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  1. old raven nl

    [HOW-TO] Mobile Spawn Point

    Also found something in the NightOps framework page. https://nightops.de/arma-reforger-additional-scripts/#SpawnPointFollowsVehicle
  2. old raven nl

    Coop Gamemode - FOB Operations

    @F.Herbiie I hope the framework mod gets fixed one day so it works again. Can you tell me how you did the deployable command vehicle in your mission? I love to use that mechanic but I cannot figure out how it works. Also, do you think it is possible to remove the parts used from the Night Ops framework so it will work again with vanilla reforger?
  3. old raven nl

    Combat Ops Scenario Creation

    The combat ops structure is interesting I’m trying to understand the random objective and start location stuff. I would love to have some sort of starting mission like this on everon like the one on arland. I don’t know if the devs will release one. If you have the basic structure setup like you describe here you could keep adding mission so in the end you have so many that it will never be the same. I play combat ops almost every week with a friend and we are having a blast. I do like to add some stuff that annoy me a little. -your starter vehicle should be a deployable mobile spawn point. -when there is good revive system in reforger this will also help a lot. -I’m not sure about the start locations in the wood.. I rather have a small outpost type start at small house or something.
  4. old raven nl

    [HOW-TO] Mobile Spawn Point

    The spawn point will not be removed when the vehicle is destroyed. Needs a check if vehicle destroyed remove spawnpoint. You can also use the baseslotcomponent in the vehicle to add a spawnpoint entity. like https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Car_Modding
  5. To anyone having the same problem here’s how to solve it. Do a fresh install of the server when you use nitrado. I probably had the mod on the server but an older version. The server is unable to update these mods so you have to remove them from the server. Nitrado does not give you acces to the addon folder on the server so a fresh install is the only option.
  6. Anyone else have real issues with the Modern Optics pack? I would really like to be able to use it without the headackes. If a BI dev is listening.. please add these to the basic game so it is no mod. If I add this mod to my server, the server does not even start anymore. If I do not add it but load it locally and jump the server.. I can get them from the supply box, but when it's on a weapon you cannot aim anymore! I posted this somewhere before.. but It's hopeless trying to get an answer or a fix. Same issue with the M4 and M18 mod. Please add some of this basic stuff asap, as mission making is dying out very quickly. Most of the nice coop mission are not playable anymore because some dependacies are broken because of updates. It's frustrating trying to come up with a mission when it breaks every update and there is no way to contect the person who made it.
  7. If the maker is reading this. Is the mission available for edit somewhere? I would love to do some small changes and run it on my server. Thanx
  8. old raven nl

    Coop Gamemode - FOB Operations

    Nice work! I always loved Insurgency mode in Project Reality. I would love to test this but the Night Ops framework does not work anymore. Pretty frustrating as a lot of coop missions and cool sp missions seem to use this.
  9. It works for me. Both on pc and xbox I would love to give feedback on this mod as I would like to get some fixes going. I have it running on my server together with the little bird and m4 mod. My only problem at the moment is that when I add a us arsenal box for the m4 the arsenal box is empty. This is probably because currently the US is not a playable faction in the map so it's impossible to even use weapon mods that normally spawn in the us arsenal box. I would love a fix for that. One thing I also like to see with combat ops in general on a larger map like this is a command vehicle you can drive and deply closer to the objective so you can decide your own spawn point.
  10. old raven nl

    Combat ops Everon

    Thanx! Found it and got it running, will be testing this!
  11. Thanx, I have already tried that but it does not help.
  12. old raven nl

    NightOps - Modding Project

    Did some sort of update on reforger break all the frameworks? I'm trying to start creating some simple coop mission to understand the enfusion tool. I went through the tutorials and the framework projects are a big help , but none of them seem to work anymore. I also tried running the sample mission on my server but both pc and xbox version of reforger has problems with these frameworks.
  13. I really enjoy the combat ops mission on arland. Is there a combat ops mission in the works from bi on everon? Because arland is pretty small, it feels like I already played a lot of the variations and it's getting repetative. Making this mission on everon you don't get the feeling of it getting repetative so fast because of the size and variation of the island.
  14. I'm having some weird issues with the M4 and modern optics pack. On PC it works fine, but when I'm testing it on console I cannot move anymore while aiming any weapon. I tried to find a way to contact the mod creator but it's very hard giving any feedback to mods in the workshop. Cheers
  15. Nice one guys! Do you also plan to add interiors to the M1A1 and the M2 ala Steel Beasts Pro?