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  1. I said a few pages ago that only tank crew will wear M91 clothing. M91 for soldiers would require completely new gear too which we haven't even started yet.
  2. That's because they are simple jaegers, not RDF soldiers. Think of them as wartime troops from Karelia Brigade. But don't worry, there will be RDF guys too. First release won't have any desert units. However OA should be a good enough excuse to add them in future ;).
  3. APILAS should have correct dimensions. And yes A2 soldiers are around 1.8m but to that you have to add the helmet and like Sabre said, APILAS is only 1.26m long and that leaves around 60cm of difference which you can see in the screenshot. Most FDF photos of APILAS have indeed quite small guys (or women) handling it for some reason :D.
  4. M05 Jaegers for the first release: From left to right: Team Leader, AT Specialist (APILAS), Squad Leader, Rifleman From left to right: Medic, Officer, Machinegunner, Machinegunner Asst. They are pretty much done, though officer's beret will get a facelift. There were plans for more accessories like decorative backpacks etc. but sometimes you have to make some sacrifices :).
  5. Progress has been slow lately (I was in surgery, school, big events in RL, etc.) but we are catching up again. I'm finishing flight characteristics for F18 at the moment. First release will be for vanilla A2. I'm willing to bet there's plenty of work to be done to spice up everything to OA level. That would once again take months and would postpone everything.
  6. norsu

    Project RACS

    Icewindo is right. At this point you should probably halt everything that isn't almost finished. Finish what you can to a bugfree state and go for the first release. I can see that you already have plenty of addons for a good amount of scenarios so that's nothing to sneeze at. You could also save time by cutting any special features that may be too complicated for a small group to properly test and manage. I'm pretty sure most players will prefer simple quality addons than complex and unstable script monsters anyway ;).
  7. Looking mighty fine indeed. I suggest that this pack will work from a single fixed mod folder (i.e. @Polisharmy) that cannot be changed to something else. This way we could say that this is a full blown mod and not just an addon pack. Making a fixed mod folder would also benefit multiplayer as players could always trust that @Polisharmy includes all these addons on a server. This is what we are doing with FDFmod, it will only work from our specific mod folder.
  8. Aspect ratio shouldn't be a problem but 4096 value can be too high for older ATI cards so I wouldn't recommend using that. Whats wrong with 2048x2048?
  9. Terox is right, Yoma will make your life a lot easier when it comes to ACE. Also make sure to update ACE quite often (annoying, I know.) I wouldn't recommend Six-Updater for you Mage.
  10. FAF uses mainly the C-variant so we'll stick with that.
  11. The canopy area will be made much rounder, thanks for pointing that out. Also the engine information has been changed to digital as it should be in the F-18C model.
  12. norsu

    Lost in Addon hell?

    Only by asking the server admins what addons they run. Most addons can be placed in whatever mod folder and they will still work. An offical tool that checks what custom pbos server runs would be godsent. Right now we can only see the mod folders and guess what they really include.
  13. Hornet interior WIP: And before someone asks, hud is placeholder. Most gauges will be functional but monitors will be props, expect maybe for the center monitor.
  14. Hmm, couldn't you add laser designator for helicopter gunner and missiles for the pilot? We can have multiple weapon stations now so not all weapons have to be controlled by the main gunner. Also it's interesting to see that even simple infantry weapons can use FLIR. Maybe we can finally make proper night vision sights for small arms too :).
  15. Yes, you're right. Calling them fixes isn't probably the best term but I'm sure people understand what I ment :).
  16. I ment changes to core functions like physics, lighting etc. Something you can't do with a small patch.
  17. The negativity is well justified however as it usually comes from people who have been playing since the first OFP demo (myself included) and know the almost decade old shortcomings too well by now. So we kind of expect that there would be fixes to these after nearly 10 years. I myself do appriciate the new features, but I would take fixes to core problems over new stuff any day. Or better yet, both the fixes and the new features ;).
  18. Also the animation based movement aka body awareness makes indoor fighting a joke. You can't move precisely the way you want which is crucial in indoor fighting. Instead you have to tap movement keys to move very slowly which looks just plain wrong in game, this is even worse when equipped with a pistol. I would love to see BIS ditching the current system and use more accurate system for movement. A floating camera with an immersion of body movement like in the light rpg Dark Messiah could work for starters. Add free look to that and you'll have a winner :cool:.
  19. Hopefully these new UI features, sight adjustments etc. are done with some thought and are not just there for the sake of realism. Smooth UI that doesn't lag behind and where everything is simple as possible would enhance ARMA 2 experience greatly. I'm more interested in new engine features and updates than the extra content but those units (especially the militia units) look great so far :).
  20. Is there an "easy" way to convert old OFP missions to ARMA 2? I tried it myself but after spending a long time replacing all classes and changing missing objects to A2 objects I finally gave up due to constant crashing. I'm mainly interested in converting very simple coop missions that don't use any fancy scripts. Also does anyone know does SAP Everon for ARMA 2 share the same coordinates with original OFP Everon? There are tons of early coops for OFP Everon that I would like to try converting.
  21. Thanks W0lle, maybe I'll try again today. I guess all those sounds like "Eat led commie scums!" are not available? What about markers? Replacing objects was pretty easy actually as there are replacements for pretty much every OFP object available. It's the CTD that puts me down as I can't even see a reason for it in rpt :(. Maybe it's the description.ext. Anyone tried OAC for ArmA with CAA1? That could be the easy way.
  22. I had Six-Updater installed for a while after first ACE2 release. But after a recent two hour session just to get the latest ACE2 stuff installed and the program constantly failing for some reason, I decided to move to Yoma. I can now update the most important mods through Yoma using Zeus server as a hook and it works flawlessly :). For bigger mods that update constantly (like ACE2) Six-Updater has its uses. But like SnR said already it's better to let servers use Six-Updater and let players use Yoma as it's more simple and reliable. Also a great problem I see with these updater tools is that many servers have different mod folders that sometimes have the same addons in them. For example I already had Podagorsk installed in @Podagorsk-folder but Yoma showed that I have to download it again just to place it in @zcommon. Of course I just ticked Podagorsk off from the list. But once again there are those people who just want to keep their game compatible with the server and download everything again and again. (If there's a way to tell Yoma 2009 to look in other mod folders, please go ahead and mock me ;).) Maybe there's a need to make mod folders more universal, something like was done with mission naming back in OFP days.
  23. Maybe it would still be wise to put CSLA for independent. This way it would be easier to mix older and newer Czech equipment. Unless of course ACR and ASR will also include older gear :).
  24. norsu

    Whats up with the PvP??

    Couldn't agree more Cat Toaster, well said! During OFP times things were in my opinion much more simple. We had only few big mods that dominated multiplayer (i.e. WGL and FDF) and then we had servers with either a selection of best addons or just vanilla units. Multiplayer modes were also a lot more simple and most of them didn't have dozens of complex UI variations. I guess the players wanted more when ArmA was released and these complex playmodes were born. Too bad coordination was forgotten and now we have the need for big mods like PR to sort things out for new players. There are still some servers left with simple game modes that don't require learning new UIs every time. But these are mostly behind passwords which once again don't attract new players.
  25. norsu

    Unlimited Detail wants to KILL graphics cards

    Also not to mention mirrors and render to texture type things. But all that is still very interesting. If you can see through the bad art style and repeating presentation, you can see that the potential is there.