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  1. Nice one guys! Do you also plan to add interiors to the M1A1 and the M2 ala Steel Beasts Pro?
  2. cool.. thanx.. I planned on doing a heli support thing.. but now I don;t have to do it myself ;)
  3. Hi, Ok, I've uploaded 2 examples for you. -Artillery_test is the setup you see in the youtube video you posted. You can change the 119's for anything you want.. just make sure it's in range of where you want the shells to hit.. -All_support1 is an example of using virtual arty module.. and also included an Airstrike (CAS), transport request and supply drop. If you want you can also add the UAV support. hope this helps.. If you have any questions .. just let me know.. the download link is http://www.sendspace.com/file/d4wnf1 cheers
  4. Hi, I have that setup working for you in a small example mission. But I have no idead how I can upload the mission here.. can anyone help me with that? I have the 3 m119's setup as the arty battery. You can change them to something else if you want. I also have example scenes with a virtual battery so you don't need to place an actuall battery somewhere on the map.
  5. don't know if this has been posted here. ArmA2 arriving a week early http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/arma-ii-to-arrive-one-week-early
  6. Old Raven NL

    ArmA II release date discussion thread

  7. Old Raven NL

    Ai thread

    I believe 2 is already being fixed (sorry don't know where I heard that) And they are also working on suppression. Yes, to me suppression and morale are an important one. And I really hope they will make better use of cover and not crawl on their belly all the time. I saw the video from last year where the AI walked a street and keep to the sides, plus peek around corners etc. I hope this level of advanced AI will make it in the game. (better pathfinding and better use of cover and tactics) btw.. does anyone know the location of that video.. I cannot find it anymore.
  8. I've noticed that on the main arma2 page the pc release date and the console TBD line is gone. And the main page description is "ARMA 2 - The Ultimate Military Simulation for PC and Next-Gen Console"
  9. Old Raven NL

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    When I look at the TrackIR5 I wonder.. why on earth isn't such a cool device supported yet on consoles? Look at how many fps-es there are.. would be extremely cool if the track ir also worked on a console.
  10. Old Raven NL

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    I think it will sell well on 360.. especially if it comes out before OFP|DR on 360 I have lot's of people in my friendslist that are pretty fed up with the current batch of shooters on the console. All of them are not pc players and would like to get a more challanging fps. I think ArmA2 can get a lot of new fans this way. To put it simple.. they all played (and still play) Halo, Rainbow 6, ghost recon, COD, Bad Company etc.. but come to the conlusion that you're always doing the same in all of them.. Run and Gun. Most of them need something more challanging now.. and that is where ArmA2 comes in. For them a new challange.. because they need to start thinking when playing now :D and they realize that it's no use to run up to 5 enemies alone and live to tell about it..
  11. thanx.. no haven't seen it yet. But I see a mouse cursor at the end.. so I think this is still on pc.
  12. wow!, but is it certain then that these screenshots are from a 360 build?? I would love to hear some confirmation if this is really from the 360 version... I mean.. it's in the xbox 360 version of the site... Can someone from BI please confirm this? (o, I asked this 2 time in the same post didn't I? :D )
  13. Nice destuction. I put the 2 images over eachother in photoshop. They are both taken at the exact same location.. and the detructed buildings and church are at exactly the same location before and after the blast. Looks really good! I took the liberty of superimposing the 2 images and save it as an animated gif.. so everyone can see that both images are really the same buildings.
  14. I'm impressed.. I like the way the environment looks and the whole atmosphere. Also like the 1st person view movement.. When the voices are implemented and the destruction system.. I think I'm going to be really happy with ArmA2 :D