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    The cheapest alternative to TrackIR!

    I'd recommend Freelook as a cheap alternative to TrackIR. With Freelook you can use your webcam to detect your head movements and it will move the mouse. You can set a key to toggle it on / off, so it will only be activated when needed. All you need is to cut a round shape from white paper and stick it on a cap, and Freelook will detect it and convert the movement to mouse movements. I've been using it a lot in IL-2 and works perfectly. It's completely free.
  2. osmo

    Extremely low fps near trees

    Some of the settings, like viewing distance and grass are determined by server. This is done to keep all multiplayer players on same level. Otherwise someone could have an advantage by removing grass / seeing enemies trough grass while others had grass in front to block the view. Same with the viewing distance; if someone would be able to see the enemy 5km away and others only 1km away, it would give unfair advantage to the player with 5km setting.
  3. osmo

    Ingame VOIP not heard

    Could you tell us exactly how you set it up (router settings, windows settings, router hardware, etc.), that might give us clues how to use it? We haven't found any common settings between those who has the voice chat working. Today we found out that the in-game voice chat works for another player also, so total 3 players have got it working so far (and I'm one of them). For those who has it working, everything works, including the direct talk. I don't know which windows settings to look for, or router settings. For sound hardware I just have basic integrated Realtek AC97-compatible system, and one of the players who does not have in-game voice chat working has the same. Many guys who used to have the voice chat working before 1.05 patch, doesn't hear anything anymore. I'll try to look if there is anything common in the hardware or settings for those who has it working.
  4. osmo

    Ingame VOIP not heard

    Our tests have been all on dedicated server. We've tried to turn on/off hardware acceleration, and it seems to have no effect at all. I hope this'll be working in the future, as it's one of the most expected feature for many co-op communities, and it adds alot to the immersion of the game. One thing that the in-game voice chat also needs is a separate volume for it. Now it's almost impossible to hear others while driving in a vehicle or helicopter, even if their microphone recording volume has been set max in Windows Recording Control and microphone boost is enabled. Turning down the effects volume won't help, since it seems to turn down the voice chat volume too, so the relative volume between vehicles and voice chat stays the same.
  5. osmo

    Ingame VOIP not heard

    I've got the in-game voice chat working in 1.05 with one other player. We hear each other perfectly, and the direct talk also works exactly like it should, with lip sync etc. However, we are the only ones hearing each other, the voice chat does not work at all with any other players, or among the others. Ventrilo is a good temporary solution, but nothing beats directional, proximity based direct talk with lipsync! While the problem with the voice chat is fixed, maybe sound quality level could be put a bit higher for direct talk? The quality is fine for radio channels.
  6. No one seems to have replied for this. I'm asking the same thing, could someone explain what is the difference between AXIS and ROT?