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  1. hmm, maybe i didnt put it right. but im basically expecting the uk release to be 1.02, then the patch will be release to ther german version to bring htem up alongside us.
  2. Nemesis_wales

    I'm blind, this is impossible

    modern night vision uses an invisable lazer beam, which the NVG's then pick up and amplify. as for wot u describe, i had it in arma 1 sometimes, pretty annoying, i just used to tinker with settings or ditch them all 2 gether, but if ur doing SP then i suppose ur gonna need them
  3. do u k now that for sure? i havent seen it anywhere?
  4. Nemesis_wales

    I'm Now 100% Onboard With ArmA 2

    its gonna b COD style on a larger scale! but probally full of hackers an glitchers lol
  5. y not wai ttill u get the 505 release b 4spending money? its probaly gonna come with a new version/patch, which might solve some performance issues, so u would of wasted money
  6. i forgot to say, i also have 8gb of ram, which wa sblamed also, but 1 momen tin ran fine on my rig (in sig), then after driver updates it didnt... i could even play with all 8gb of ram at 1st, but when card drivers screwed up, never could again till i got nvidia. personally i think vista 64 bit and ATI for arma 1 was a no no (for me)
  7. Nemesis_wales

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    LOL LOL LOL nice 1 m8
  8. Nemesis_wales

    Where do I purchase Arma 2?

    dude, search the forums, or read thur, i read lots bout metaboli, try that.... or search google...
  9. Nemesis_wales

    North America Release / Publisher

    dude, search the forums, or read thur, i read lots bout metaboli, try that.... or search google...
  10. Nemesis_wales

    Gasstations dont work??

    @john, not really, imagine the missions the community would make for that! as terrorist trying to blow pipeline or or hijacking oil rig/tanker, and/or be the SF team sent to claim it back! then they got excuse to make nice shiny red fire trucks lmao
  11. driver. i had it on arma 1 with 4870X2.
  12. Nemesis_wales

    Strange Graphic Bugs (Artefacts)

    either a heat issues or drivers. i had it in arma 1 with my 7800 Gt although a friend with same card could run it fine! but when i installed the 1.8.5 drivers it happened again on my 295 GTX, so had to go back to 1.8.2, removed arma now anyway, had some much crap ove ryears, took it off to make arma 2 moment more special lol
  13. Nemesis_wales

    Gasstations dont work??

    guess theres a fuel shortage, or the damn truckers on blockade :)
  14. Nemesis_wales

    Change weapon/gear

    when u get the notepad breifing thingy, at top like sub folders, click gear or weapons from wot i can remember (arma 1) tried that?
  15. Nemesis_wales

    Morphicon/Metaboli Invalid CD Key Issues

    @ mosh.. its possbile that all the time it took u to -reformat that ur key was activated :)
  16. Nemesis_wales


    forklift trucks all round he he
  17. also, u will notice that if u have ur view distance under 4 or 3 km, u get th eoptions for very high, but if u have it higher u cant go as high in other settings, have a good play around!
  18. Nemesis_wales

    Single Player Performance Issues.

    hit man, use the change EXE trick, change it too crysis.exe ... this tricks the card/nvidia prifle to think ur playing it an it boosts ur performance bi gtime
  19. Nemesis_wales

    Make Mortars more User-Friendly

    well the british are using th eold 432 renamed bulldog to fire the mortars out of back, ive also seen a pic/video of a similar setup for a US vehicle. i really was hoping it woul dof made it into game, or at least man backaple mortars, or unload from truck, then ammo is stored on truck etc
  20. excellent work with ACE mod for arma 1, made th egame playable for me again after months of shelving it. really looking forward to the next Gen ACE. also, i really thought BIS should of offered u a job lol
  21. Nemesis_wales

    Police Units

    as arma 2 has better civvy life from all the reiviews an stuff, it woul db nice if they made some police ambulance and fire vehicles for the game :)
  22. interesting. but if u have the money an choice, id still go quad core, for other future games or programs etc. but there coul db alot off ppl who bought 1 for no reason
  23. Nemesis_wales

    Bullet Stray

    some ppl expect there character to run a marathon then shoot like bob lee swager from shooter lol not gonna happen!
  24. if u have info fo rppl, send it via PM or ask/offer email/msn change then do it. :) something which gets done alot but b hind everything, for example i was helped by the main man in a game forum to obtain an easy fix to a problem on a game that was old, but played well on old pc's but not new. also, if u remember arma 1, u had to use disk in drive, but after certain patch, maybe 1.08 they changed it so u didnt need disk any more, so maybe when its released to every 1, they will do same with arma 2, but do some thorough research into possible reasons also, dont just take some ones word for it, wot helped them may make it worse for u
  25. Nemesis_wales

    ArmA2 8GB RAM Problem

    if u want/need it go for, there always work arounds, i cure my issues simply by scrapping the 4870X2 and using 295gtx, that was it, game worked fine with max RAM on normal and beta with arma 1, im not expecting much different at all from 2, if anything screws me up its gonna b drivers