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  1. i believe there was a debate about the warrior and the cannon. it was also in my last soldier mag but have since lost it (i came home drunk and urinated all over it, dont ask) any way that is a futre warrior, it doesnt exsist yet, and the cannon is a 40mm, the 1 the design team wanted wa sa 30mm but the mod apparantly wanted the 40mm provided by another company, forget names now, im sure th einfo is on web some where, possible the solider mag online, plus ppl have posted in various discussions here.

    when u have to clear the mines with the engineer, i used team switch a si thought it woul db quicker, then the squad leader ordered some troops out an warrior ran down 1 of my guys, not impressed as ur casualtys don get replaced lol

    also cant operate doors while flying on merlin :(

  2. well well where to start? rip into max for talking nonsense? or just say WOW!!! amazing! been beta testing for a few months now and it is truly awesome. ppl say civ will get guns an kill cops... any 1 checked the news lately... raoul moat wasn tit? point over. im a trained cop... but if i was a civ.... id join the free TS3 provided.... hook up with like minded individuals in game and TS and work as a team to achive a lil quicker, u could start ur own group... u could role play that u head to a town/village and claim it for ur self, force out locals and buy out. steal there shops!!? use ur noodles lads! hell ive played this lots and were still coming up with new things to roll play! constant fun. also very close so soon we can all share! head on over to the CL web page (blue posted link) and register an track us.. after that hop on ts an chat to us... u may find ur selves with access be fore every 1 else! seems like a no brainer to me!

  3. Hellfires are currently bugged, but are fixed in the next version.

    Everything else is fine.

    thanks. but do u know how ur supposed to actually use the apache or cobra the way ace lets? i mean in vanilla, u fly along, tab to select target, left mouse to release missile, easy, select cannon, ai gunner shoots, easy. wots the secret with ace. stop hover, go to that command view an just b a sitting duck waiting to b shot down?

  4. y has the apache been ruined?

    ty have u givent he pilot control of rockets? when in a book i read about apache pilots he clearly states the guner picks targets, marks it on screen, pilot runs in an matches lines an gunner or shoots, and yes im sure it said the pilot can actually pull trigger also? the way it work snow, the AI gunner refuses to shoot his cannon for me, and getting him to fire hellfires is nearly impossible, i had to stop, hover, press . on numpad, then put the crossairs over tank an click attack, 20 seconds later he launched hellfire. it worked fine the way it was

  5. Raptor: You do cycle them. But sometimes they are not seen if you have some combo or too many throwns. I think. I know it happened to me when i wanted to test them all out. On the other hand it has also worked for me to have tons of throwns. So i dont know whats causing it.

    But you do cycle them "F".

    EDIT: Nemesis, you did hear that ACE2 will be updated A LOT for some time ahead? This means that if you do it the old way you have to download the WHOLE thing everytime there is an update. With Sickboys super updater you only have to push 1 button and all is updated. Faster and easier than downloading hundreds of megs (ACE2, ACEX, CBA) every other day.

    i tried the six updater and yoma and no joy

    @manzilla. thanks, but i aint going thru 157 pages