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    VBS2 coverage on BBC website

    but if u bought VBS2 would there b any others playing online! y spend so much if ur playing alone? at least arma is in reach of every gamer, lets hope they make arma 2 the same as vbs 2 as much as they can without spoiling the fun an knocking up the cost also u could have a high end pc but if u check the VBS 2 site the requirements r very low, still on single core CPU's
  2. Nemesis_wales

    Real life fire mission request.

    dont think any 1 will post the rite way its done for security reasons? who knows whos watching rite? just make up a call sing for each unit, ie the arty and the unit whos requesting, then the unit in the field says (call sign) to (arty call sign), message, or fire mission request over, then they the arty boys will respond weather they can or not, then if they can, get the unit on the ground to say 3 spotter rounds HE at (grid location) then wait for them to fire them, they should say rounds fire or loose or anything like that, once they land check there on target an say either adjust fire, left 20, up 30 etc etc, then say i want 8 rounds HE on my mark. this isnt the proper way as ive no experince with arty or calling it in, but just work off something like that? keep it simple, im sure they had a system int he CoC arty in ofp? find them guys, ask them if they can help? good luck with it, been waiting to see some arty working
  3. Nemesis_wales

    Request for official CD Key/ Player ID registry

    im with u boss/rambo. voted yes of course, we ened all we can to cut down amount of noobs ruining games etc. but im not clued up, so would it b like they register there key.... then if they get banned from like so many servers or a complaint is made to BIS about there id they r then banned from playing mulitplayer anymore? is that possible?
  4. Nemesis_wales

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    28th /09 on play.com
  5. Nemesis_wales

    weapon selection?

    some missions u can i think? when u get the map an mission brief click the tab which names all the men in ur unit an click ur name or the characters name, mite have to double click, an if u can change ur kit b 4 u start this is where m8
  6. Nemesis_wales

    How will it do?

    i got vista ultimate on day of release and aram on day of release, absoloute crap, if i was u id go with xp sp 2, performance is crap, vista uses nearly 800mb of ram just to run! an 35GB on ur HD!
  7. Nemesis_wales

    What to upgrade?

    indows vista uses nearly 800 mb of ram alone on my machine :| i got a 7800 GT an my game looks crap
  8. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA Addon request thread

    fire truck to put out burning aircraft on runway then drag them away, and a CH53 Pavelow
  9. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA Addon request thread

    how about some fire trucks so we can put out the fire opn burning aircraft after they crash land, and also some sort of towing vehicle to free up the runway, the medic m113 isnt up to the jub so well lol
  10. Nemesis_wales

    What would you like to see?

    i like 'yanks', triger happy cowboys, wot ever ppl call them, but u r some times big headed and arogant, y dont game makers just make up a NATO army then!! keep us all bloody happy its just depressing to see every big game is US units, y? the us military pay to have them in? its not cos there the best, or cos they get used alot? who knows, but even the campaign, y couldnt it be a nato task force helping the island? no offence meant to b cause, i rushe that post cos i was heading out, but it would b nice to see a variety in games as standard from launch. some one once told me, 3 things make a good army, USA kit an logistics, british troops, german officers, supopose they were pretty rite, but look at all modern campaings, the us have all the airpower mainly, we have a pressence sam eas other countrys, just not as mnay cos our stupid government cut spending, an ur congress love pumping millions into ur war machine which is great, so game makers should try an make a game more liek that now, a nato force, rather than us, and ur rite, addion makers will make differewnt forces, an every 1 wants there armys, so lets hope BIS can change the way for futre games, if they ever fix this 1
  11. Nemesis_wales

    What would you like to see?

    demon ur out of order, just cos ur prob a yank an u got ur forces weapons in game, doesnt mean we dont want our, we WANT to se the good old ass kicking SA80, an some brit vehicles, y not, we pay for th egame 2, y is everything always bloody american!!!! and the A10's r still supporting us in afghan so hope they keep them around
  12. Nemesis_wales

    More Armor to Abrams

    unless its destroyed by there own sabot rounds there not easy easy so to say, insurgents in built up areas tend to jump out behind an fire rpg's into the exhaust vents, or aim for the track setc, just 2 disable them
  13. Nemesis_wales

    Wierd performance issue

    i have terrible performance on my 7800 GT. 15 fps in town in tank :| but i thinkit mite b vista aswell 4600 + amd athlon dual core 64 bit 2 Gb RAM 7800 Gt Vista ultimate 64 bit version
  14. Nemesis_wales

    Wierd performance issue

    i have terrible performance on my 7800 GT. 15 fps in town in tank :| but i thinkit mite b vista aswell 4600 + amd athlon dual core 64 bit 2 Gb RAM 7800 Gt Vista ultimate 64 bit version
  15. Nemesis_wales

    Is the GBU-12 laser guided?

    1 harrier puts lazer on target, second drops bombs?
  16. Nemesis_wales

    Will my computer play AA?

    i get 17 fps in tank with these specs ; 4600 amd athlong dual core 7800Gt 2gb RAM asus a8n-sli deluxe motherboard windows vista ultimate im pretty sure vista is screwing me over big time, that spec should easily run game
  17. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA Vista Performance/Issues(Release&New Driver!)

    i doen that, when i was in tank it was down to about 15 -17 :S cant b good
  18. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA Vista Performance/Issues(Release&New Driver!)

    i got the vista ultimate 64 bit edition, only thing i regret is maybe i should of got 32 bit, but my chip is 64 an all my hardwarse supports so thought well u know.... my demo runs real slow sometimes, dunno if its just the demo or my pc, afte ra few mins in CTI it goes all slow an laggy, an im a noob an dont even know how 2 check FPS specs; 4600 AMD x2 dual core 2gb RAM 7800GT Vista ultimate 64 bit
  19. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA Vista Performance/Issues(Release&New Driver!)

    im running the amd 4600 x2 dual core, 2gb ram, 7800GT, an vista ultimate, if ur gonna get vista make sur eu get ultimate, other version have less uses, finally played the demo also, not bad game, cant wait for 16th, gonna book time off work i think an hide away
  20. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA Vista Performance/Issues(Release&New Driver!)

    was gonna install the demo 2 day, after sorting out vista finally last nite, but 2 day it auto updated, an the updated disabled all my usb ports, including mouse, tried all i could, got help from mates on msn via laptop, nothing, im now reinstalling vista an have 2 download demo all over again, was devastaed, cost me £630 for new stuff for arma an im elayed again, cant even play demo yet lol
  21. Nemesis_wales

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    ive got parts waiting at home(im orking away) and this is wot im gonna b upgrading 2; AMD 4600 X2 Asus A8N SLI deluxe mother board 7800GT 2Gb ram 150 WD Raptor X 10,000 rpm HD vista ultimte 64 bit does any 1 think this will not run it on max settings?
  22. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA Vista Performance/Issues(Release&New Driver!)

    well ive just got my vista,along with some new bits for my pc ready for feb 16th i ure hope it runs ok on vista, i go tthe ultimate 64 bit version for 140GBP cant really afford to buy xp, im stuck in a hotel until friday aswell so cant install my new parts
  23. Nemesis_wales

    Laptop for ARMA

    he said he was on a budget or coulnt aford a expensive laptop, thats y i suggest getting a uber pc and like ppl said, u need 2 think of near future? it mite run it ok now, but wot about mods, etc an even new games
  24. Nemesis_wales

    Weapons - What range are they zeroed on

    depends if the scope has adjustable distances?? if it has u zero at 100 meters, thats will then be zeroed to 300 meters, then when ur firing at 4-5-600 u change it, but is this possible in game? if not ull just have 2 'elavate' ur weapon an watch for tracers landing, anjust remember ruffly how much u have 2 aim up
  25. Nemesis_wales

    Laptop for ARMA

    alienware laptops. but there like 3 grand upwards. build ur own desktop for 1500 an have an uber machine an save money