the folders.
  6. X39 If you want help with coding or graphics, i would love to assist.
  7. pellejones

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    We got some nasty lag spikes with Blastcore. Blastcore is awesome, there is no questioning that. But, in MP, we just blew up a CSAT AA Tank, and when we were within about 4-5 meters from it, the FPS just dropped to ... well lower than 1 FPS actually. This happened for every player. Once closer or further away from the burning tank, the FPS got back to normal.
  8. From the devReadMe.txt: So you want to use the XEventSystem without an addon? Well that easy to realize :F Just unPBO the addon and put everything to your mission folder (!MISSION FOLDER! Addons need to be created through refering to this modification!). After you did, you just need to use the following commands to initialize the mod: { _res = [nil] execVM "\X39_EventSystem_Core\X39_EventSystem\createFunctions.sqf"; _res = [nil] execVM "\X39_EventSystem_Core\X39_EventSystem\Functions\initMod.sqf"; } NOW you can use the mod as usual ^^ have fun Also! I would love this feature as well: - Closing the MedSysMenu after hitting the assigned key a second time Just a quick question. How come you didn't use the CBAs function for menus and so on? They have a nice system for it that is easy to use.
  9. We have tested this a lot on dedicated now :) it is awesome. Just upgraded to the 1.0 beta. A few constructive comments! 1) The Respawn button. Make it about 1 cm high just above the Time Left. Also, please make it black instead of white, so that is is a bit hidden. That way it will still be there but not so game-breaking-looking :) 2) We do not really understand when we can press respawn or how to affect the timer. Since ESC is "locked" there is no way to exit the game or do anything while waiting. The timer just ticks down from 600 and when it reaches 300 it turns orange (and then you can press respawn). Is there a way to make it so that you can press esc and instead remove respawn from the menu add the option to punish people that press respawn on the original menu, before the respawn timer has passed the respawn-time-limit-thing (ACE does this)? Also, can I control how long the timer should be? And can I control when the respawn button becomes active?
  10. pellejones

    Fire-Fight Improvement System

    This was TPW FOG that caused the balls. Sorry.
  11. There is a typo on row 226 in tpw_fog.sqf row 226: [[_ball], "tpw_animal_fnc_hideball",false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; calls for function "tpw_animal_fnc_hideball" but the defined function is "tpw_fog_fnc_hideball" :)
  12. Don't know if this has been mentioned but the way you handle the blackout "respawn" thing disables user input right? The problem with that is if something is buggy, you have to alt +f4 out of the game. ACE did not have this issue, probably thanks to CBA which has an rsctile function (i think?). Is this anything you have thought of fixing/tweaking? And i also agree with the respawn button. it is huge and it sort of removes the game feeling.
  13. pellejones

    Fire-Fight Improvement System

    Latest version, it only happens on dedicated servers, not locally.
  14. pellejones

    Fire-Fight Improvement System

    Is there a debug active in this because we keep seeing red balls on the ground with this addon active.
  15. The userconfig says that is is local, unless overridden by server, so there should be a command for it :/ edit: To remove the overlay globally, add this to your init.sqf: X39_MedSys_Display_Overlay_EnableLegView = false; X39_MedSys_Display_Overlay_EnableHealthView = false; X39_MedSys_Display_Overlay_EnableBoodView = false;
  16. This is great but how do I force it off for all players?
  17. pellejones

    Can't join any dedicated server

    And what causes the authenticatification problem? How come it only affects A3 and DayZ :P
  18. pellejones

    Can't join any dedicated server

    DayZ is also broken :) all servers respond with "maximum numbers of players", even empty servers.
  19. pellejones

    Can't join any dedicated server

    Same here. Can't host server on my own. I can start a dedicated server, it is up and running, people can see it. Joining does not work however. The server does see people joining as it loads the mission in the list. But no response is given to the players.
  20. pellejones

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Care to share the information on how to fix it? For internal use for SSG (no public release in any way)
  21. Soo many threads... :( I'll try the new version in the other thread
  22. Hi guys. I did some modifications on TPWCAS for ARMA 3 as it had some bugs. Also I made the suppression look different. The changes I made are minimal, just got rid of the undefined variable bugs and the suppression now uses dynamic blur instead of Radial Zoom Blur (as this is not showed if HDR or radial blur, is off/0 in video settings). The screen also gets bright instead of dark. I like the way that looks. Please note that this is an unofficial version of TPW CAS! It works on dedicated, have not been able to try with Headless client as our HC can't connect due to a bug in A3 with the current stable release. Here's a link to the modified version: http://www.ssg-clan.se/files/tpwcas_a3_v05_script_modified_ssg_pelle_20131215.rar