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    I remember Flashpoint being a cheaterless game. Which was good. Now I hear a lot of stuff like "People are cheating". I'm wondering. What kind of cheats are there? And how do we recognise them?
  2. Neptune

    Starwars MOD

    Fellow editors. Now after years of playing Flashpoint I only saw a few Starwars addons. I saw a Speederbike, Stormtrooper, Turbo laster...a Tie-Fighter and X-wing. Not much more. In the first place I'm calling all the creators of these addons to work together and SERIOUSLY work on a mod like this. In addition to that I'm calling for other moddelers and scriptors to join me. I'm just a mission-editor with some scripting skills my self. What I can add to the project is management and a website. mail neptune@kmarns.net "Let's get this DONE"
  3. Neptune

    Danbat Danish Army Mod

    Nice to see you guys used the Lowlands Warrior Diemaco pack! I'm talking about your M82 Cheers. Want to see more of Lowlands Warrior? Checkout http://mods.kmarns.net thanks! Nice stuff, this Danish Army Mod! Good job!