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  1. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    The pin can "open" things
  2. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    Where does it tell you the level ?
  3. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    Damn that passworded face thing took some time ... now to get into the trap door  edit: Done
  4. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    Well I did that just before I read ran's post and I have cut the metal parts up ... now to open the door
  5. Nathanz

    Tales of War: CH-34 Public Beta Release

    Joker: How can you shoot women and children? Gunner: Easy... you just don't lead 'em so much. Anyway, downloading now
  6. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    No, just a hint
  7. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    Right, I'm stuck  I have the locked Diskette Box and I cant open it...  There's a pin on one of the corners of the flag. Done that  I'm now stuck in on some level with 1 broken piece of metal and 1 log of wood and a acme machine ... edit: joltan: The knob on the bridge thing
  8. Nathanz

    How do you reinstall notepad?

    Whoa ... I just had the notepad problem, only it renamed the notepad.exe to notepad.exe.bak and renamed the notepad shortcuts to some virus got it fixed though
  9. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    Right, I'm stuck I have the locked Diskette Box and I cant open it...
  10. Nathanz

    Trains in ofp??

    Cant wait!!
  11. Nathanz

    Gmail Invite :) #2

    Rules: 1. You must not have a gmail email 2. Once you get invites you MUST give atleast one here in these forums 3. Must have more than 160 posts First one to pm me you gets it. Now ... GO ! edit: Ok hooahman got it (so if you want one beat him up and steal his account   )
  12. Nathanz

    Banner competition

    Rules: 1. drow is banned
  13. Nathanz

    Banner competition

    I can make some sigs, banners, animated gifs... First of all, we need some judges who we can submit the finished "banners" too. Edit: And maybe some sort of specific theme ?
  14. Nathanz

    150+ mph through Forrest's

    I dont feel uncomfortable driving at 150km/h on motorways but in small streets ...
  15. Nathanz

    Mystery Addon

    ICP is from the ORCS Development Studios, they released a irac pack some time ago ...
  16. Nathanz

    Lets talk usmc

    Ditto I was looking forward to the AV8b's release
  17. Nathanz

    Do you play resistance?

    could be, but the poorly done ai disappoints all the time! Very true
  18. Nathanz

    150+ mph through Forrest's

    If thats true im getting one of these: Thrust SSC fastest car on earth @ 745mph Â
  19. Nathanz

    Joint operations: typhoon rising

    Do helicopters still warp across the sky's like UFOs ? like the demo?
  20. Nathanz

    Very Important Announcement from BAS

    Oh no Thanks for all your released addons and ones you were working on. Hopefully we might see you again after ofp2 has been released!
  21. Looking good Master_Chief, keep up the good work!
  22. Nathanz

    UEFA Euro 2004

    Now pay your 20$ entry fee and I will give you your 5$ prize
  23. Nathanz

    UEFA Euro 2004

    Greece have won Euro 2004! Â edit: But england should have won (but didnt)
  24. Nathanz

    UEFA Euro 2004

    I'm sure it will get repeated in the news or something ... haha he looked like he knocked himself out when his head hit the net :P
  25. Nathanz

    UEFA Euro 2004

    Haha he ran into the goal net