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  1. Try to shoot with a gun at one side of the vehicle.

    Bullets go through. Is this wanted?

    MfG Lee rock.gif

    This is actually indeed wanted. The whole vehicle (except for the front side) is made of plywood. And I doubt that plywood can stop any bullets. So I tried to simulate this vulnerability by making only the front part bullet resistend. In fact I know an even better way how to simulate this now. But it's a bit too late to change it. I'm not so keen to touch this addon anymore to be honest.


  2. yes i know its realistic. i wasnt disputing that

    i was wondering why irl they painted their planes like a jar of jelly beans?

    I guess they hoped that the lozenge pattern would disguise the outline of the planes. I think I've read that somewhere but I'm not absolutely sure. Anyways, even if it doesn't work lozenge looks quite cool


  3. Long time ago, on the MTV show Amp, there was a Ken Ishii song thats video was also an anime.

    Anyone know the song and the anime it was using? I've always wondered.

    You mean a video with a boy on a tricycle shooting a female puppet that had a knife in it's hand? Thats the only scene I remember from a Ken Ishii video. This is boy I mean:


    From what I found out it's from a song called Extra

    <span style='color:red'>*edit*</span>

    Maybe the video I'm looking for is the video from the song You're the Reason. I'm not sure though. I can't find any information about it.


  4. Some time ago there was this song King Of My Castle by the Wamdue Project. The video for the song consited of scenes from the movie Ghost In The Shell. A couple of months later there was another music video with scenes from a similar movie. It had the same Masamune Shirow drawing/invention style. It looked pretty cool in fact, but I never found out what the name of the movie is. I can't even remember if the video was from a Wamdue Project song. At least it was the same music style. Hard house, progressive, whatever...

    Can somebody help me and tell me the name of the movie? I would really apreshiate that smile_o.gif

  5. camel.jpg

    Out of pure boredom (well, more correctly I should say out of an aversion to do the things I should do, causing in nothing to do which lead to boredome again) I did a "vintage" retexture of one of the two versions of the BIS Camel. You can download the PBO here in case you are interested:

    Retextured BIS Camel

    Be carefull, this overwrites your original PBO!


    P.S.: I just love those colorful lozenge camouflages smile_o.gif

  6. I'd like to use headphones, but I find them either too uncomfortable or I have some kind of reaction to them (my ears turn bright red and sometimes itch). crazy_o.gif

    <span style='font-family:georgia'><span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>I was able to acquire these headphones for half of the store price biggrin_o.gif some years ago</span>:


    <span style='font-size:7.5pt;line-height:100%'>Sony MDR F1</span>

    <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Quality is good, and they are very comfortable to wear (you hardly notice that you wear headphones at all).</span></span>

  7. I'm using speakers at the moment. I would like to use my headphones more often though. It sounds as if I'm closer to combat and I don't have to worry not to annoy other people.

    The problem is however that I receive a lot of static noise when I connect the headphones to the computer. I sometimes even receive radio broadcasts from around the world (Russian, Arabic, etc.) I guess the headphones ain't made for use on computers.

  8. I don't see any real difference in politics of the social party and the christian democratic party goals. At least not on a German scale (but I admit, I'm not very interested in politics at all). The opposition (may it be social or christian democratics) always want the opposite of the leading party and vice versa. And since I always voted for the greens I'll vote for the greens in the EU parliament as well. Even if I don't know exactly what they want to archive. It can't be totally wrong. To save nature and bring independent education forward is one of my biggest concerns to a political party. Even if it would cost jobs in some areas.

  9. Are these all Soviet era buildings?

    I guess they are. In the description of the gallery it says ''collection of communist architecture''.

    I'd really like to see a comparison of different buildings of this type from all countries around the world to see the differences. USA, Russia, China, Japan, W-Europe, Israel, etc. You know what I mean. Of course they would have to be of the same time period.

  10. I've stumbled across these images of suburbs of Praha:

    Suburb gallery

    I find these images very aeathetical, but also very depressing and desolate. They cause some kind of end-time mood in me.



    I hope that I never have to live in such an area...