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  1. for all that thinking of the possibility with virtual girls.. maybe time to limit your playing in arma and try some real..

    but also, dont worry.. its made by japanese. He can say its for medical reasons but we all know the japanese :)

    i guess in the end its cheaper than a wife

  2. Got a weird bug on my mods nh90 where rvmats dont come through fully.


    which can cause a weird pixelation bug in dust and also by itself on occaision.


    The paths are all correct and the rvmats are functioning (used on 4 other vehicles that wont conflict at all)


    if anyone knows what the hell is going on and how to fix it please let me know so i can correct it please

  3. Да более чем. Ðо не ÑоглаÑен.

    If i make something - i'll make it good, as usuall.

    If i dont like what i do, i dont release it.

    About this addon - newermind, i dont need this carrier so much, i can use BIS carrier for missions. But if this addon will be good, i will use it. Today - it not so good as i need, so... So it unuseless for me. It imho.

    You like it now? Ok, take it, use it, make missions with it. I will wait for more better version. If it will be sometimes.

    You think i'm one who think so? No, friends. Look comments - http://arma.at.ua/load/tjazhelyj_avianesushhij_krejser_admiral_kuznecov/31-1-0-1902#comments

    Any quastions?

    Drop the egotistical shit dude and get off your high horse and just be happy there is a russian carrier to use at all.

  4. Sorry guys been distracted with my zombie outbreak kit this week so work on the mod has been limited altho i will try get screenshots of updated infantry in the next day or two. Good news on the otherhand work has been started on the tigre thanks to our friends at HEXAgon

  5. Everyone to their own i guess. Would be lying if i said i was doing it for the community but most people mod for themselves and their friends.


    Tigres will make an appearance sooner or later in the mod just depends how much ass kissery one can do really to get a good quality model.