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  1. pellejones

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    We've tested this, small scale, on dedicated and it is awesome! Now all we need is a grass view blocker like the one in ACE2 for A2. This AI mod makes it super fun to battle against AI. But since they see you right away, the view block would be great. Not sure how ACE did this, also this is not the thread for that :P Thanks for this great AI Mod!
  2. pellejones

    ZAM Glasses

    So, classnames?
  3. I can probably write a "manual" for all the variables.
  4. pellejones

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    I have lives 2.5 years in southern Spain and 29 years in Sweden. And I can say that the light differd, a lot! Sweden is way more gray during autumn than Spain which has a more yellow tint. So yes, there is a differens. It is also due to the angle of the sun and rays hitting the atmosphere.
  5. pellejones

    M136/AT-4 pack

    Uhm, is it just me or are these tubes not disposable? I can reload it all I want... I also have to manually add a magazine into it. /EDIT/ Also, adding weapons with player addWeapon "AT4_HEDP"; does not work :( Picking them up from a box works. Checking the config.cpp the classnames appear to be: launch_AT4_F launch_AT4_HEDP_F launch_AT4_HP_F launch_AT4_EMPTY_F
  6. pellejones

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    mes\@A3MP\ you are missing a ; before @A3MP. Also no need for \ everywhere.
  7. I am trying to understand what this does.. but I just can not. What are the lines 1-9? What does this system do :(
  8. If you want any help I'd be glad to assist.
  9. Not sure if this has been asked but; is there a way to hide a unit from cTab, for example a vehicle or similar.
  10. pellejones

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Where do you set that variable? Because it works for us.
  11. He means: Create a ticket here: http://feedback.vbundeswehr.de/index.php?project=2
  12. pellejones

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Is it not smarter to have a class name say: TFR_148 as a radio, and then when you add the item _unit addItem "TFR_148"; it checks the IDs of radios and adds a unique name to the radio?? That way you can always add radios in real time without having to figure out what radios are already in the game...
  13. You can remove the icons via the module, or in the userconfig, or via code in init.sqf for example. X39_MedSys_Display_Overlay_EnableLegView = false; X39_MedSys_Display_Overlay_EnableHealthView = false; X39_MedSys_Display_Overlay_EnableBoodView = false; X39_MedSys_Display_Overlay_EnableTourniquetView = false; X39_MedSys_Display_Overlay_EnableCamShake = false; X39_MedSys_Display_Overlay_EnableMorphineView = false;
  14. pellejones

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Like one of the previous posters wrote, a 343 radio for group coms would be super. Having a backpack to be able to speak to other groups is just clumsy. Sub channels for a radio is not really good.
  15. RainFX and FOG gives us red balls. When you are laying on the ground, FOG shows balls for the heat haze (or is that rainFX??)
  16. But not the call for hiding the balls... :P
  17. pellejones

    Flying bodies Physics Mod

    @PartyHead First... just saying "it's not working!" is not going to make anyone help you. Second, tell us how you initialized the addon.
  18. I think there is an issue with BIS_fnc_MP. I tested adding an action with another script, and with BIS_fnc_MP the action did not appear. With CBA it works fine.
  19. Did some re-texturing with Swedish cammo for my clan SSG. http://www.ssg-clan.se/gallery/pelle/SSG_swe_units_20140117.png (3316 kB)
  20. pellejones

    RH M4/M16 pack

    No news on the LOD thing?
  21. We still get colored balls in dedi MP :( with latest version of Rain and Fog.
  22. pellejones

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    I just remembered something. During the day, when a vehicle explodes, it looks like tennis balls (or green ping pong balls) are spurting out of the wreck :/ it looks a bit strange. But other than that this is awesome.
  23. We also had an issue with badly hurt and not being able to make that status go away. Dedicated MP 30+ players. We tested medsys by shooting a player in the butt with a .45 pistol. Some players collapsed and broke their legs, got deadly hurt, others only light hurt an bleeding.. Second, the morphine effects kicked in for some players on the fist administration of morphine. Two feature requests: 1) Showing the name in the hint, of the person you are treating, because sometimes when many players are close to each other you can treat the wrong person by accident. 2) Add a function that requires a player to actively accept/deny morphine when a player is awake... Yesterday i sneaked up on a guy and administered seven morphine in a guy before he had time to react and move away. His screen looked funny after that :P
  24. pellejones

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Awesome mod as always! We tested in in MP yesterday and ran into some trouble. The smoke is not synced between players.