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    yea surely thats easily fixed? 1 every 4 rounds for machine gun, an 1 every 4- 5 for rifles maybe, every round is a bit much. altho tanks should have more so they can keep adjusting there fire
  2. Nemesis_wales

    To the people who are playing ArmA, how is it?

    its not 2 bad if the ai dont supress i suppose, just have 2 work around it, but at least a human player can do it in multi player lol, thats if they have a ruff idea how 2 lay down some cover fire, not just keep there finger on trigger till all ammo is gone just roll on arma, im getting bored of cod2, an am tempted 2 buy new games for 360 lol
  3. Nemesis_wales

    The Great Battle

    u didnt park the heli in liverpool by anychance did u? or newport where i live lol insurance aint gonna pay out, u left keys in ignition :P
  4. Nemesis_wales

    No choice of Weapons in ArmA Campaign

    aint played arm a yet, but in ofp i always used 2 sneak in, an steal a tank an use the gunner posistion an take out everything with that tank, then drive it off somewhere an destroy it, worked all the time on a few missions, theres always ways 2 do missions, some need a bit of thought thats all
  5. Nemesis_wales

    AT/ M136 / RPG7

    they could of put javelin in there? this relativly new weapon(for uk army anyway) is intened for taking out tanks, as well as pretty much anything esle vehicle wise, theres clips flying round everywhere with us soldiers using them 2 even take out buildings, u lock onto the target u want to hit, once thats done u fire the rocket which heads skywards b 4 coming down on top of the target (1 of weakest part of tank) not quite sur eif its re-usable as i aint had chance 2 see/use it, but the info will b on net somewhere if u want it, but it is a 1 man useable weapon, so they should use that instead
  6. Nemesis_wales

    To the people who are playing ArmA, how is it?

    im no comp nerd but id say thats a low end system? all i know about mine is that it is a asus a8n deluxe mother board, AMD athlon (venice) 3200+, ge force 7800 GT card, 1.5 gb ram, dodgy version of xp dont think i even got a sound card, just on board??? i played bf 2 at full settings and never had any problems, but im wary about arm a, dunno if i need 2 upgrade again(these parts listed r only 12 months old). any way, from wot ive been reading the game has many bugs but also is very much as we wanted, bloody awesome, no doubt when the uk version comes out it will come patched an all good, then the modders can get 2 work, i really hope the choppers aint that hard 2 fly tho, that would b a bit of a bummer. can any 1 say weather the ai use suppresive fire? an if yes how good, for instance will the guy with the m249 SAW automatically lay down some lead for rest of team etc? or do u have 2 order him to do it?
  7. Nemesis_wales

    Petition for Friendly-Fire Options

    they should do wot happens in COD2, if u shoot a team mate, u recieve the injurie, simple as, but of course there should b an option 2 turn this on! so in realistic servers where ppl pay for the use of them they can have friendly fire on for realism but ban idiots who team kill more than they should do, check ur targets b 4 u squeeze the trigger guys!
  8. Nemesis_wales

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    id also like a good map, like some 1 mentioned, it could b laminated an use the wipe off pens to mark it for training/clan matches etc, that would b cool, ammo box is fine, altho u can get them any where, but i could do with another 1 for my shotgun ammo lol a detailed booklet with all the specs of vehicles an weapons in game will b nice 2, i always like 2 read them b 4 playing, an during play if needed
  9. Nemesis_wales

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    Can't say it any better than that. All that stuff + nvgoggles so we can play the game in the dark id love 2 see u look at ur screen with NV goggles, will hurt ur eyes very much
  10. Nemesis_wales

    UK pre-order

    expect play 2 change that release date, ive used them for years, an 1 thing im sure about is they always chagne the realease dates!!! the playusa site just does cd's an dvd's i think, used 2, but i bought an american region dvd from there once and they shipped it to uk, best bet is 2 get a friend in uk 2 buy an mail over???
  11. Nemesis_wales

    BIS, Armed Assault, and north america

    well as u can all see, theres plenty of demand, so obviously they would make money, maybe BIS doesnt want to pick a bad publisher like ppl say, maybe the big publishers r staying well clear cos of the codemasters business, maybe theres a reason which no 1 here knows about? at end of day weve just got to wait, here in uk we get nearly everything last, usa first, loost at ps3, delayed until march 03 so they can provide for the american market first! thats harsh, altho im a xbox 360 man my self, ive been waiting for years for this game, and had shock of my life when i realised it was out in some countries, i was ready 2 fly to another country or phone army friends just to get a copy sent over, but with all the langauge issues etc ill just have 2 wait, theyve got it on pre order at www.play.com , i suppose that will have 2 do until then
  12. Nemesis_wales

    CTI 2

    now this would b a game worth playing, but is it all possible but ur ideas r great, and if implemented into the game would make for a much more enjoying experince
  13. Nemesis_wales

    CTI 2

    cool idea,
  14. Nemesis_wales

    CTI 2

    cool idea, ur right, i aint played AA yet, but i played ofp CTI an loved it, when i heard about armed assault i hoped they would come up with a system where u get a LT for instance, an u get a squad, the more cti u do the more experince ur squad gets and r better at there job etc, if u loose soldiers they will b replaced with privates an u have 2 gain there experince back. so u could have like a squad of infantryman led by ur LT, or u could choose 1 of ur other character ie. pilot, an maybe lead a squadron of 4 planes/helis cos hes experinced? this will make players want 2 b careful about how they excute missions as they will loose highly valubale men if they mess about, also would of been nice 2 see specialist platoons, ie machinge gun platoon, anti tank, MORTARS! how cool would that b? eg i jump onto comms an my buddys say if ur coming into the server join as ur mortar crew, we could do with some support for an attack we got planed, an bam i join the ongoing battle as my support squad, spawn main island or hq an wait for the fly boys or an apc 2 ferry me to the front line. that would of been so cool 2 see a system like that, makes u wanna play like its real 2 keep ur best an most valubale assests alive,c os at end of day u have an expert squad of SF, an u waste them, uve let the whole side cos they mite of relied upon them doing something 2 make there task easier