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    Anzac Mod Wip

    antipop was getting the same problem with the aaw styers for oa, would suggest for now using the a2 orignal version until they can fix they weapons. Im looking at replacing the bushmaster with a much nicer model i think everyone will like. F18f will be in the next patch
  2. nzdfcrash

    Anzac Mod Wip

    will have a few missions around soon hopefully
  3. nzdfcrash

    Anzac Mod Wip

    For Combined Ops Vanilla Version 0.8 (No-ACE) Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=31BG37UG Required Addon/s: CBA- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6231 GLT Misslebox- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6071 (included) AAW Weapons- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9356 Credits: wld427-for donation of resources and knowledge and general coping with me during my wtf moments when coming across a few bugs. OCB-for testing of the mod and helping find and iron out a majority of the bugs. Tromac- for the aussie uh1h iroquois paintscheeme Rhodesy77- for donation of aslav25 and aslav pc paintscheeme Rico- for donation of the F-111, and other adf mod material + help for occasional bugfixing. Skaircro- for original F-111 base model Southy/Eble- for porting the F-111 and helping animated the F-18F Super Hornet. TheSun- for LRPV and SRPV base models Emery- for porting the lrpv, srpv and pinz lov to Arma2. RubenWolf- for fixing the Pinz 6x6 and work on the Rovers and general bug fixing. IceMotoBoy/Rocket- for donation of the C-130H Hercules base model in arma1. norrin- for creating the interactive cargo scripts for the C-130H and putting up with concepts thrown his way. Afrografix- for donating nh-90 base model from ofp. ModemMaik- for porting the nh-90 to arma2. DK- for S-70 Blackhawk, M1A1 AIM and M113 paints. ANZACSAS Steve- for custom sounds for nh90, f111, f18f, ch47, s70, uh1h, tigre, as350. Deanosbeanos- for aus commandos (dpcu) hex edit and passing on knowledge of how to hex edit. TheVipersFang- for the donation of resourse materials and general advice on the mod. FFAA Mod- for the donation of the pinzgauer mlods and allowing us to use and modify it in anzac. Nemith Bros- for base as-350 model CheyenneAh56- for donating as350, p3 orion mlods and allowing us to use them in the mod. HEXAgon Team- for allowing us to use their tigre attack helicopter in the mod. randy stratton- for helping out with the mod and fixing up models and setting up good rvmat examples and also helping out with the bugs. Ardvarkdb- for allowing us to use his SASR units in the mod. Jonny- for sasr units. Mankyle + Gnat- for fixing up the animations and other features of the Anzac Class Frigates. Franze- for base F-18F Super Hornet model. BIS- for base models, textures. Classnames found here: http://www.anzac.armaholic.eu/forum_thread_140_Anzac-Mod-Combined-Ops-0-8.html
  4. nzdfcrash

    USS Nimitz - WIP

    you going to make it destructable or invincible like the a2 LHD?
  5. nzdfcrash

    Dutch Minister may ban remains in extremely violent games

    taking political correctness to the next level
  6. nzdfcrash

    Anzac Mod Wip

    sneak preview of part of the nzsas (over 100kb) http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t41/h290master/ArmA2OA2010-08-2810-26-21-62.jpg also the artillery computer is now intiated on the frigates for some lovely offshore naval artillery carnage
  7. nzdfcrash

    CH-146 Windows

    before anyone says it the alpha layers are fine in the textures and theres nothing wrong with them that i can spot anyways
  8. yea both are placed in the vehicle entry, it is the same for the m119 and the mlrs
  9. for the integration of the artillery computer artilleryScanner = 1; ARTY_IsArtyVehicle = 0;
  10. hey gnat you thought about adding the artillery computer to the main cannons on the ships?
  11. nzdfcrash

    Anzac Mod Wip

    will need combined ops
  12. for b00ce its looking good sofar dude
  13. nzdfcrash

    Anzac Mod Wip

    been sick and data is close to its limit, will see if i can leach off someone for the upload lol
  14. nzdfcrash

    Project RACS

    hey wld can i show some shots of the corazal class frigate or wait till its more solid?
  15. nzdfcrash

    USS Nimitz - WIP

    J may have a testbed aircraft for you to use at somestage in the next few weeks if your keen lol vid is abit outdated but you get the main idea
  16. modern warships do have chaff + flares
  17. first question do you have all the latest drivers for your computer?
  18. there a way with some vehicles in the mud to get bogged down and stuck via scripts?
  19. good job gnat looks like some nice naval battles will be on the horizon
  20. nzdfcrash

    MAF Mod - WIP

    the mirage f1 looks very nice good job
  21. nzdfcrash

    Anzac Mod Wip

    good shots ballistic. heres a few shots of the aussie uh1 tromac has done a really good job on.
  22. a really basic vest would fit in well other than that looks good
  23. nzdfcrash

    Anzac Mod Wip

    only had to hex the prop blur proxy and the uh1d_in_co texture