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    Mercs and Civilians

    Nice models! I like that the textures don't make the faces look like they've just been mirrored or something. The mole on the white doctor's face is what I mean. Stuff like that adds a bit of a personal realistic touch to these models. Good work!
  2. Namikaze

    F35 Lightning II - JSF

    @Pyroflash: Thanks for the specifics, amigo. Clearly this is why there's such contradictory data out there. I figured that it was like the Harrier in that it has to be practically empty to perform a vertical takeoff. In which case, I would imagine that it would be pretty damn difficult to put in a VTOL weight restriction into ArmA. This is one of those "sacrifice a little realism for more versatility" options. Good to know. Thanks again, Eble for a great addon.
  3. Namikaze

    F35 Lightning II - JSF

    @blazer01: Â Thanks for the link, that's really informative. Â I must be missing the part where it says that the F-35 is VTOL-capable though. Â STOVL, definitely. Â Like the Harrier, in essence. Â I found a video on YouTube that looks like a F-35 doing a VTOL, but the camera angles and everything else make it look exactly like the CGI video of VTOL that Lockheed used for marketing purposes. Either way, it appears that the vertical takeoff that occurs in the video is on a F-35 with no armament.
  4. Namikaze

    F35 Lightning II - JSF

    Nice looking models, but I have a quick question about the VTOL variants. From everything that I've read about the F-35, it will be STOVL capable but not VTOL. So I'm curious about if having VTOL on the F-35 is accurate or not. If it is, that's good news, I'd love to read about it for sure. If not, I'm curious about why the VTOL variants exist. Is it for making the vertical landings possible? Or is there some other reason for making this plane VTOL-capable?
  5. Namikaze

    Free tracking camera

    Search! Ye Shall Find    If you know the information, share it. If you don't, don't say that you do. If you want to horde the information, don't even mention that you have it. If you want to taunt people, it makes you look snobby.