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  1. blue u said ur CPU is 3.4 ghz...... maybe thats far more than enuff to play the game, so it never needs more than 50% of ur cpu power? surely this would make u happy? i would look at that an think great, i can leave tab out an load up the sheep porn :)
  2. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA2 8GB RAM Problem

    i honestly think its all down to Graphics drivers. as ppl have said, there system runs with 8, 12 gigs and no problem, nvidia seem to have the edge with the driver sover ati, but there not imune. if i get any bugs/glitches after i have already played it fine ill just b reverting back to older GPU drivers so at least th egame splayable, and wait the newer ones again
  3. Nemesis_wales

    G15 GPS Navigation...sickest idea ever :D

    would be nice to have it used, but then again i cant even set macros on my G15, i only bought it cos the pic of it i seen lit up blue, the 1 i got is orange lmao :( yes im a nugget
  4. select them all and in command menu hit stop? when ther ein correct place, or do it 1 by 1, and tell them to watch irection etc
  5. how stupid to admit to having an illegal copy, but to moan! are u an asylum seeker by anychance. cos u sure seem to know how to take the piss!
  6. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA2 8GB RAM Problem

    i had this issue on my rig for arma 1, the beta fixed it, but then i kept getting blue screens after ATI driver change (yes i removed old ones before installing new ones) and in end game was unplayable unless i done msconfig and used 3gb of RAM. any how after constant blue screens, i got in touch with the company that made my rig and they sent me another 3 different brand cards (4870X2). all failed. ATI's advice to them to pass on was fresh vista install, making sure ATI driver was 1st to be installed, no good. so to fix it, i got a 295 GTX and aint looked back. the main reason for this, althought happens to limited n vidia users is ATI drivers being poor. i went thru weeks and weeks of crap cos of it. im currently running the last but nvidia driver, 8.3 or wot ever, as the newest 1 screwed my comp up an i couldnt b arsed with wasting time, however i have removed arma from my system totally cos it went nuts when i tried installing invasion 44 mod, so time will tell if i get the same issue again with arma 2, but i had a friend in US with a brand new alien ware pc, I7, x58 board with 12GB of ram and he had no issues at all.
  7. The problem with them is that they don't work for everyone. Some people see the Aimpoit dot or Eotech crosshair floating in mid-air in front of them, which is a bit of a cheat especially when crosshairs are disabled. IMO they still do their job well. They are still a bit further from the camera than the standard ArmA Aimpoint. I thought that problem only appeared with ATI cards of the 2000, 3000 and probably 4000 series. I have got a 3870 myself and the first addon that worked without showing them because of the alpha-bug-bug was Aimpoints Desert Weapon pack. Instead it had the transparent cone that removed the vehicle when in a cargo animation with your weapon in sight, but I could live with that. As I didn't see the crosshairs/dots in ACE I assumed it should work for others, too. i have a 4870X2 and when i use m21 with reflex i get the red dot on middle of my screen even when crosshairs are disabled. using ecotechs i used to get a transparent cone also fromt he sight, but not encoountered this yet in 1.2
  8. Nemesis_wales

    upgraded from E6600 to Q9550. Massive improvement

    im running the Q9550 in this new rig, along with 8GB of RAM (i can only play with 3 Gb even in 1.15) and the ATI 4870X2, and althought the game perforance is alot better (when i get it 2 work) i have to admit the graphics look just the same as they did on my old 7800GT. so i think the quad cores are def the way to go, not just for gaming but for everything ive notcied improvments, im just fed up of vista 64, , this is first time i left AMD and Nvidia and i have to say im happy with intel CPU but ATI is not impressed me at all, if this cant run arma 2 without all sorts of tweaks and fixes all rip it out and go for a nvidia card but keep the CPU but maybe overcloack it
  9. Nemesis_wales

    Vista Troubleshooting Thread: The one and only

    @kklownboy he ha sa nvidia 280 card i thin, i know hes not running any SLI thats for sure. its an alienware machine, x58 board. in msconfig boot advanced i cant drop to 4GB, only 3 or less. but i just thought sod it, ive put it back to max 8Gb and just playing company of heroes for now, maybe arma 2 will b better for higher end machines
  10. Nemesis_wales

    Out of memory

    how do u use the max mem fix? im running 8gb of RAM and 1.15 beta wont work any more nor 1.14
  11. Nemesis_wales

    Vista Troubleshooting Thread: The one and only

    ok, i did have 4GB ram an resorted to using msconfig fix and dropping to 3, however 1.15beta fixed it so i just played beta with 4gb ram, now im runing 8GB of all matching corsair dominator 1066mhz, and neither the 1.14 or 1.15 version will run will beta only work up to 4gb max? i have a friend who plays with 12gb on his new alien ware machine both versions no problem. if i want to use the maxmem method how do i do it? ive searched but not found anything to talk me through all steps, do u add maxmem=3072 in exe or do u have to edit config files? i dont wanna keep booting my pc in 3 gb just to have to re adjust and boot with max ram 2 play other stuff
  12. Nemesis_wales

    SLI flickering solved?

    i get the flickering but with ATI 4870X2
  13. Nemesis_wales

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    thanks fo all ur hard work m8. do u have to run ACE 1.1 ro use this? ive reverted back to ACe 1.0 due to a massive slowdown and lag whilst playing ona server.
  14. hi matt, played alot of your missios. nice work. i downloaded an viewed the guide u made, but it didnt help me, ive made a basic mission for ACE 1.1 just to test all the vehicles etc, but when i play it with my friends and we die, we are seagulls..... ive searched an found out there 5 BIS settings for respawn script, but i dont know nothing of the scripting process wot so ever. can u point me int he right direction?
  15. Nemesis_wales

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    my self an dothers have found this also, but i dont think its related to dying in a vehicle. sometimes it seems to be very 30 mins or every 2nd or 3rd death we found! thats was on SCE server but running of a home pc but using dedicated config or wotever. butweve had it 2, stand by barracks, no gear options etc
  16. Nemesis_wales

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    ive also noticed some strange behavoir. on SCE server who were running ur 1.1.5d vesion, i buy tanks and order my ai tanks to engage at will which they do, but when i jump in, and equip machine gun, i have 2 hit F3 then 2 then choose a target every time, where as before they used to engage any infantry with MG all by them selves, just had to hit TAB with cannon selected to hit tanks. also as commander i noticed alot of AI teams will not move/work. even after they have got all there untis 2 gether etc, they simply just stand around, also the other day there was like 50! empty vehicles all at base where the squads bought them, then simply abandend them! some times the independant air units work, others not. but RACS seem to be working fine with no problems at all. hope this is some accurate info m8. keep up good work love ur version
  17. done the 4gb thing, yes vista 64 bit, my 1st ati card so dont know wot im doing
  18. Nemesis_wales

    Black screen

    i went from 4096 to 3072 and now it wont go back?? any ideas?
  19. can some 1 help me, i used the removed 1 gb ram fix from msconfig boot but now it wont let me change it back! every time i put in 4096 an click ok it just resets to 3072! help??
  20. well i managed to do it and im a noob, just dropped 1Gb of ram, can live with that just 2 play arma. any 1 know weathers it s worth having AA an anistropic thiny on or disabled?
  21. Nemesis_wales

    Vista Troubleshooting Thread: The one and only

    wow i managed to sort it and im a complete noob, just had to drop 2 3Gb of RAM. thanks all
  22. Nemesis_wales

    Vista Troubleshooting Thread: The one and only

    i have vista 64 bit with 4870x2 card an im getting same problem, looked in msconfig but didnt see anything about changing the RAM usage. i have 4GB
  23. this is bad, i have exact same problem, brand new machine with 4870X2 Hd and thats all i get! does any 1 have any idea how to help solve this
  24. Nemesis_wales

    Massive, massive slowdowns with 4870x2

    thanks guys. but maybe ill still benefit from other games.. ill have to have a looksy, but thanks for advice
  25. Nemesis_wales

    Massive, massive slowdowns with 4870x2

    so best to hold off on buying a 2 grand machine with dual 4870x2 cards then huh? cos arma is 1 of main games i intend to play on it?