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    Aicraft fight

    Thanks Erex! In fact I've allready spend quite some time at www.fas.org researching on several topics. But this question interests me in general, since no helicopter in OFP has AA Missiles. What happens when let's say a UH-60 meets a MI-17 in combat? Would they try to shoot down each other with unguided rockets? Or would they simply ignore the presence of the other one? Â This question really interests me. Would be nice if anyone could answer it. Thanks in advance, PSC
  2. PSC

    Aicraft fight

    Hey guys, I've got a question on that topic. I was searching for some information about the russian assault helicopter KA-29 Helix B. I found plenty of information about that, but the standart weapon loadouts never contained AA missiles. It contained bigger (80 mm) and smaller unguided missiles, radio guided AT-6 anti-tank missiles, several additional guns (23 and 30 mm) and a 7,62 mm gatling-style machinegun in the nose of the helicopter. But never some kind of russian air-to-air missiles. How do the fight agains enemy helicopters/aircraft? Do they only operate in combination with accompanying (?) other helicopters like KA-50/52 that are able to fight agains airborne targets? Thanks in advance for some answers, PSC