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  1. Originally Posted by tromac

    You don't know me nor have any comprehension of what I do or do not understand. I am not attacking Crash personally however his dummy spit throwing in a mod that we had stood behind for over a year, as well as just turning his back on the people who had supported him showed a lack of character IMO. I'm only bitter about the manner in which he threw in the towel, it's a game mate and nothing more. I suggest you refrain from making personal attacks in violation of the code of conduct. I was stating a fact from first hand knowledge and not in any way being bitter or attacking anyone, if you don't like it then don't read it.

    So you're trying to imply that one should be punished when one finds a life outside of gaming and modding?? If anything I owe it to myself as everyone owes it to themself to actually experience a "real" life outside of the virtual enviroment.

  2. howdy

    having a few issues with animations on a old m60 with the feedtray cover and belt animations which work perfect in bulldozer but seem to be somewhat messed up when trialed ingame. Model cfg variables work on the mag 58 and c9 minimi seemlessly as they use the same animations with no issues what so ever.

    any ideas folks?