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    Battlefield 2 announced by ea gamges

    By that they mean they have made it simpler to fly helicopter with the mouse, at the moment its tricky unless your experienced how or use a joystick. And the: which you didn't include: . Hovering will be like ofp autohover
  2. Nathanz

    Battlefield 2 announced by ea gamges

    ign small preview This might be quite cool
  3. Nathanz

    Trains in ofp??

    That would be cool if the damage model was like DKM mi28 when its destroyed.
  4. Nathanz

    Trains in ofp??

    Lemme guess... you also complained that the Skoda, Trabant and Mini aren't american cars?!? Â Â Really, bmgarcangel... I don't think OFP depicts America as battlefield scenario... so why the heck should the trains be american?!? Â because american trains look more industrialised like the Dash 13 or Dash 30 dont remembger the number Nogova today stopped ordering trains from Europe and Russia and has decided to buy the better Dash - 9's from Santa Fe & Burlington Northern, they will be buying 9......and they will be buying 6 GP-35's from Rio Grande Dash-9 http://www.railbuss.com/ferrovi....209.JPG GP-35 http://ghostdepot.com/rg....bdb.jpg Way to powerfully IMO, something like a "SW-1500" would be suitable for heavy loads. From the screens its look great!
  5. Nathanz

    Gta san andreas

    Autoaim was on in the console versions, the pc one used mouse to aim.
  6. Nathanz

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    In his post: I guess he edited the waterbump.png which you can edit by going to (default) C:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\dxdll\textures
  7. Well, I'm sort of busy at the moment, but if anyone wants to fix it and release its fine by me
  8. Nathanz

    Addon Request: M2 & m60 on low tripod

    You gave that to The Unsung correct? Yes
  9. Me too, only mine shows as loads of faces
  10. Nathanz

    Trains in ofp??

    I CANNOT wait !!!
  11. Nathanz

    ORCS animation pack

    It was available on ofp.info but it has magical disappeared
  12. Nathanz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    good-tutorials.com German soldiers at the pub 1024x768 - 217 K Addons: Inv44 Demo 1.2 and Anjou 1939 - 1944
  13. Nathanz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Click on the picture or link for full size 1024x587 - 232 K Addons: Kegety's DxDLL 1.0, John's Jagdpanzer pack and John's Anjou 1939-1944
  14. Nathanz


    I wouldn't mind being a gunner on a jeep being chased by a dinosaur Â
  15. Wow im impressed. I only get a 5-12 fps hit when looking at the water (with objects reflecting etc) But I remember you saying the to make the water reflecting it redraws the whole ... "view" ontop of the water, so the more objects I have reflecting the more of a fps hit I get. Good job!
  16. Nathanz

    Liberation 41-45 - T-34-76 Pack Released

    There T26 in the mod had a damage model (when the vehicle gets destroyed the model it replaced with a damage model) But on there site it doesnt show a T-34 damage model.
  17. Ok, adding it now  I will give you full credit in the readme edit:
  18. Nathanz

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    What graphics card do you have ?
  19. Nathanz

    MARFY : I need to ask you a question

    His TOW launcher was in the WGLB mod.
  20. Nathanz

    How about a forum night?

    Uhm, I cant remember the mission name but half of the squad start in a Sisu Pasi and the other start in a HALO drop. The intro shows 2 civilians in a boat that gets blown out of the water .. quite literally
  21. Nathanz

    How about a forum night?

    Ah, now i know why I got shot from a huge distance Cant wait for sundays game
  22. lol Do you really have VBS1 ? if you do i wouldnt mind putting the dvd case somewhere on the model. Thanks
  23. Thanks for the link Krycek And I can put the XP desktop on the monitor if you want but first I'm trying to choose between either head phones or speakers. Edit: Allready done:
  24. Looks great! Now someone convert it(or even John himself) into a M10 Achilles and il be one happy bunny
  25. Nathanz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Thank you. I really like this picture you made Architeuthis, has a certain dreamy effect about it OFP in OFP... huh ? Addons: My unreleased Modern day pc system