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    Petition for Tonal to ArmA!

    Something tells me this should be in the addon request thread.
  2. Namikaze

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    The swastika was around for thousands of years before a (relatively) small group of people went and tainted it's meaning. Â It has always been a symbol of good fortune, health, prosperity, etc. and it's only in the last 60 years that this has been any different, and even then it was only for what? Â 6, 7 years? The whole issue of German law is something similar, but also (relatively) small compared to the swastika imagery issue at large. Â If it's against the law, right wrong or indifferent, it shouldn't be done. Â Obviously you guys are being totally top class about this and respecting the wishes of those that are offended or could be offended by the symbol. Â I think that's great. Â I just wanted to remind people that overall, the symbol is WAY more than just the symbol of the Nazi party.
  3. Namikaze

    Mouse-Auto-Center Defeated!!!

    It means that you've responded to a non-"hot" (cool, I suppose) topic, but that there aren't any new posts in that thread.
  4. Namikaze

    countFriendly BUG?

    To do what T_D is suggesting, you could try placing an enemy infantry unit somewhere on the map where he won't interfere, or you can use setFriend to do it through a script.
  5. Wow, this is amazing. I've worked with rope physics before, and yeah they're a total biznitch to get working properly unless the engine has some sort of physics implementation designed to handle ropes already (Havok, for example). Hopefully this will make it out of beta, because I have a feeling that this will make a much bigger impact than we may realize at this point. Very good work!
  6. Wait? Â Let me see if I have this straight. Â You want to use a trigger instead of waypoints to disembark, but you want to know how to not use waypoints? Â Might I suggest a trigger instead of the waypoints? Â I know it's a bit... Â out there, but a trigger could do the trick. Â Okay, all sarcasm aside, I think what you're looking for is instructions on how to call a script to do what you're looking to do, am I right? If so, write up a script that will take all the units that you want to disembark, put them into an array, and then issue the disembark command to all units in the array. It's more complicated than that, but hopefully with that information you can start to feel your way around and maybe figure it out. If you just want someone to write the script for you, I'm sure you can find someone. But you'd have to give MUCH clearer instructions on what you want accomplished.
  7. Namikaze

    GLT's CH-47 "Chinook"

    Happy to help!
  8. Namikaze

    GLT's CH-47 "Chinook"

    That is indeed a very sweet bird. My only question: does it sound like the passenger door opening/closing sounds are a bit "wooden"? Seems like they are creaking the way wood would creak for some reason.
  9. Namikaze

    Random Voice Script

    I don't know the answer to your problem, but I can point you to one scripting command I think you'll need to complete your scenario. knowsAbout will tell you if a specific unit is detected by a specific unit. You could probably implement it on every unit to detect every unit, but that's a LOT of code and processing, so a more elegant solution would be ideal. Hopefully this can get you going in the right direction though.
  10. Namikaze

    GoodMorning Sahrani with Mike Melvin as guest

    Loki scares me!
  11. Namikaze

    Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut

    First! Nice looking plane, amigo!
  12. That's a good solution, but what do you do if you want to keep your teammates on your side? Just a question that's come up in my specific situation, so it probably isn't applicable to everyone.
  13. Namikaze

    project safety vault.....

    SVN (or some other version control software) could be used to store all the data files for various addons, and it can keep track of the changes in version so that if someone wanted to go back to get the old version for some reason, it's easily available. In addition, it would help with the dissemination of final versions to the public, as the addon maker could just assign a segment of the server to be public access and put all the final PBOs in the public area. The downside: finding a way to host the SVN server. But I'm positive someone here has to have a server that can be used for that sort of thing, it's just a matter of figuring out the logistics of having thousands of people trying to get access to it at once.
  14. I tried to do this with a kill trigger that would lower a variable called friendStatus by a small increment, then used setFriend to set the civilian friendliness to friendStatus' level. This looks like it should work on paper, but unfortunately does not work when used in the engine. I am going to try putting the setFriend in a loop that I'll be using for other calculations, instead of in the eventHandler. Maybe that will fix it. Give it a shot, and in the meantime hopefully someone can come on and give a definitive answer about how to solve this.
  15. Namikaze

    New Addons?

    I'm pretty sure you'll be redirected to post this request in the Addon Request sticky, located here: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=57329
  16. I can't give you a specific solution, but maybe this can point you in the right direction. Basically, config errors like this happen when a config file isn't loading properly. You'll want to get the specific config that isn't loading (in this case, "medic2" doesn't really tell you a lot) so that you can identify the addon or whatnot that is causing the error. Hopefully, if you can get more specific information about the error, you can pinpoint a solution.
  17. Build an array of the units you want to check, then run the weapon removal on each unit in the array. It's a bit of a brute-force solution, and it won't likely run optimally on every system. You might also run into MP-compatibility issues.
  18. Namikaze

    Hide radio command

    Could you set a requirement for the block of code that creates the trigger? That way, the radio trigger doesn't exist until the requirement is met. Say, with a waitUntil command, or something similar that would work for your particular requirements?
  19. Namikaze

    help with Scripting

    Unfortunately, what you're asking for is just too nebulous to be 100% complete at all times. If you check the official Bohemia wiki (called the Biki by some), you'll see what I mean. It contains pretty much everything you could ever ask for, and it's constantly be expanded and revised. I would suggest checking out the following links though, they were helpful when I started getting into scripting: <ul> [*]Biki [*]Mr. Murray's editing guide [*]Ofpec ArmA tutorials [*]Ofpec Comref Mr. Murray's guide is probably the best step-by-step guide I've seen so far, but it's not comprehensive as the commands are constantly being tweaked.
  20. Namikaze

    Adding time of day

    Oh pfft! Â My mistake, I didn't see that part about description.ext. Â Honestly, it's the quotes inside the quote, and the comments that don't have any syntax to them that makes it so unreadable. I'll edit out my last post, since it's irrelevant to this discussion. Â Forgive me! Â
  21. Namikaze

    Adding time of day

    Not applicable to this discussion. Edited out to avoid confusion or complication.
  22. Namikaze

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    mrcash2009: They still show up for me, mate. Sometimes I've found that images and avatars don't load the first time or two when browsing, so maybe it's just a browser-related issue that's keeping them from showing up for you?
  23. Namikaze

    FF Studio Addons

    Very nice looking! I love the dustiness of the textures.
  24. Namikaze

    Wip-m4a1's pack v1.0

    I don't know anything about the "No entry" part of the error code, but I swear I've seen the "Accept or" part in many of my crash logs.
  25. I think I saw somewhere that you could change the unit numbers for your group, but I can't find the information now. I'll keep looking for it though, it's either on the Biki or these forums somewhere (unless I'm confused or mistaken). As far as the assignAsCargo command works, I believe that the only way to control the unit positions is to control which unit gets in first. Again, unless I'm mistaken, the system places the first unit to get in into the first available seat in the vehicle.