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  1. no use for a name

    game crash - memory could not be read

    I found the problem for myself: Somehow my memory allocator got switched and was incompatible. After switching it back to default the game runs fine
  2. no use for a name

    Memory could not read...

    Same for me, I've been playing since Alpha release and never have had this error. Now I get it when trying to run Exile. I went to try a different malloc in the advanced settings, but nothing showed up in the dropdown menu. My Win10 just updated today as well. edit: found the problem was that somehow the memory allocator got switched, so I changed it back to default and it works now
  3. no use for a name

    No "news" and no internet servers

    Have you tried going back to the stable build?
  4. no use for a name

    Is the 40mm lethal enough?

    I don't think it's the lethality, it's more because there's no wounding mechanic in the game; so units that might be in the blast radius (but not killed) run off like nothing happened
  5. no use for a name

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    This is an excellent report of why the AI tends to kill so soon: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14905 Please vote!
  6. no use for a name

    Improve wounding mechanic and visuals

    Well that's not really what this thread/ticket is about. It's more about the reaction/effects of getting shot. I'm not asking for a surgeon simulator and/or limbs flying off and guts hanging out, that's a whole separate issue/feature/request. I just want a basic wounding mechanic that's at least on par with previous Arma titles i.e. you get shot in the legs, you're forced crawl (until healed). If you get shot in the arms, aim is greatly affected, etc. My ideas were mainly to improve on the old system that's not even there any more
  7. no use for a name

    Improve wounding mechanic and visuals

    Yes I should have been clear that the pp effects would be temporary, and only for a few seconds at most. And as for the knockdown, it was more if you hit a target multiple times center mass and they somehow survive (which has happened on occasion), then there's a chance (not 100%) for them to be knocked to the ground. This would also help the "victim", as it would be harder for follow-up shots; and they would be able to move to cover. Then they'd have a chance to heal and "gather" their senses i.e. wait for the" side-effects" to subside. However, if they're knocked down, they could also quickly stand up and run to cover (using the prone "toggle"); but this will just make you an easier target for follow-up shots (if you fall somewhere without concealment/cover, then what have you got to loose :D )
  8. no use for a name

    Body armor

    The armor simulation is there, but the reaction/wounding isn't: How does someone take a bullet to the chest at near-point blank and "flinch" like they tripped over a curb? Vote! http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14537
  9. no use for a name

    Improve wounding mechanic and visuals

    OK let me be more clear - Anyone have any VALUABLE input instead of the typical troll bullshit? Oh wait, that would take ACTUAL work!
  10. no use for a name

    All this buzz about the performence issue

    oh and it is a shame to see the dev's get shit on in all the forums; they're obviously working on the issues, and trying to figure out ways to improve the game. Here's the key: Example - What good is it to spend 1000 man-hours to do something that will maybe add a slight performance increase? Especially when there's TONS of other things they could work on/fix instead i.e. bugs that have been there since OFP, or the new content that people keep crying about, etc. There just is no logic in that from a business standpoint. They will do all they can do (within reason) to improve the game, it's that simple. If you don't like that policy, then go play any other AAA title and HOPE that they fix the problems; much less have discussion's with the dev's and not some PR guy! Again, it's just the way I see it
  11. no use for a name

    All this buzz about the performence issue

    object distance and terrain detail also have big impacts on CPU (at least for me) edit: back to the OP: For me, Arma is Arma, there's nothing else like it and I still have fun with it in it's current state. I play both SP and MP, and as long as it's not some giant every faction running around the whole island with 5000AI, it runs decent; and it's fun I always get more playtime out of this series than any other game I've bought; even more than the GTA series and TES/Fallout games. I get the most enjoyment/replayability out of Arma titles than any other game because missions will play out different every time (plus mods, new content, etc.). With every other game, they always play the same. In Arma I can play the same mission as a rifleman, AT soldier, or tank (or even the same unit over and over); and it will be different every time Even with the performance issues I would have still gladly paid $60 because I know BIS will continue to improve it, and I will get many hours from it This is all just IMO, of course
  12. no use for a name

    Improve wounding mechanic and visuals

    Uh, am I the only one that thinks this should be in the game? I just thought it would be a good idea, does anyone agree or not? I was hoping for more input
  13. Ever since the alpha, I noticed the total lack of a wounding system and visual feedback when infantry get shot. As it stands now, infantry only slightly 'twitch' when getting hit. And sometimes there's no reaction at all (usually when moving or during an action like healing). This is unacceptable IMO, it kills immersion and it's impossible to tell if your shots are landing on target, especially now since it usually takes multiple shots to take down infantry with small arms fire. All other previous titles in the series at least had a basic wounding system that would affect aim, breathing, and movement. Here some some of my ideas: When shot in the legs, movement speed is affected with limping, and a chance to force infantry to crawl until healed by a medic. When shot in the arms, aim is greatly affected When shot in the abdomen; breathing, aim, vision, and movement speed are negatively affected When shot in the upper torso/chest, breathing and vision is affected for a short time (due to not penetrating armor) Any time when shot (especially from multiple rounds), there's a chance for infantry to get stunned or get knocked down, making them stumble to the ground; allowing them to get to cover. Bullets that don't hit armor should create more blood visuals Obviously headshots still have a 99% chance to kill; but if they don't, it should negatively affect vision, aiming, breathing, and have a greater chance for stun/knockdown. I believe these are essential, and will add more elements to the game. Please, add a better wounding system and visual feedback to the game, at least to the standards of previous titles in the series! Please vote up on the feedback tracker: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14537 Example videos of current system:
  14. no use for a name

    Tweak the graphics presets!

    Well I can't argue with that, but if you looked at the link earlier in that post, you'd have seen that currently there's only so much they can do with adding multi-core support w/o breaking the game. I for one don't want to wait 2-3 years (or more) for a new engine...I may not even be alive by then. Actual optimization of the game is a whole other issue, but luckily the game scales decently with the amount of graphics options. That's why I was simply suggesting fixing the presets to at least give a good first impression to new players.
  15. no use for a name

    Perhaps broken terrain rendering over long distance.

    That's usually a problem with a terrain detail setting that's too low, but unfortunately it's controlled by the server. If it seems to happen in a specific location, you might take some screenshots and coordinates and make a ticket at the Feedback tracker to help BIS possibly fix it