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    Liberation 41-45 - T-34-76 Pack Released

    Seeing as this thread was made before the other one il reply in it. Downloading now
  2. You've been banned 49 times ?
  3. Actually I was thinking of doing this along with a new tv and dvd combo (I just need the time to do it)
  4. Nathanz

    WW2 "Color of War" Preview

    Or if you lazy(like me), here you go Â
  5. Nathanz

    RKSL Studios Projects

    Looking good Cant wait for the AWACS.
  6. Nathanz

    Feature In next months PCGamer

    Unanswered as in they didnt reply so far or the topic was closed ?
  7. Nathanz

    BF42 is the most realistic military game

    Fixed. Â
  8. Nathanz

    Bulldozer and ofp crashing

    Ah, resizing the textures worked. Thanks guys
  9. Well I got bored and just took a few pictures of my ofpr box with my digicam then made a basic box in o2, then applied the textures, then went to view it in bulldozer and the thing crashes. So I .pbo the addon and go to try it ingame, only to find ofp crashes without any error message. Config: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class CfgPatches { class SGN_Resis { units[] = {SGN_Resis}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.85; }; }; class CfgVehicles    {    class All {}; class Static: All {}; class Building: Static {}; class NonStrategic: Building {}; class TargetTraining: NonStrategic {}; class TargetGrenade: TargetTraining {}; class SGN_Resis: TargetGrenade     {        vehicleClass="SGN - Objects";         destrType=DestructBuilding;        model="\SGN_Resistance\SGN_model";        armor=100;        cost=100;        displayName="Resistance Box";        accuracy=0.7;     }; };
  10. Nathanz

    BF42 is the most realistic military game

    BF42 Forgotten hope mod is what bf42 should have been.
  11. Nathanz

    Need your suggestions for a name

  12. Nathanz

    150+ mph through Forrest's

    http://www.videoconcept.com/Clips/cam4.wmv After 4:25Min's, Wow F3000 cars going 150+ through small roads barely hitting barriers.
  13. Nathanz

    Preview of Autogyro

    Wallis and Little Nellie was at waddington airshow when I went just a few weeks ago, looked in good shape... Ok, for the Quicksilver you could have a eject seat (with rotors that blow off). HAWK's KA-50 rotors are ejected off when the pilot ejects. Just an idea. Â
  14. Nathanz

    150+ mph through Forrest's

    I have a "special tool" to open the "special tool", if that doesn't work iv got one other "special tool" to open the special tool that the first special tool failed to do.
  15. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    Hardest level iv ever played is Farcry, the volcano level with medium difficulty. Â Edit: Its the hardest one I can thing of atm...
  16. Nathanz

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    For the love of god SAVE TEH SEALS !1!!!1 I mean, Lee_H._Oswald: VERY nice picture of the CH-34 that was recently released, Good job!
  17. Nathanz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Click on the picture or link for full size 1024x489 @ 243 K Addons: Map Fact Mine objects, Battlefield Vietnam plants, CH-34 Choctaw and SEB Nam Pack 2
  18. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    What the... now the paper can go over the top of the old letter ... it didnt before...
  19. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    Two words... Lamp, letter Uh ? What am i supposed to do with the pen and paper ? I cant put the paper on any tables or anything.
  20. Nathanz

    How about a forum night?

    Be right there.
  21. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    What do you do with the pen and paper ?
  22. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    Huh ? Could you make a pic?
  23. Nathanz

    Tales of War: CH-34 Public Beta Release

    this may be a dumb question but whats sog? Special Operations Group
  24. Nathanz

    The toughest game in history

    Argh ... Im stuck on the level with pipes and coloured wheels. I have got a pen and paper, Im thinking I have to write something on the paper and put it in the slugmail thing...
  25. Nathanz

    Bulldozer and ofp crashing

    There in 512*768 and 128*768