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  1. PSC

    Btr-t released

    What you mean with "can't turn off the engine"? I can use the action menu entry to do so. And it works. Only sometimes if the vehicle is on a steep slope it doesn't.
  2. PSC

    Btr-t released

    I wanted to release it together with the RHS version. Unfortunately the RHS version is a bit delayed but I could not wait to put the news on my site So I thought I would not tell somebody about it to give RHS more time. But RHS website and forum is down for a week now
  3. PSC

    Ontos m50a1

    You could use the M40A1 recoilless gun I made and attach it to your Ontos. That would save some work for you M40A1
  4. PSC

    You and flashpoint today: a poll

    I like to play COOP online, thats what I do a lot. But also I like to make addons. And since I would probably not play OFP anymore if I would not be able to make addons, I voted No. 7
  5. PSC

    View lod vs geo lod

    Did you try what happens if you copy the same structure into FireGeo LOD?
  6. PSC

    Shadow not working

    I think BIS has updated the shadow with Resistance since I have a model with 367 faces and 914 points which still shows a shadow.
  7. PSC

    Mmp marder is released!

    Nicely done! Very good addon
  8. PSC

    3d optics ??!!

    I'd not only like to have 3D optics, but also animations if you switch to the optics view like in WW2 Online or Vietcong But I know, I can't have everything
  9. PSC

    What the feck!!!

    I have no clue how to archive what you want, but one note from me is that I would check for basic classes like "MGun" or "LAWLauncher" (both directly come after "default"). But if you are not completely stupid (what I know you ain't ) you probably know this yourself.
  10. PSC

    New vietnam island

    You are right, the colors of the PAC are more different from the colors of the original TGA than the PAA. However, the PAA is more "grainy" while the PAC has more smooth transitions.
  11. PSC

    New vietnam island

    Yeah, thats why I wrote "if possible". If I look at the image with the LAV I think the hull does not need 32bit alpha texture. There are not transparencies like windows in it. The window of a car/chopper etc. however needs a 32bit alpha texture of course. What you mean with bad color conversion? Is the PAC color conversion more worse than the PAA color conversion? From what I know it should be the other way around. I would always prefer PAC's if I don't need alpha.
  12. PSC

    New vietnam island

    <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:geneva'><span style='color:#993300'>People should use PAC's on their vehicle and men addons if possible. That would a) provide better texture quality to their addons and b) would prevent unwanted invisibility.</span></span></span>
  13. PSC

    Shorts skyvan released

    Do I need both PBO's? With only the jungle version I get a CTD
  14. PSC

    O2 import question

    Yes, you need to enable it in the options.
  15. PSC

    Turn in / turn out ??

    Maybe I've missed something essential, but isn't this the option to activate/deactivate turn out? <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>SQL </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"><span style='color:#333333'>forceHideGunner</span> <span style='color:orange'>=</span> true/false;
  16. PSC

    1.95 beta mirrors

    <span style='font-family:Impact'><span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>YEHAA!</span></span></span> I've waited for this since the begining of OFP
  17. Ok, I've updated the packs and you can download them now at my site (http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~joelemonade) What I fixed: <ul> [*]Added a cargo spot to the rack version so you disembark on top of the rack [*]Fixed the steering wheel bug [*]Removed the wrong optics on the M40A1 version [*]Due to Ivos help the ability of the AI to aim is improved a lot Regards, Sebastian *edit* The speedo needle bug still exsists. I wasn't able to fix that.
  18. I wan't able to find out how to only patch one certain file in a PBO (i. e. the config), so I decided to wait a couple of days more and release the "final" version (remember, the actual version is just a testversion). The final version will also fix the steering wheel bug.
  19. I can put a memory point for cargo embark/disembark on the top of the vehicle. But since there is not difference between embark and disembark memory points the game will probably randomly choose one of the existing points. I'll try that. *edit* Seems to work quite well. Will be in the update:
  20. Just to avoid confusion, the bags are from Marfy. I just reused them. It's in the readme as well.
  21. Regarding the turn radius. This vehicle is derived from the NKL-26 combat Aerosled. The suspension for the rear wheels had to be changed to provide the power transmission from the engine to the rear wheels. But the steering complex is still the same. Only difference to the Aerosled is that just the front wheels are used to steer. Maybe this drawing shed a bit light on the technical detail: I tried to make the steering angle less strong to eben it with the turn radius, but I couldn't find an option for that in the config. It seems to me that the steering angle is the same on all vehicles. Sebastian
  22. PSC

    2 p3d guns for free!

    I've uploaded 2 P3D files of guns I made for the MARV. You can use them for your own addons if you can make use of them. You don't need to ask for permission. Grab them in the editing section of my website: http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~joelemonade/ Regards, Sebastian
  23. Thanks, nice to read that you like this addon. In case that there will be no 3D model bugs (missing textures etc.) I'll just make an update that overwrites the config inside the PBO (if I find out how to. There was a tool for that wasn't it?). Some of the bugs you mentioned are crazy The steering wheel thing I mean. I found out that the tachometer needle on some version turns into the wrong direction if you start to drive (this is a known bug, but I forgot to write that into the readme), but I could swear that the driving wheel always turned into the right directions. Slowly silently I have the feeling that the binarization sometimes changes my addons I don't think that I'll fix the steering wheel/tacho thing though. It would mean to change the 3D file, and that would cause a bigger update filesize. Ivo (Frostbite) told me how to fix the aiming, lock-on, bug for the AI. It's a config thing and I'm going to fix that in the next days. The M40 actually should not have an optics view at all. I disabled the optics in the weapon config. However, I knew that the optics view was still there, but I though it's a nice detailed view on the gun itself. I recommend not to use the view at all in combat Regards, Sebastian (PSC, Joe Lemonade)
  24. PSC

    O2 import question

    I usually use Deep Exploration to convert the 3DS models. Unfortunately it's not a free programm but has a 30 day trial. There was another free program that could do the job as well (I forgot the name though), but it sometimes did not convert the texture mapping accurately. Especialy on round objects. Deep Exploration does a good job.