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  1. Thanks Max will blame not getting it first time round on lack of sleep :)
  2. I've tinkered abit with it since yet once i reach 20 + altitude I loose the user option for the Ramp. class OpenDoor { displayName="Open Ramp"; position="pilotcontrol"; radius=10; condition="this animationPhase ""BackDoor_1"" < 0.4&&(getPos this) select 2 < 10;"; statement="this animate [""BackDoor_1"", 1];this animate [""BackDoor_2"", 1]"; onlyforplayer = true; }; class CloseDoor { displayName="Close Ramp"; position="pilotcontrol"; radius=10; condition="this animationPhase ""BackDoor_1"" >= 0.40"; statement="this animate [""BackDoor_1"", 0];this animate [""BackDoor_2"", 0]"; onlyforplayer = true;
  3. Yep just added to the first post, forgot to add the code in the post as its a key component of the question funnily enough lol FPDR
  4. Hi I am getting this report in the RPT on a c27 that i'm working on and cant seem to shake it off. If I add a proxy config class to all the proxies below they disappear so am wondering what I should do to fix or bypass this issue? anzac_fixed_wing_medium_lift_au\anzac_fixed_wing_medium_lift_au_c27j_proxy.p3d: vehicle, config class missing anzac_fixed_wing_medium_lift_au\anzac_fixed_wing_medium_lift_au_c27j_proxy_2.p3d: vehicle, config class missing anzac_fixed_wing_medium_lift_au\anzac_fixed_wing_medium_lift_au_c27j_wreck.p3d: vehicle, config class missing Any possible feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Problem solved thanks for the solution Thromp, I applied your example and reduced the length of the name of the p3ds.
  6. What do you mean Mondkalb?
  7. nzdfcrash

    Libya today

    Also the lack of oil = no intervention from the west funnily enough.
  8. nzdfcrash

    The World in 2050 - 5 possible scenarios

    True that brother. Least you would have an excuse to get rid of that annoying neighbour... they got bitten, they turned..... :)
  9. nzdfcrash

    The World in 2050 - 5 possible scenarios

    Don't underestimate people's well politician's stupidity. I'm sure Germany thought invading Poland in September 1939 wouldn't spark another seemingly pointless world war. Option 4 at our current rate seems to be the most feasible, also where's the Zombie Apocalypse Option??
  10. nzdfcrash

    What languages do you know or want to know.

    I know some Indo Bahasa and tiny bits of Farsi but that's about it in total. I want to learn to speak both of the above to a fluent level at some stage soon.
  11. nzdfcrash

    Addon Developer Workshop

    They look good so far fox. I don't see too much issues apart from some smoothing of parts of the model required around the back of the legs and ass.
  12. Looks rather awesome fox i must say.
  13. Nice Vilas they look really good, looking foward to release.
  14. Fox's AK-47 S1K9p4xLq5c Requirements Arma 2 Combined Ops Credits BIS - Default AKM/AK47M nzdfcrash - Config & Sound DazaNZ - Testing Download http://www.gamefront.com/files/21104969/NCS_AK47_V1_0_7z -------------------------------------------------------------------------- NCS AKM Replacement Config Requirements -Arma 2 Combined Ops -Fox's AK-47 Credits nzdfcrash - Config & Sound Download http://www.gamefront.com/files/21104970/NCS_AKM_REP_7z
  15. Hey all again.... I have tried many things to try solve the bug which is the custom aircraft not being able to lock on lasers. Original theory was that the issue was coming from the weapon code which is... It appears this may not be the case so the next step naturally was to look at the code of the aircraft in question which I did and altered a few variables which now allows for the laser to be seen on the radar but not be able to lock on it in either the pilot or gunner seat. Any ideas or suggestions?
  16. Ok sorry for the delay but default GBU12 locks on so i can only but assume its a weapons issue...
  17. nzdfcrash

    Which guns do you own

    Just picked up a 1933 Mosin Nagant to go with my Enfield SMLE and Carbine M14... http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t41/h290master/DSCF6699.jpg
  18. nzdfcrash

    Project RACS

    Think it may be that time of season where trolls are actively feeding before their winter hibernation... Eddie might i suggest investing in some handy troll repellant.
  19. Heres the base Hopefully we can come to a solution that fixes the problem :pray:
  20. Applied to no avail :C latest test proved that the aircraft can see the laser but still lacks the ability to lock onto the laser target. Ai seems to be able to lock onto the laser target but humans cant.
  21. nzdfcrash

    Weapon Proxy Issue

    Cheers Eddie your solution appears to work.
  22. I know theres a thread but this just seems like a very odd issue ive never come across before. In essence what happens is that the gunner if human controlled with also a human pilot when firing off bombs seems to fly like missles??? First i thought it could be a config proxy issue as this has never happened before yet everything in the config proxy looks fine. eg heres a small example Or perhaps it could actually be an issue with the aircraft gunner code, Or even the weapon code itself?? Any ideas?
  23. nzdfcrash

    Weapon Proxy Issue

    All of those were applied long ago to the cfg mag and cfg ammo, this issue is confusing/odd to say the least.
  24. I believe this effect can be done in a2/oa by linking it to the model config but i am not too sure how this is done via the model or model config. Am hoping someone has knowhow about creating this in a2/oa. Effect that is desired is similar to this. Any insight would be much appreciated.