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  1. anzac.gif

    For Combined Ops

    Vanilla Version 0.8 (No-ACE)



    Required Addon/s:

    CBA- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6231

    GLT Misslebox- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6071 (included)

    AAW Weapons- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9356


    wld427-for donation of resources and knowledge and general coping with me during my wtf moments when coming across a few bugs.

    OCB-for testing of the mod and helping find and iron out a majority of the bugs.

    Tromac- for the aussie uh1h iroquois paintscheeme

    Rhodesy77- for donation of aslav25 and aslav pc paintscheeme

    Rico- for donation of the F-111, and other adf mod material + help for occasional bugfixing.

    Skaircro- for original F-111 base model

    Southy/Eble- for porting the F-111 and helping animated the F-18F Super Hornet.

    TheSun- for LRPV and SRPV base models

    Emery- for porting the lrpv, srpv and pinz lov to Arma2.

    RubenWolf- for fixing the Pinz 6x6 and work on the Rovers and general bug fixing.

    IceMotoBoy/Rocket- for donation of the C-130H Hercules base model in arma1.

    norrin- for creating the interactive cargo scripts for the C-130H and putting up with concepts thrown his way.

    Afrografix- for donating nh-90 base model from ofp.

    ModemMaik- for porting the nh-90 to arma2.

    DK- for S-70 Blackhawk, M1A1 AIM and M113 paints.

    ANZACSAS Steve- for custom sounds for nh90, f111, f18f, ch47, s70, uh1h, tigre, as350.

    Deanosbeanos- for aus commandos (dpcu) hex edit and passing on knowledge of how to hex edit.

    TheVipersFang- for the donation of resourse materials and general advice on the mod.

    FFAA Mod- for the donation of the pinzgauer mlods and allowing us to use and modify it in anzac.

    Nemith Bros- for base as-350 model

    CheyenneAh56- for donating as350, p3 orion mlods and allowing us to use them in the mod.

    HEXAgon Team- for allowing us to use their tigre attack helicopter in the mod.

    randy stratton- for helping out with the mod and fixing up models and setting up good rvmat examples and also helping out with the bugs.

    Ardvarkdb- for allowing us to use his SASR units in the mod.

    Jonny- for sasr units.

    Mankyle + Gnat- for fixing up the animations and other features of the Anzac Class Frigates.

    Franze- for base F-18F Super Hornet model.

    BIS- for base models, textures.

    Classnames found here: