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    Online interface

    Yoma Addon Sync 2009 is the answer until the actual browser is updated (which probably won't happen anytime soon.) There's also of course Six-Updater but in my experience Yoma's tool is more reliable and faster. BIS browser needs great many things to make it useful for both players and admins. I wonder why there are no mods that alter the actual multiplayer UI, it certainly should be possible. Essential things I'd like to see are: -Better addon filtering -Better player listing -Better UI element placing (for example all text, including chat, error and map messages, block everything under it) -Favourite servers
  2. *Edit* Useless information removed. *Edit* Bah, I should have read the OP more carefully :p. Anyway, you could probably sacrifice some sections for repeating textures. I'm guessing your model is quite large and won't be used very often so it shouldn't be a problem. Another way is of course detail texturing but that will also increase section count if you want to use many different detail textures.
  3. What I would like to see are better stars. Right now stars look just way too big especially during full moon. In OFP stars were tiny and looked great, only thing missing was moonlight. During overcast A2 stars look good though as you can barely see them but during clear skies they look like small moons.
  4. norsu

    Namalsk crisis

    Looks very promising. Zombie animation could maybe be a bit smoother but that's proabably very hard to achieve. Also can you make the zombie AI as simple as possible? I'm sure many would like to create some defense scenarios where you fight off hundreds of zombies and this would need zombies that don't hog resources as much as default infantry does.
  5. norsu

    CiA co-op night

    Quesh-kibrul looks certainly nice but I think it would need some desert units too to make most out of it. I would vote for Podagorsk first because I think there are plenty of missions for it already that don't require any other addons.
  6. norsu

    CiA co-op night

    Have you thought of adding some terrain addons for the server, such as Podagorsk and Celle?
  7. There's really no need for any external updater because all our releases will be so called "milestone" releases aka big updates. This way worked very well during OFP times and if it aint broken... ;).
  8. Nice Fulcrum there. However I would drastically tone down normal map effects for those metal plate seams. For example look at this photo here: Notice how all but the thickest seams are barely visible when sunlight catches the plane.
  9. At the moment everything in our mod derives from vanilla ARMA2 configs. I personally don't play ACE2 but I have it downloaded. I don't know how much work it would take to convert our configs for ACE2 and also what compatibility issues there would be between ACE2 and vanilla FDFmod missions (very important.)
  10. I believe there are also lots of differencies between interiors. Ours is carefully modeled after the Finnish variant that is equipped with Kongsberg RWS. There's also a Finnish variant with ITKK 12.7 (NSV) machinegun but so far I've seen only one such vehicle in photos (Ps 645-200) which has led me to believe that it is actually just a prototype. Kongsberg variant seems to be more widespread so we have chosen it for the mod.
  11. No. We had to put the line somewhere otherwise the first release will take forever.
  12. I use that launcher and it's a step into right direction. Something like that just needs to be inserted into game as default. Also unfortunately even Alpinestars launcher can't display individual pbos. For example if a server is running mod folder @XYZ, how do I really know whats inside it? BIS needs to realize that their multiplayer is and has always been full of different mods but there has never been an in-game solution to properly handle all that variety. And that is the biggest problem for new players who simply want to play the game with or without mods. Heck even I'm starting to get annoyed at the current mess and I've been playing since the first OFP demo :p.
  13. Good point there. Shouldn't be a problem to fix. Can't say much about Finnish voices yet. Good thing is though that ARMA2 supports much more possibilities for new languages than OFP or ArmA did :).
  14. Screenshot montage of all vehicles that will be in first release: Landrover Defender http://www.fdfmod.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fdf_defender.jpg Scania R500 8x8 (four variants) http://www.fdfmod.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fdf_scania.jpg Sisu XA-180 http://www.fdfmod.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fdf_pasi.jpg Patria XA-360 http://www.fdfmod.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fdf_amv.jpg BMP-2 (two variants) http://www.fdfmod.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fdf_bmp2.jpg T-72M1 http://www.fdfmod.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fdf_t72.jpg Leopard 2A4 http://www.fdfmod.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fdf_leopard2.jpg NH90 (possibly 2 variants) http://www.fdfmod.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fdf_nh90.jpg F-18C Hornet http://www.fdfmod.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fdf_hornet.jpg Some are still WIP. For example Leopard 2A4 is still missing loader's MG3.
  15. I think redesigned multiplayer browser would be a good start. Right now it's impossible to tell what addons server is running before joining in. In OFP it was very easy to see if server was running WGL, FDFmod, FFUR etc. because the addon folders were displayed right under the server. Current A2 browser is a mess really. Even basic features such as listing players or adding favourites are missing. An addon comparison dialog where you could compare what addons the server is running would be great. It would immediately inform which pbo files are outdated, different or missing and which match 100%. Since players can use different mod folders, this comparison should be targeted at pbo files.
  16. Man, some people just don't understand what modding is all about. But hats off to PR for withstanding all the garbage :cool:. I have never been into PvP in OFP, ArmA or ARMA2 mostly for few reasons. My main issues which I hope PR will address at least to a degree: -Clumsy and laggy multiplayer interface all around (the biggest issue IMO) -Too many different workarounds for things like spectate, spawn options and other common things in modern PvP games -Many PvP maps use different ways to include features mentioned above which increases confusion -Many PvP maps encourage the use of vehicle and special weapon spam leaving no specific roles that make modern PvP so great Basically the whole PvP at the moment feels like a shoddy open source project with unclear goals and bad management. Everyone can make their own solutions and features but in the end it's all scrapped together with duct tape and chewing gum. I hope PR will provide a clear and simple system which uses coherent solutions to create more united and stable PvP community. A unified, clear and non laggy UI for all features would be a great start.
  17. norsu

    CiA co-op night

    The defense mission started out very well with good teamwork, sadly the server didn't want to co-operate :(. Any idea what was wrong with it in the end? Also I hope you wont change to ACE anytime soon. I prefer the vanilla as it makes things more simple and that fits to the slightly more casual (yet still mature) style of CiA co-op nights.
  18. Try these in your unit config: viewCargoShadow = true; viewDriverShadow = true; viewGunnerShadow = true; viewCargoShadowDiff = 0.05; viewDriverShadowDiff = 0.05; viewGunnerShadowDiff = 0.05; They made our AMV interior much more natural looking. No more blinding brightness.
  19. The vertex was just a simple way to replace the missing Wheel_L1 selection. Hmm, shouldn't all selections that have different animations be in their own selections so that they don't overlap each other? This why we need for example two damageHide selections, one for hull and one for turret (damageHide and damageVez.) But if it works that way too then I'm not complaining :cool:.
  20. Yes it did :). However I'm a bit puzzled where the simple Wheel_L1 is in the model, it isn't visible in your screens either. I ended up using a single vertex as Wheel_L1 and it worked that way.
  21. Magnificent :D! I'll give this a shot right away.
  22. Thanks but I already checked out ExtractModelCfg results. The big question is axis in wheel_2_3_Damper_Damage_BackAnim and wheel_2_3_Damage. Where should I actually put it to make the tires sink? A simple example model with proper non extracted model.cfg would be awesome. I have the pieces of this puzzle but I don't know how to put them together.
  23. Could you post an example model.cfg with those damage anims too Soul Assasin?
  24. Hmm, I wonder what I'm doing wrong. My wheels change damage models allright but they will not sink at all. Looking at different models with ExtractModelCfg I was able to find class wheel_2_3_Damage and class wheel_2_3_Damper_Damage_BackAnim for instance. Do I have to implement these somehow too?
  25. Perhaps this thread will help you granQ: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=84536