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    NZDF Mod

    dont spose anyone would be able to assist/mentor me with the anzac class frigate Tekaha ..cough..cough..gnat or rocket
  2. nzdfcrash

    NZDF Mod

    before i forget credits for the Steyrs got to AAW, and c130 is rocket's but reskinned with permission more to come in the following days/weeks
  3. nzdfcrash

    Razani, North Waziristan Map

    Amazing scenery
  4. ANZAC Class Frigate we are working on at VMA for the NZDF and ADF mods
  5. nzdfcrash

    Suchoi Su-30 Mk[X]

    Holy crap thats a hell of a good job [CeDe]Aushilfe
  6. so far looking pretty good blazer apart from around the cockpit and top engine intake which look a little stretched
  7. are you gonna do a raptor too blazer? if so would be sweet
  8. nzdfcrash

    Trailer - Max Payne the Movie

    This should be interesting, trailer looks very good the game was awesome so this is a definate must see for me
  9. nzdfcrash

    Project T-800

    oh man thats awesome
  10. nice dude would be sweet to see some BSG vipers in game
  11. nzdfcrash

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    thats quite sad lol
  12. nzdfcrash

    Pic of Sydney

    Very impressive scenery
  13. VMA is New Zealand's Premier Armed Assault clan.Our members comprise of current & ex service personal as well as experience mature FPS/Simulation enthusiast's. We incorporate proper military tactics and training on custom missions but also have alot of fun along the way. We are always looking for like minded individuals to join our ranks. Requirements- 1. Contact us here 2. Give us your player ID and name and you will get you on our clan squad.xml which displys the Kiwi NZ Emblem on uniform & vehicles. This is the same emblem worn by all NZDF personal! 3. Download Teamspeak here 4. MSN Messenger -We may need to contact you for Training etc. 5.Post in the VMA Forums , we'll make you a VMA signature file. Recruitment-Just contact us with your Player ID number and also your Avatars Name. Then we will load you onto our Squad.Xml and you will be officially recruited into VMA. Rank-Their are 2 forms of Rank one for in game based on NZDF doctrine and another is based on how many posts you submit to the VMA website. All recruits start as Private and progress onto Corporal,Sergeant etc. Comms-Teamspeak is essential you need to be able to communicate your intentions whilst on the battlefield. If you can't communicate, you are to slow to react in combat. We are currently have our own Clan Teamspeak server @ this address IP: :8788 We operate two public clan server that operate different MP mission such as *Warfare *Domination Heres a couple promo videos VMA member Kiwidog has created We are also developing the NZDF mod which will eventually comprise of all the vehicles in which the real NZDF use.
  14. nzdfcrash

    Virtual Maori Army (VMA)

    Here's a sample of last nights mission testing ritter's Uh1 and icemoto's c130. http://www.businesspcs.co.nz/vma/uploads/photos/648.jpg http://i350.photobucket.com/albums....-78.jpg http://i350.photobucket.com/albums....-84.jpg http://i350.photobucket.com/albums....-54.jpg http://i350.photobucket.com/albums....-28.jpg http://i350.photobucket.com/albums....-37.jpg http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s305/Piloteer_Man/inboundc130s.jpg http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s305/Piloteer_Man/overhead.jpg http://i155.photobucket.com/albums....tes.jpg http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s305/Piloteer_Man/groupingupvma.jpg
  15. nzdfcrash

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Would anyone be interested in doing a mod based on the korean war 1950-53?
  16. nzdfcrash


    wow....hello!!! wake up! missions are made by the community in 99% of the cases. I don't want not to be able to restrict some weapons, or to allow them all based one what i want to achieve. Plus all this kind of gimmicks do feck up the team-play, and you got kids running around score-whoring for that "nice looking GOLD Svd".... I prefer servers with no kill messages, and no score boards Very valid point totally agree with you as it just loses all sense of realism when u see whos been killed or a rank based on number of kills.
  17. nzdfcrash

    NZDF UH1 model help

    Howdy guys Ritter whom is working on a uh1h for the nzdf mod has come across a problem with his model which im unable to help with for his query. the model has an exterior and an interior, when you look from the outside through the windows the interior has parts that done show up and you can see the ground on the other side, does anyone know how to fix this?? it only happens when you view from the outside.
  18. nzdfcrash

    Game physics

    A decent physics engine would be highly appreciated for arma2 eg. if u run over a car in a t72 or m1a1 it doesnt go flying off like a boomerang but instead it gets crushed
  19. nzdfcrash

    NZDF UH1 model help

    rgr thanks guys will pass on the solutions to ritter
  20. nzdfcrash

    Su-33 - OPFOR Fighter Bomber

    Wow that su33 is looking superb gnat , it is going to be nice to have proper enemy aircraft in game
  21. nzdfcrash

    The Australian Armed Forces

    These blokes are top quality and its definatly worth looking at AAF
  22. nzdfcrash

    config help

    Thanks for the help mate, 1 wee problem the animations arent working/showing eg wheels and turrets.
  23. Howdy all Am working on a NZDF Hummwv for arma and get a large amount of config errors such as base class not defined etc etc, bear in mind this is my first attempt at configs. here is the config class CfgPatches { class NZDF_vehicles { Units[]= { "NZDF_hmmwv50", "NZDF_hmmwvTOW", "NZDF_hmmwvMK", "NZDF_hmmwv", }; weapons[]= {}; requiredVersion = 1.000000; requiredAddons[] = {"CAData", "CACharacters", "CAWeapons", "CASounds", "CA_Anims_Char"}; }; }; class Rotation; class CfgSkeletons { class NZDF_hmmwv: HMMWVSkeleton { isDiscrete=1; skeletonInherit="Car"; skeletonBones[]= { "ammo_belt", "OtocHlaven" }; }; class CfgModels { class Vehicle; class Car: Vehicle { sectionsInherit="Vehicle"; sections[]= { "ammo", "sklo predni p", "sklo predni l", "zadni svetlo", "brzdove svetlo", "spz", "karoserie", "motor", "zbran", "vez", "zbytek", "levy predni", "levy prostredni", "levy zadni", "pravy predni", "pravy prostredni", "pravy zadni", "clan", "clan_sign", "zasleh", "P svetlo", "L svetlo", "palivo" }; skeletonName="Car"; class Animations { class damageHide { type="hide"; source="damage"; selection="damageHide"; }; class IndicatorSpeed { animPeriod=0; type="rotation"; source="speed"; selection="ukaz_rychlo"; axis="osa_rychlo"; memory=0; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=16.670000; angle0=0.000000; angle1=2.879793; }; class IndicatorSpeed2 { type="rotation"; source="speed"; selection="ukaz_rychlo2"; axis="osa_rychlo2"; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; minValue=0; maxValue=16.670000; angle0=0; angle1="rad -240"; }; class IndicatorRPM { animPeriod=0; type="rotation"; source="rpm"; selection="ukaz_rpm"; axis="osa_rpm"; memory=0; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=1.000000; angle0=0.000000; angle1=2.967060; }; class DrivingWheel { type="rotation"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="volant"; begin="osaVolantZac"; end="osaVolantKon"; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; minValue=-1; maxValue=1; angle0=-8; angle1=8; }; class TurnFrontWheelR { type="rotationY"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="pravy predni zatoc"; axis="pravy predni"; memory="false"; animPeriod=0; sourceAddress="loop"; minValue="rad -180"; maxValue="rad +180"; angle0="rad +90"; angle1="rad -90"; }; class TurnFrontWheelL: TurnFrontWheelR { selection="levy predni zatoc"; axis="levy predni"; }; class TurnFrontWheelR2: TurnFrontWheelR { selection="pravy dalsi zatoc "; axis="pravy dalsi"; }; class TurnFrontWheelL2: TurnFrontWheelR { selection="levy dalsi zatoc "; axis="levy dalsi"; }; class FrontWheelR { type="rotationX"; source="wheel"; selection="pravy predni"; axis=""; memory="true"; animPeriod=0; sourceAddress="loop"; minValue=0; maxValue=1; angle0=0; angle1="rad -360"; }; class FrontWheel2R: FrontWheelR { selection="pravy dalsi"; }; class BackWheelR: FrontWheelR { selection="pravy zadni"; }; class BackWheel2R: FrontWheelR { selection="pravy prostredni"; }; class FrontWheelL: FrontWheelR { selection="levy predni"; }; class FrontWheel2L: FrontWheelR { selection="levy dalsi"; }; class BackWheelL: FrontWheelR { selection="levy zadni"; }; class BackWheel2L: FrontWheelR { selection="levy prostredni"; }; class FrontWheelDamperR { type="translationY"; source="damper"; selection="pravy predni tlumic"; axis=""; animPeriod=0; minValue=-1000; maxValue=1000; }; class FrontWheelDamper2R: FrontWheelDamperR { selection="pravy dalsi tlumic"; }; class BackWheelDamperR: FrontWheelDamperR { selection="pravy zadni tlumic"; }; class BackWheelDamper2R: FrontWheelDamperR { selection="pravy prostredni tlumic"; }; class FrontWheelDamperL: FrontWheelDamperR { selection="levy predni tlumic"; }; class FrontWheelDamper2L: FrontWheelDamperR { selection="levy dalsi tlumic"; }; class BackWheelDamperL: FrontWheelDamperR { selection="levy zadni tlumic"; }; class BackWheelDamper2L: FrontWheelDamperR { selection="levy prostredni tlumic"; }; class damageVez: damageHide { selection="damageVez"; }; class damageHlaven: damageHide { selection="damageHlaven"; }; }; }; class NZDF_hmmwv: hmmwv50 { class Animations: Animations { class IndicatorSpeed: IndicatorSpeed { maxValue=16.670000; angle0=-0.174533; angle1=3.141593; }; class IndicatorRPM: IndicatorRPM { angle0=0.000000; angle1=1.483530; }; class fuel { type="rotation"; source="fuel"; selection="fuel_1"; axis="fuel_1_axis"; memory=0; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=1.000000; angle0=-0.087266; angle1=-1.658063; }; class prop_01 { type="rotation"; source="rpm"; selection="prop_01"; axis="prop_01_axis"; memory=0; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=0.360000; angle0=1.396263; angle1=0.000000; }; class prop_02 { type="rotation"; source="rpm"; selection="prop_02"; axis="prop_02_axis"; memory=0; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=0.640000; angle0=0.349066; angle1=-0.349066; }; }; }; class NZDF_hmmwv50: HMMWVSkeleton { skeletonName="HMMWVSkeleton"; class Animations: Animations { class ammo_belt_rotation { type="rotationZ"; source="belt_rotation"; selection="ammo_belt"; axis="ammo_belt_axis"; memory=1; sourceAddress="loop"; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=0.010000; angle0=0.000000; angle1=-0.209440; }; class MainTurret { type="rotationY"; source="mainTurret"; selection="OtocVez"; axis="OsaVeze"; animPeriod=0; minValue="rad -360"; maxValue="rad +360"; angle0="rad -360"; angle1="rad +360"; }; class MainGun: MainTurret { type="rotationX"; source="mainGun"; selection="OtocHlaven"; axis="OsaHlavne"; }; class damageHlaven: damageHide { selection="damageHlaven"; }; class damageAmmobelt: damageHide { selection="ammo_belt"; }; }; }; class NZDF_hmmwvMK: HMMWVSkeleton { skeletonName="HMMWVSkeleton"; class Animations: Animations { class ammo_belt_rotation { type="rotationZ"; source="belt_rotation"; selection="ammo_belt"; axis="ammo_belt_axis"; memory=1; sourceAddress="loop"; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=0.020000; angle0=0.000000; angle1=-0.383972; }; }; }; class NZDF_hmmwvTOW: HMMWVSkeleton }; }; class CfgVehicleClasses { class NZDF_vehicles { displayName = "Vehicles (NZDF)"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { /*extern*/ class HMMWV50; /*extern*/ class HMMWVTOW; /*extern*/ class HMMWVMK; /*extern*/ class HMMWV; class NZDF_hmmwv50: HMMWV50 { vehicleClass = "NZDF_vehicles"; displayName="(D) Hmmwv (M2)"; model="\NZDF_hmmwv\HMMWV50.p3d"; }; class NZDF_hmmwvTOW: HMMWVTOW { vehicleClass = "NZDF_vehicles"; displayName="(D) Hmmwv (TOW)"; model="\NZDF_hmmwv\HMMWVTOW.p3d"; }; class NZDF_hmmwvMK: HMMWVMK { vehicleClass = "NZDF_vehicles"; displayName="(D) Hmmwv (Mk19)"; model="\NZDF_hmmwv\HMMWVmk19.p3d"; }; class NZDF_hmmwv: HMMWV { vehicleClass = "NZDF_vehicles"; displayName="(D) Hmmwv"; model="\NZDF_hmmwv\HMMWV.p3d"; }; };
  24. nzdfcrash

    6G30 Soldier

    A good concept for those who dont want the whole package. You should do a sheep addon squeek
  25. Its pritty good, fps friendly, Herc nearing its final stages of development