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  1. not the nzdf mod that ya downloaded dude its a clan/squad mod for when they do squad nites, if ya hop on our teamspeak or pm me i can send you the password otherwise a few of the guys will get pissy i think
  2. mudkip dont knock until you try it, doesnt aus have more sheep per capita these days?
  3. Main credits goto mankyle for setting up the anzac class frigate and making it more usefull ingame. Will have pics of the regular force units ingame in the next few days. DpqES-6dhCE
  4. nzdfcrash

    Arma 2 Civy Car Pack

    super rvmats/shader made a big difference when loaded up in game for asthetics, how would you suggest fixing the smoothing groups as i dont exactly know how to as such?
  5. nzdfcrash

    Arma 2 Civy Car Pack

    Fixed the cars up some more and also incorporated the arma2 super shaders into the models which makes the cars look quite sexy ingame. One of our lower class of vehicles the toyota corrola 350z with super shaders bugatti veyron with super shaders. holden commodore with super shaders will add rear wing at some stage on the aston martin dbr9
  6. Some C-130H hercules in fictional airliner paint scheemes for useage in chernarus or aussie life
  7. nzdfcrash

    Arma 2 Civy Car Pack

    lol well said matchy
  8. A few wip shots of the NZDF Pinz general service varient in maya that hoax is working on for us. -obvious things need to be done would be texture mapping and optimisation of the models before I get them into arma2 Whilst im posting i may as well welcome mikebart onto the team of whom is working on 2 NZ Maps for NZDF Mod
  9. nzdfcrash

    Arma 2 Civy Car Pack

    The Bugatti Veyron I promised, problem sorted out with admins not self pro-claimed mod police
  10. nzdfcrash

    Arma 2 Civy Car Pack

    A little vid Emery did up Gm21BL6WjEc&feature=channel_page
  11. nzdfcrash

    Arma 2 Civy Car Pack

    New Zealand Police Commodore Subaru Impreza WRX STI AWD
  12. Well this is somewhat ironic hence the saying what goes around comes around
  13. nzdfcrash

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    looks very impressive in arma1 and looks even better in arma2, good job SenChi!
  14. i'll do a few varients of the m113 like ambulance and also one covered up in bushes
  15. Just a few screenshots of our m113s which the NZ Army used from the 60's till late 2003 when the NZLAVIII suceeded them. I still have to give it a weathered look and do a few model changes. Am somewhat keen to do a version as shown in the picture below.
  16. im having issues with my computer and 3ds max atm so i may take you up on that offer, the kahu is the size of a rc plane so its quite small in reality
  17. nzdfcrash

    Project Aus

    rhodesy iv'e done some aussie commandos based off force recon if you want to have a look and use them possibly?
  18. does canada use any uavs of this size abs?
  19. Just a few wip screenshots of the kahu uav. some shots of the pinzgauers to come in the following days or weeks
  20. nzdfcrash


    Hey guys ive recently been sent a model in IDA-STEP format and have no idea what to use to convert it into either .obj format or .3ds format so i can edit it in maya or 3ds max. Any ideas on what to use so i can get this kahu uav into a format in which i can import and eventually get into a2? thanks in advance CRASH
  21. yea its him, hes credited
  22. 1NZSAS is a repaint of force recon units as its pretty stock standard for special forces in both nzdpm and desert dpm. NZ soldiers will be custom modelled units in both dpm options as well as CTTAG if i get around to doing them