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  1. hi m8, i notice u seem to know ur stuff about hardware an pc's in general.i was wondering if u could give ur opinion on a problem i had with arma, and some times even dvds using the 360 hooked up to monitor in question.

    bascially while playing arma, like flying high with view distance upm where the see met land, i would get diagnol lines all over the point where htye met, and it looked awfull, i also got this alot while looking thru sights at signs etc, the writing would have these 'lines' going thru them, also the billboards dotted around... but heres the bit that puzzels me, when i use my screen to watch a dvd via 360, i get it on some family guy shows.... now i know it cant b my GPU as i went thru 4 branded ATI4870x'2 and now use a nvidia 295 GTX so do u think its possible that my screen is acutally at fault?