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    BWI Addons - Aircraft & Vehicles

    Ok that is pretty weird. Testing latest version on ukarma server hoping that particular issue has been resolved by a few other things, rudder authority should be much more now too. (On another note you can take controls as the instructor or gunner in SP so not sure why it won't in MP)
  2. nzdfcrash

    BWI Addons - Aircraft & Vehicles

    Alright, will replicate conditions... seems like a very weird issue i've never heard of before. Other issues aren't so hard to fix, just small code alterations.
  3. nzdfcrash

    BWI Addons - Aircraft & Vehicles

    Can you describe at what distances this happened? and if there are any other conditions? Am working on the update and want to try replicate conditions.
  4. With normal air you can get away with upto 60M dude, its more or less about having enough air left to do deco stops followed by surface. Recreational limits are 30M but off the books can get away with quite abit more. Mil stuff goes much much deeper, have heard of some training missions which would terrify me (Deep dive in excess of 100M + Night + Navigate to a ship and back, plant explosives on deepest part and return to your own ship) - trainee dive instructor :)
  5. nzdfcrash

    BWI Addons - Aircraft & Vehicles

    Already done... in another mod of mine :P first texan arrives end of the year and the rest over the next 18 months.
  6. nzdfcrash

    BWI Addons - Aircraft & Vehicles

    Next update will include the T-6A NTA and probably the addition of the canadian version. I very much would like to have bang seats in this bird and many others i'm working on, prop blur shall be replaced in the next version too... Also next on the list is probably the MIG-23 variants or the AN-26.
  7. nzdfcrash

    PIP issues

    So basically the mirrors on a certain mig i'm working on are reversed but look as they should in the uv editor, ie right mirror should look as it does on left and vice versa. If anyone has any ideas?
  8. nzdfcrash

    PIP issues

    Mirror horizontally seemed to fix for the most part. New issue of the left mirror appearing black, tried moving around back into uv box + moving about the mem points to try remedy to no avail.
  9. Found these ... And the main Plane base class Eble these may be of use for you, taken off the MH9 config driverAction = "Chopperlight_L_Static_H"; cargoAction[] = {"ChopperLight_C_R_static_H","ChopperLight_C_L_static_H"};
  10. There's a Plane inheritance by default already there, but I seem to have the same issue as you right now Eble more so for the driver and cargo actions.
  11. nzdfcrash

    MiG-23ML (MLD, UB) WIP

    Very nice. There's quite a few of us eagerly awaiting for your birds.
  12. nzdfcrash

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    I think Rye wants it to be a big black disc he loves discs...
  13. nzdfcrash

    DH Mosquito KA114

    At least the future is bright for seeing more mossies flying. British based group have bought the next mosquito that's half finished and rumors are of a third one in the pipeline as well.
  14. nzdfcrash


    very nice
  15. nzdfcrash

    MiG-23ML (MLD, UB) WIP

    I look foward to seeing the Mig21-23 making an appearance
  16. Looking promising. Is there any chance of a few screenshots of the cockpit and cargo area of the s61?
  17. nzdfcrash

    Abandoned Russian tank repair facility

    Sadly i'm being serious but how much would it be to say purchase a dozen of these derelict mbts off the Ukranian government for restoration and collection?
  18. nzdfcrash

    Addon Developer Workshop

    Ammobox myself and bobman are working on together. I think it looks alright except for perhaps some extra strengthening of the RVMATs may be needed? Anyone have any suggestions as to what can be done to improve? http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t41/h290master/ArmA2OA2012-05-2721-54-42-66.jpg (148 kB)
  19. Hi once again... I have come across yet another issue with a C-27 I am working on where the Lower/Raise Ramp User Action seems to be linked to roughly 20 altitude and once that altitude has been surpassed the user actions vanish. Have tried using proven code from a working ramp on one of the older hercs i have in my possession to no avail and am hoping someone will have a quick solution to this issue. CfgSkeleton if its of any use... CfgModels if of any use... Oh and before i forget the user action :) Thanks in advance for looking this through, hopefully its a simple solution to a somewhat irritating issue. Also this may need to be moved depending what the issue actually is not sure if model or config as of this moment.