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  1. Thanks for this, made things a lot easier. However making deflating tires properly seems still a mystery to me at least. Any idea how that is done?
  2. norsu

    Design a computer...

    With a 27" iMac you have to remember that the native resolution is sky high which will require even more gaming muscle for ARMA2. There's of course always the option to play the game in windowed mode and naturally you need a Windows boot to start the game. I've been thinking of getting a powerful Mac too but since I mostly use programs that require Windows to run, so far I haven't been able to justify such an investment. About Windows 7, I haven't used it at all so far but it's most likely going to be my next OS anyway. Is it more stable and more intuitive to use than previous releases and also does it have lots of problems with older games?
  3. norsu

    CiA co-op night

    Good games last night. Finishing a long mission without casualties was very satisfying. I would add another coop night event for the week :cool:.
  4. norsu

    Double-sided polygons?

    True but it's still very usefull when you have to make thin flat surfaces for alpha channeled textures other than glass. With sharp edges the engine doesn't seem to have problems rendering double sided polygons.
  5. norsu

    Double-sided polygons?

    It's possible to make double-sided polygons. Just select 3 or 4 points and press F6 twice. The second polygon will appear on the other side.
  6. It seems you only need to do the following: Copy Geometry, Memory, Hit-Points and Fire Geometry lods from the example soldier.p3d BIS released. It's best to remove the old lods completely from your model before applying the new ones. Then use the new model.cfg also given by BIS. Result: For best results you should also copy the hands from soldier.p3d and use the new head as proxy (also found in soldier.p3d). Note that the new head model has only two lods, 1.000 and 2.000. This means for bigger lods you'll need to copy the head part from soldier.p3d directly. If someone has more tips and hints please post them here :).
  7. Can't really help the floating :p. As for new animations, they would be great but currently we lack modders with animation skills. I have tried to learn custom animations making for A2 but it was too overwhelming.
  8. In my opinion missions like Dominion are the plague when it comes to coop servers. Objectives are usually very vague (kill all in area X) and players have all possible hardware at their disposal. Teamwork is random because the mission design encourages the use of rush tactics (unlimited hardware.) I certainly miss the OFP times when you had carefully designed missions with limited hardware and interesting mission objectives. I know there are few public servers out there that run classic coop missions but these are mostly active on certain days only :(.
  9. norsu

    "Hardcore" and Apple's new tablet

    Or maybe we just have different needs ;). For example I'm looking for a device that replaces my ACER A150 and iPad clearly isn't such a device but comes very close. That's why I'm giving my opinion so that some manufacturer (I don't care which) comes with a device I find suitable for my needs.
  10. norsu

    "Hardcore" and Apple's new tablet

    Hardware isn't everything but lack of it means quite a lot still. At the moment iPad is a big iPod with a few extra features. I wouldn't compare iPhone situation to this because iPhone is a couple of times smaller with very similar functions - functions that are more than enough for a smartphone that fits your pocket. Here's a quote from Engadget that sums my impressions very well: With a lighter version of OS X this device would make so much more sense to me. Add in USB outputs and 3GS by default and I'm sold :).
  11. norsu

    "Hardcore" and Apple's new tablet

    It's more like Apple + Mainstream gaming & big titles = yeahh right ;). But about that tablet. I see it as a (quite lacking) tryout to create a proper netbook. I wouldn't be surprised if Lenovo, LG etc. would come up with a product that is as small and thin as iPad but much more capable. My vision would have a thin but sturdy keyboard you can flip under the device so it doubles as a tablet and netbook. And of course a small stand you can flip out of the device to make it stand alone on a desk.
  12. norsu

    US Soldier Template

    Good work Bink! I haven't looked at it yet but does it also include A2 style lods? They are basically the same as in A1 but the last lod (5.000 instead of 6.000 like in A1) should have only one texture and use default.rvmat found in ca.pbo. That single texture is a specific lod texture made for one or more types of infantry models. For example most USMC troops use the same texture in final lod.
  13. norsu

    Texture identification please

    Clear as crystal, thank you :).
  14. About those random markings. I wouldn't make too many different textures for them because one texture = one section. So if for example you have 10 numbers with 2 fonts in individual textures, thats 20 sections more at worst in game. So be careful with them and remember to test the performance too ;).
  15. norsu

    Texture identification please

    Do I have to make them children of MarkerLights or will for example this work? class CfgVehicles { class FDF_MarkerLights { class FDF_BlueStill { name="fdf_blue_light"; color[]={0.030000,0.030000,0.30000,1}; ambient[]={0.030000,0.003000,0.003000,1}; brightness=0.010000; blinking=0; }; }; };
  16. norsu

    AC-130 Spectre in ArmA 2 ?

    Is BIS Osprey in helicopter class? That thing is basically a plane when it goes in high speed. Maybe you could make an AC130 using Osprey as a base? Of course it would hover in slow speeds but maybe there is a way to prevent the hovering capability with config or scripts.
  17. Much easier would IMO be a similar system like in many other FPS games; use number keys to determine weapon selection. Like so: 1: Main weapon (rifle or mg) 2: Secondary weapon (pistol) 3: Special weapon (launcher) 4: Throwable weapons (grenades, satchels, mines) If you have say one frag grenade, one smoke grenade and one satchel, you could select one of them by pressing 4 and then 4 again or roll mouse wheel to select another weapon in that class. I think Stalker did this wery well without making it too complicated or clumsy. You had the number keys for weapons, one key for firing mode, one for ammo type and one for selecting the grenade launcher.
  18. norsu

    Texture identification please

    Does anyone know how to make custom marker lights? I tried to make new ones using that config snippet Synide posted but I never got them to appear in game :(.
  19. Check out this IceBreakr ;). http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1448599&postcount=68
  20. norsu

    Reducing Sections?

    I would keep section count always at max 15. For a simple cockpit 24 sections sounds overkill IMO. How many different textures you have there? Try reducing the size of those areas in your uv that are hard to see in game. This way you can squeeze even more maps to one texture.
  21. norsu

    Headgear substitution

    All A2 models are binarized so you can't open them in Oxygen. However you can change the head model without Oxygen, just not any headgear. For example you can give MVD troop a regular head without the balaclava using config. Like so: faceType = "Man"; // This gives the model a normal head faceType = "HeadMask1Black"; // This gives the model a black balaclava Female head works unfortunately with female animations only :(.
  22. Effects indeed do look more neutral outside shadows. The way lighting and effects work in A2 you always have to exaggarate the effects a bit, otherwise your models will look out of place and very bland when not in shadows. However if you go over the board like BIS has done with some units (mainly interiors) you'll get the wet surface effect. Here the effect isn't too strong I think as I have used smaller values in rvmat than BIS has. I have also used fixed HDR setting (with setAperture command) for this shot to reduce the shadow effect.
  23. Updated special jaegers from A1 FDFmod:
  24. norsu

    Reducing Sections?

    Also when you want to use more than one rvmat for a single texture you have to double check the sections. For example when I want to make truck mirrors reflective with another rvmat, sections won't increase by one like you would presume. Instead the section count skyrockets which you can clearly see in Window->Resource Library->Sections.