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  1. I found a BIS function that gets all of the available hitpoints for a chopper (BIS_fnc_helicopterGetHitpoints). Code to call the function: _hitpoints = _heli call BIS_fnc_helicopterGetHitpoints; BIS_fnc_helicopterGetHitpoints: private ["_cfgHitPoints", "_hps", "_funcGetHitPoints"]; _cfgHitPoints = configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _this) >> "HitPoints"; _hps = []; _funcGetHitPoints = { for "_i" from 0 to ((count _this) - 1) do { private ["_hp"]; _hp = configName (_this select _i); if (!(_hp in _hps)) then { _hps set [count _hps, _hp]; }; }; }; //Explore inheritance structure fully while {(configName _cfgHitPoints) != ""} do { _cfgHitPoints call _funcGetHitPoints; _cfgHitPoints = inheritsFrom _cfgHitPoints; }; _hps
  2. Beta 1: - Added option to inspect damage on different helicopter parts for light helicopters - Added option to add and remove side benches for ION Tactical and Light (ION) models - Added option to fold / unfold benches for ION Tactical and Light (ION) models - Added a restriction for ION Tactical and Light (ION) models: Sitting as cargo not possible if side benches are removed. Download link in the first post
  3. New version is out. Helicopter Service script now supports multiple instances. Note that the init.sqf line has changed due to the new feature. Beta 6 - Fixed bug in the adding of service actions. Beta 5 - Now supports multiple instances of service - Initialization changed to [Helipad_name, "Marker_Name"] execVM "scripts\OSMO_service\OSMO_service_init.sqf"; - Helicopter type is now shown in the list of serviceable helicopters instead of just "light helicopter" etc. Download link in the first post
  4. This is actually converted from my vehicle service script of ArmA 2 OA. :) I'll release it too once I get it properly updated.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. I've increased the default times a bit, but since I'm sure there are some who would like different times, they are now fully adjustable by editing the first lines of OSMO_service.sqf: Beta 4 - Serviceman's chat, as well as the damage report are now visible to everyone within 20 meters of him. - Fixed a bug where servicemen were created on all clients instead of just on the server Beta 3 - Mission maker can now define the service times by editing parameters in OSMO_service_init.sqf - Default service times increased to: Inspection time: 30s Refuel time: 60s (from empty to full tank, half tank would be 30s) Hitpoint fix time: 20s (for each fully damaged hitpoint. 50% damaged will take half the time) Maximum time: 5 minutes (the service will never exceed this time. Does not include inspection) Download link in the first post
  6. That is not possible in the current version. Only one service is supported at the moment. Do you think there might be need for a multiple service points? If there is need I might look into re-coding it so that you can have multiple service points. That would be possible, to make them do some other activities/animations while they are not servicing a helicopter. I'll consider it for future versions.
  7. New version released: Change Log Beta 2 - Added option to select fuel level during the initial service request - Optimized code - Improved the inspection report Download link: Download link in the First post updated with latest link.
  8. Unfortunately it's not possible in this version. The helicopter is refueled to 100% in the service. However, I'll put your idea in mind and perhaps make a feature in next version to give the user an option to select fuel level. If I decide to implement fuel level selections, would these options be enough: 1) Keep current fuel level 2) 25% 3) 50% 4) 75% 5) 100% By the way, does the fuel level affect the weight/behavior of the chopper in TKOH?
  9. I've done some testing and it seems indeed the above command for Light Helicopter returns wrong list of hitpoints. Light helicopter has other hitpoints too such as "HitTransmission", although the command only returns those "HitGlass" hitpoints. I'll have to find another way to look for what hitpoints are available for a certain vehicle, or perhaps just loop through all of them for all choppers-
  10. I'm working on a new service scripts for Take On Helicopters (rearm, repair, refuel). They are nearly done, and I'll be releasing them for public when finished. Edit: I've released it - Helicopter Service
  11. Thanks for your reply! With the above script, I got the following arrays: Light: ["HitGlass1","HitGlass2","HitGlass3","HitGlass4","HitGlass5"] Medium: ["HitEngine","HitEngine2","HitEngine3","HitHull","HitHRotor","HitVRotor","HitBatteries","HitGlass1","HitGlass2","HitGlass3","HitGlass4","HitGlass5","HitRGlass","HitLGlass","HitMissiles","HitLight","HitHydraulics","HitTransmission","HitAvionics","HitGear","HitFuel","HitHStabilizerL1","HitHStabilizerR1","HitVStabilizer1","HitTail","HitPitotTube","HitStaticPort","HitStarter1","HitStarter2","HitStarter3"] Heavy: ["HitEngine","HitEngine2","HitEngine3","HitHull","HitHRotor","HitVRotor","HitBatteries","HitGlass1","HitGlass2","HitGlass3","HitGlass4","HitGlass5","HitRGlass","HitLGlass","HitMissiles","HitLight","HitHydraulics","HitTransmission","HitAvionics","HitGear","HitFuel","HitHStabilizerL1","HitHStabilizerR1","HitVStabilizer1","HitTail","HitPitotTube","HitStaticPort","HitStarter1","HitStarter2","HitStarter3"] How come there is no engine / rotor /transmission etc hitpoints for light helicopters? Is there some other command to get those? In my experience, when I had damaged the transmission of my light helicopter, and I tried to fix it with only setDamage 0, the helicopter transmission remained damaged, so there must be some kind of transmission hitpoint in the light helicopters as well. Is there any relation between setDamage and the hitpoint damages? What does setDamage exactly affect in Take On Helicopters? I see it at least brings back a destroyed rotor in the helicopter model when used.
  12. In Heavy helicopter, Winch_UpperPole and Winch_LowerPole animations works fine, but I don't see anything moving or changing with Winch_Hook. Am I missing something? Edit: Never mind, I see the movements now! It was the Winch_LowerPole that I missed before. I also don't see anything moving with Medium chopper's DoorL2_Open and DoorR2_Open.
  13. Thanks for your reply! That was exactly what I was looking for.
  14. Has anyone figured out where to find the class hierarchy for Take On Helicopters? I found the cfgvehicles here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Take_On_Helicopters:_CfgVehicles But what I need is to see the hierarchy, and base classes, as they are in here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_CfgVehicles For example, I'm pretty sure most (if not all) of the light helicopters share one base class, but currently there is no way to find out what is the name of that class.
  15. osmo

    Take On: Hinds!

    In the TKOH engine's Picture-in-Picture, is it only possible to show another "camera" / view of the in-game action? Or could someone script for example a dialog there, showing some text (e.g. not a dialog that comes on top of everything, but dialog that is rendered in PIP, as part of the 3D world)?
  16. What is the difference between the AI skill set in the difficulty setting and AI skill slider in the the editor? Is the actual skill of the unit somehow an average value of these two settings? If I for example have enemy units skill set to 0.7 in the difficulty settings and I set 30% for an unit in the editor, would it be same as having 0.3 in the difficulty settings and putting the slider in the editor for unit to 70%?
  17. New info on this. I've long had the problem in my missions where friendly AI pilot starts to fly erratically or just hover and ignore all waypoints when they see an enemy (even if I've set them "CARELESS" when they should ignore all enemies). Today I found out that this is connected to the skill level. This gave me good opportunity to check how the in-game slider is related to the .armaprofile skill settings. In the test, there is chopper which flies near enemy vehicles. Chopper behaviour is set to "CARELESS", which should make it to ignore enemy contacts and continue moving to the waypoint. misbehaviour = when seeing enemy vehicle, chopper starts hovering or flying erratically, ignoring waypoints good behaviour = when seeing enemy vehicle, chopper ignores the vehicle and continues following waypoints Test results: .armaProfile skillFriendly = 0.5 in-game slider lowest = misbehaviour in-game slider middle = misbehaviour in-game slider max = misbehaviour .armaProfile skillFriendly = 0.85 in-game slider lowest = misbehaviour in-game slider middle = good behaviour in-game slider max = good behaviour .armaProfile skillFriendly = 1.0 in-game slider lowest = misbehaviour in-game slider middle = good behaviour in-game slider max = good behaviour This would suggest that there is indeed some kind of multiplication relationship between the skill in the options and editor. The skill-command seems to only return the values connected to the editor-slider so unfortunately there's no way to find out what kind of formula they use in the multiplication.
  18. I don't think we have much hope for getting an answer for this. No one knows. It's over a year since I asked this.
  19. You can easily make your Combined Operations installation into Operation Arrowhead by using Deadfast's Combined Operations Disabler: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=102380
  20. osmo

    VON Issues

    VON is now working well, it doesn't break up anymore. Thanks BIS!
  21. I know a lot of people like Vietnam era war games, but there hasn't really been any good Vietnam era games with great atmosphere and realism since Vietcong game by Pterodon. Now, ArmA II is a great military simulation, basically everything I've ever wished for in a realistic military game. Having ArmA II's great game play and realism combined with a Vietnam era jungle, units and weaponry would make it absolutely perfect! All that would be needed is one huge jungle island with right type of jungle trees and some villages and base camps in it. Vietnamese civilians, VC and NVA enemies, Vietnam-era weapons (Basic M16, Thompson, M1 Carbine, AK47, traps, etc). A lot of things are in ArmA II already and just need to be a bit modified, like M16A2 rifle, can be easily modified to earlier version. UH-1 Huey is already there, can be converted to earlier version too. I guess the most time consuming thing for making a Vietnam mod would be making the textures and stuff for trees and realistic jungle in the island. I'd be happy even if it would be just a "sandbox" expansion with the island and units and nothing more, community could create the missions.
  22. There is a way to completely ban ace mod while allowing others. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1573259