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  1. thanks gnat it seemed to have worked a charm
  2. Sounds like commercialism run amok again.
  3. Heres the skeleton class CfgSkeletons { class anzac_adf_f111_hvy_skel { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = { "fold_gear_F", "", "roll_wheel_F", "fold_gear_F", "fold_gear_R", "", "roll_wheel_R", "fold_gear_R", "fold_gear_L", "", "roll_wheel_L", "fold_gear_L", "mgcenter", "", "gearflapfl", "", "gearflapfr", "", "right_wing", "", "left_wing", "", "gearflapmf", "", "gearflapmr", "", "alt", "", "alt2", "", "nm_alt", "", "nm_alt2", "", "mph", "", "mph2", "", "vert_speed", "", "vert_speed2", "", "rpm", "", "rpm2", "", "horizont_dive", "", "horizont", "horizont_dive", "horizont2_dive", "", "horizont2", "horizont2_dive", "kompas", "", "kompas2", "", "hodinova", "", "hodinova2", "", "minutova", "", "minutova2", "", "myplane_y","", "myplane_x","myplane_y", "myplane_dir","myplane_x", "myplane","myplane_dir", "", "target1_y","", "target1_x","target1_y", "target1_dir","target1_x", "target1","target1_dir", "", "target2_y","", "target2_x","target2_y", "target2_dir","target2_x", "target2","target2_dir", "", "target3_y","", "target3_x","target3_y", "target3_dir","target3_x", "target3","target3_dir", "", "target4_y","", "target4_x","target4_y", "target4_dir","target4_x", "target4","target4_dir", "sensors_turret", "", "sensors", "sensors_turret", "horizont_dive", "", "horizont_dive2", "", "aileron_L", "", "aileron_R", "", "flap_L", "", "flap_R", "", "eng", "", "elev_R", "", "elev_L", "", "ABSwitch", "", "rudder", "" }; }; };
  4. nzdfcrash

    Project RACS

    SFP is a swedish forces project mod, the EBS would be randomly cycling through the vehicles classes and selecting then spawning the units ingame
  5. nzdfcrash

    Project RACS

    good job buddy
  6. nzdfcrash

    Addon Research Topic 2

    Can anyone find a decent picture of the latest Raaf 6sqn Arm patches for the F18Fs?
  7. nzdfcrash

    Stargate Universe [SG:U]

    Too bad V was cancelled as well from what I hear.
  8. nzdfcrash

    Stargate Universe [SG:U]

    nothing left with BSG, Caprica and all SG series gone, i dont think SciFi channel actually has any sci fi content anymore?
  9. nzdfcrash


    to be honest it will be easier to buy 1 box of each type and do a test which fires best for your rifle, im in the process with doing the same but with an m14 not a ar15 lol.
  10. nzdfcrash


    .223 is the civilian version of 5.56 as is .308 with the 7.62x51, .223 should be cheaper unless you want tracer and or api rounds. .223 is 50 for $60 here in NZ will be alot cheaper in the US
  11. nzdfcrash


    essentially the same thing dude
  12. nzdfcrash

    What will happen to Stealth chopper wreckage?

    best bets are it ends up in chinease hands considering they would be the highest bidder when it comes to it
  13. nzdfcrash

    Stargate Universe [SG:U]

    Dwarden maybe you could perhaps convince bis to become a sponser in getting a 3rd season up and running loL?
  14. Is it possible to request hiddenselections for the british troops so that they could be repainted easily for commonwealth troops such as Canada, NZ etc?
  15. na i think that was the 1940 edition that had the flag
  16. Apache Revolver would be nice its the coolest thing the French have ever made. Its a knife, brass knuckles and a revolver how much cooler can it get.
  17. Anybody able to point me in the right direction when it comes to the creation of AS texture/s used by the rvmats?
  18. nzdfcrash

    MAF - Pack Mirage 2000

    Looks good, are you going to do loadouts according to each country?
  19. nzdfcrash

    Isla Duala

    Ice will help you out with trucks if you choose some for a future patch, dont think unimogs i have will fit well however need something older.
  20. nzdfcrash

    Project RACS

    Its been fun doing the testing well worth the download
  21. nzdfcrash

    Libyan Air-force ordered to bomb protesters

    ALL governements should fear their people not the other way around.
  22. nzdfcrash

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    can we get back on topic before a speculative argument ensues?
  23. nzdfcrash

    If A War Were To Break-out...

    Does it count if its our own govt/s that become the oppressor/s? We are lucky we have very dense bush here probably the worst bush in the world to go through, most of us that are well armed here would resort to oportunistic A-Symetric warfare.