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  1. prei_khmaoch_luong is a custom terrain. You need it (obviously):


    The map from VN is Cam Nao Lam.



     - template = co10_Escape_SOGPF_PAVN_vs_MACV_and_ARVN.prei_khmaoch_luong;


    You don't need this. Remove it.

    The params stick if you are logged in as admin and change the first parameter to "Use below and save".

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  2. On 1/23/2022 at 8:56 PM, Drej_X_Army said:

    Trying to do the new Dev Test of SOG, but getting errors when trying to connect with DLC off and with the DLC on.


    Sorry, my crystal ball is in repair so you have post these errors.

  3. On 12/1/2021 at 9:39 PM, hcpookie said:

    Question on customizing missions.


    The MSKE missions have numerous boats placed around the islands.  I wanted to find out how to place more and have them remain after INIT.  I suspected the "cleanupTerrain" function was deleting them, but that does not seem to be the case.  Could you please describe how to disable any "cleanup" that happens at init so my extra boat placements will remain?


    There is no cleanup (the function cleans comcenters and sourroundings).

    If you add boats to the mission.sqm they should be ingame. I suspect the packing of the mission.sqm into the final PBO is where you have a problem.

  4. 1 minute ago, Valken said:

    @P4nz3rW4r Glad you found it. They put a lot of work into scripting their missions as well so that is probably why they binarized it.  Server is opened to anyone to play tho and they are a good group of players to game with.


    co10 Escape is released under APL-SA. As far as I understand, that means they must disclose the changes they made to the mission.

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  5. 20 hours ago, vredg said:


    Ok, so I need to buy the contact dlc for both my client, and server stream account? That wasn't needed with Apex.


    Normally not, but there are two packages:

    Contact Platform (free an probably already installed on your server) and Contact DLC (Enoch, Premium). Make sure both uploaded on your server and are loaded when starting.

  6. 1 hour ago, Valken said:

    We have been playing on Outkast's escape server. With a handful of players starting out 2-5, we notice the AI seems to POP out in front of us ~ 100-200 m out. Sometimes, it feels like they literally spawn on top of us less than 50 m away. We know this because we were facing a direction it appeared in front of us. I didn't know the AI had Star Trek type teleportation! Should have VAC and BE banned those AI hackers!!!



    Even with the settings set to nearest spawn distance one should not see AI spawning except when in very open terrain. Most scripts/missions I know spawn AI in a ~500+ radius which is normally more than enough, even with viewdistance larger than that. Escape uses normally much larger values with spawning of city patrols much further away from the player than ambient patrols.

  7. 3 hours ago, Nemanjic said:

    It gives me not to close trigger with error if I put code in onAct, same as for object init. field, so I do what you sad last, play mission with MB module of course, wait till it been initialized, open MB again, close it, put code in debug but error again. So I try to run external script from debug:   _nil = [] execVM "armagedonsay.sqf";   -it says: blabla error allmissionobjects: Type code, expected String 

    For my kind of mission making this is must have magic, it will be great if make this work 🙂

    where I mistakes?


    Looks like a generic error. You probably have quotation marks somewhere around the code I posted. Make sure you copied it directly or even better type it into A3 by hand. 

    Upload your rpt with the error somewhere. Last time I checked code I posted  worked as intended.

  8. 44 minutes ago, Nemanjic said:


    from object when I want to confirm input https://i.imgur.com/Z9uNU0o.jpg

    from debug cnsl https://i.imgur.com/RjGui2I.jpg



    3 hours ago, NeoArmageddon said:


    There is, just run this in the code execution window (or a script/trigger/whatever) when previewing the mission:



    Play the mission -> start Mapbuilder -> run code -> ??? -> Profit

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  9. On 7/19/2021 at 12:54 PM, Nemanjic said:

    Map Builder is great tool for that but only with Map Builder placed objects itself. Is it possible to "read" eden placed objects with MB and save them in .sqf for calling them latter? It will be fantastic. I am looking to find a way to spawn saved objects (saved with function BIS_fnc_ObjectsGrabber) and it works nice, but I can not execute it with BIS_fnc_ObjectsMapper for some reason. So MB way will be fantastic, if you can explain me please how to do that? Thanks in advance sir..

    EDIT: or simplified, how to do this one? 



    There is, just run this in the code execution window (or a script/trigger/whatever) when previewing the mission:


    [_x] call MB_fnc_InitObject;
    } foreach allMissionObjects;


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  10. On 7/20/2021 at 8:10 AM, Snipertac said:

    We had two helicopters crash at a LZ once.  For some reason, they decided to try land on trees.  The LZ showed up as a cross after that,  We moved onto another Comms bases and called another Heli.  By the time we got to that one and escaped we had been on the same missions for just over 5 hours. Between the pair of us, over 200 kills and heaps of Vehicles taken out.


    The same happened to us last week. As suggested, we missed a few spots we should have cleared and our Heli's were hit, one flew into a building and other other crashed. We moved to another Comms and called another LZ and made it,  that one was just under 3 hours.


    In my optinion these are the best Escape sessions 😁



    On 7/19/2021 at 11:47 PM, hcpookie said:

    Does the evac icon on the map change if the chopper can't make it?  We noticed yesterday that after throwing smoke it changed to a red circle-X... wondering if we missed the target area when throwing smoke.


    Yes, the extraction marker turns into a red cross of the helis are destroyed and/or abort the evac.



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  11. 13 hours ago, PatPgtips said:

    find another comms hack it for a new lz 


    That is correct. Make sure the the LZ is clear before calling in the evac. Check for armed road blocks and other enemy bases near the evac. Some mods have a strong AA focus and makes this especially important.



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  12. 1 hour ago, spitfire007 said:

    @PatPgtips Hey thanks very much for taking the time to reply.

    I see that you have to edit the pbo for these settings to stick on restart right ?

    Is there a way to tone down the AI ? I have set them to cadet so that should be the way to go right ?


    That is NOT the correct way to make options stick through restarts! Editing the PBO is not recommended at all!


    Just set the first option in the params to "Use settings below and save (settings will be restored on mission restart)" and set the others to your liking. After a mission/restart arma defaults the first param to "Load previously saved settings" which tells the mission to look for previously saved settings. Important: The multiplayer lobby params will not reflect what will be actually used by the mission! This can be checked in the inmission briefing under settings. If you watn to use your own params, just set the params once, select "Use settings below and save" and never touch them again in the lobby!


    15 hours ago, PatPgtips said:

    to change it so mission calls in the params from params.hpp 

        class Param_Loadparams
                title = "Parameter Load and Save (save params between sessions, see readme!)";
                values[] = {0, 1, 2};
                texts[] = {"Use settings below and save (settings will be restored on mission restart)", "Load previously saved settings (Use below if none found)", "Use settings below without saving"};
                default = 0; // set this to 0 so it reads the params from the mission file 


    That is actually a really bad idea and complety disables the parameter storage feature. Don't to that!

    No wonder people are having problems with the params and feel the need to edit the pbos.



    Also make sure, you have not changed the setting with CBA. CBA settings is given priority over lobby params.

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  13. That script and a custom version were already part of Escape for testing but AI pathfinding in buildings is incredibly performance heavy on the server and renders the mission in big cities even more unplayable.

    So it is unlikely this will ever be added again.


    But there is some limited building spawning for bases already in. That can be, for example seen in some comcenters and vehicle depots.


    You can also add mods like VCOM to your server and AFAIK AI will then use buildings for cover.



  14. This happens when a terrain is overwriting the base world class from Arma2 with pre lighting update.


    As CUP Terrains restores backwards compatibility for A2 maps, it provides a fixed CfgWorld class, but if an addon overwrites this base class with unfixed Arma2 config values, the light breaks for all other maps relying on our fixed.


    This is not a CUP Terrains problems, but a problem of other terrains/addons loading outdated config values and overwriting A2 base classes (which is not needed for a standalone terrain released for Arma3).

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  15. 3 hours ago, Valken said:


    But when I add another mod's vehicles, and start up the game, it says something like "cannot find search heli. unit must have defined name."


    This happens if the default heli is used, but if I added a tank or another vehicle to the O or I lists for example.


    Do I have to actually REPLACE the existing units instead of adding to it? Or are there other related script files I need to update as well?



    No, you don't need to exactly replace the classes if it is an array. The error arises from a failed spawn: Unknown classname -> no vehicle spawned, script can't find the heli and throws the error.

    The reason could be either you made a typo in the unitclasses.sqf so it is not read correctly by the mission or you made an array out of a single string. Could also be that the mod you are trying to add is not loaded on the server properly.


  16. On 4/9/2021 at 11:04 PM, HeadshotFee said:

    Thanks mate! 😄


     I think what you are actually looking for is the parameter menu in the multiplayer lobby. You can access it in the top right of the lobby screen when you are a logged in admin or selfhosting the mission.

  17. People asked for me to pack dev snapshots of escape again, but as I am fairly lazy I wrote a tool that downloads the current escape of Github and packs all configured escapes.

    As this directly packs into the PBO format, it is much faster compared to the old python compiler.


    It can be downloaded here:  http://escape.anzp.de/EscapeDevPacker1.7z


    It needs .Net 4.7.2 runtime.



    Extract into a folder, run exe, select output folder, wait a moment and copy all mission pbos you need into your/your servers mpmission folder.


    Please note that the missions compiled with this tool are from the devbranch and may have yet unknown bugs or are unplayable.


    Known bugs:

    Some mission names are parsed incorrectly.



  18. 12 minutes ago, Valken said:

    Playing  the new escape missions on Outkast and is there a reason why the loading times are so long once you enter the server? It is like a good 30 seconds before the screen comes on once the game as started.


    Still as fast as usual on my dedicated server (1-3 seconds "Loading..."). When joining a runnining session the only thing that is done while "Loading..." is shown is just a waituntil{!isnil player}, so I suspect it is mod/server configuration is delaying the player initialization. I don't think it is mission related.