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  1. I remember Flashpoint being a cheaterless game. Which was good.

    Now I hear a lot of stuff like "People are cheating". rock.gif

    I'm wondering. What kind of cheats are there? And how do we recognise them? wow_o.gif

  2. Fellow editors.

    Now after years of playing Flashpoint I only saw a few Starwars addons. I saw a Speederbike, Stormtrooper, Turbo laster...a Tie-Fighter and X-wing.

    Not much more.

    In the first place I'm calling all the creators of these addons to work together and SERIOUSLY work on a mod like this.

    In addition to that I'm calling for other moddelers and scriptors to join me.

    I'm just a mission-editor with some scripting skills my self. What I can add to the project is management and a website.

    mail neptune@kmarns.net

    "Let's get this DONE"