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  1. Op4 BuhBye

    Server VS Ace Mod

    I had heard of that command but I couldnt find it. Honestly I would rather not use it cause it will block sound mods but it may come to that. Thank you for your help.
  2. Op4 BuhBye

    Server VS Ace Mod

    I am begging for someones help here. We are running a linux server with no mods. We have "NOACE MOD" in our server name but it seams people cant see it cause they connect anyway. We have tried.... Sig checking Doolittles mod blocker (worked great for a week) No Ace In our server name This Mod has become a plague for us. Its bringing our server down 2 and 3 times a day. Does anyone have any ideas to stop this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Op4 BuhBye

    MP Client Freeze ups

    I did a search and found nothing, So sorry if this is up and I missed it. We are all having issues with the ArmA freezing in MP as a client. It doesn't matter if its a Windows server, Linux or PC hosted all players are getting random freezes that require a hard restart to get out of. The host or sever however does not have this issue. Does anyone have the answer to this? Also Im trying to find the 1.15 Linux patch. My searches say it was realeased on Dec 29 but I cant find it. Hoping this patch will fix this issue. Thanx.
  4. Op4 BuhBye

    Control Player's radio menu.

    The only way to do this is to use a sound file and exec it with the mannor you issue the get in order. I dont know of a way to force the game engine to make a player say anything.
  5. Op4 BuhBye

    Can't get this script to work

    You need a loop or condition that checks the helo height before executing the eject command.
  6. Op4 BuhBye

    Waypoint help

    Vehicles set to "safe" or "careless" will follow the road from one end of the map to the other with 2 WPs.
  7. Or you could just do it the easy way and group a trigger to the GL and set it to "whole group" not present.
  8. This is one of those things that was much easier to do in OFP. It seems that AI will only target certain things making this a real pain in the a**. I have not tried this but AI will target a car, so try placing a car on the building and using the "SetPos" command to put it inside the building. If that wont work Ive got nothing.
  9. Just drop an empty marker whereever you want a bomb and createvehicle on the marker name. Simple easy.
  10. Op4 BuhBye

    Forcing an event

    If its a specific unit, or even a few, you could count their grenades and back door it that way.
  11. Op4 BuhBye


    Yes there are several ways to do that. It all depends on how you create the IED.
  12. Op4 BuhBye

    force Music on ??

    If you set the music config in the EXT file as "sound" and not "music" the file will play for all. Most people need there sound volume up since they need to hear gunfire.
  13. Op4 BuhBye

    creating unit vs. placing unit

    If you are only creating a couple of units, it really doesn't matter. But a squad or vehicles you are far better off using the setpos and putting them in from the start.
  14. Op4 BuhBye

    Stupid AI behavior

    To the best of my knowledge the bug of shooting one AI alerts them all still exists. Detected or not. So what you want cant be obtained in the end anyway. But setting their "behaviour" and "combat mode", as well as "diabling AI" should work for the first half.
  15. Op4 BuhBye

    Anyone wanna do a few scripts

    Why do you need a script to fire a trigger?