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  1. norsu

    Need multiplayer addon maps

    My coop missions FTP I will be placing new missions there whenever I finish one.
  2. norsu

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Thanks . I was surprised how much the brightness value in OFP increases graphic quality. You can see the difference best in Winter Nogojev, place yourself as a soldier to island and set time to 6:00-7:00 and keep other values normal. Colors are much clearer without any performance drop. Unfortunately this little trick doesn't work always so well. Sometimes the colors are too saturated and the game looks wierd (plus it may also hurt your eyes a bit), but it all depends of island and time .
  3. norsu

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Some scenery, and my first panorama try.
  4. norsu

    Norway vs sweden (silent heroes)

    http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=2161 There's some, no new models though.
  5. norsu

    Stuka and flak 36 !!

    Maybe that´s because they´re both the same gun Don't spread rumors.  They already said it is not the same, and I think theirs has more detail in the model the GFX's.  Even GFX's Flack gun wasn't his own.  If I remember correctly it was ported from another WWII FPS game. I think he meant that the models look similar because both are supposed to look like the real Flak36 . And btw. GFX's Flak36 was from DoD .
  6. norsu

    Hl2 high, high res videos

    I believe Valve knows what they are doing, after all it's their game . Besides the chance to publish a game like HL2 is so big opportunity for any company, that they probably want to keep the developers doing whatever they want to do. And Valve for sure knows how to deal with mod community .
  7. norsu

    Hl2 high, high res videos

    I surely hope not , that would just kill the modding community. Would be quite stupid from Valve & Vivendi not to understand the importance of the HL modding community when it comes to game's sales etc.
  8. Pic 1 Pic2 Download here Yes this is the same BTR-60 that can be found from next the version of FDF mod ("when it's done" ). This addon does NOT need any other addons to work. I wanted release this thing as a single addon because IMO it fits the game's original era quite well. And I'm leaving to Germany for 8 months at the end of September so I wanted to give you a little gift . There is BTR-60 for both East and Resistance in this pbo. Credits: Norsu (me) - outer model textures, Oxygen work MikkoV - outer model AKM74 - original interior model & textures (modified by me) The original interior is from AKM74's BTR-80 addon, but it's heavily modified to make it look like an BTR-60 interior. Sounds are from AKM74's Russian APC pack because I liked them very much . This was the first time I even tried making textures from scratch, so tell me your opinion . And please report any bugs you may find.
  9. norsu

    Btr-60 ready roll

    Maybe an engine limit once again , I don't think that there's a config command for speed while in water.
  10. norsu

    Ka-60 progress?

    Aww, damn those engineers .
  11. norsu

    Joint ammo and magazines (jam)

    Something I would like to see in the next update, a flare pistol that is similar to ones in FDF mod and Winter Nogojev addon (one mag has 5 flares). A flare pistol would more practical than flares for grenade launcher.
  12. norsu

    Mystery gun..

    But he still has a Russian flag in that patch. Maybe they gave him an "international" version of his insignia .'' *edit* And there's the word 'OMON' too .
  13. Yep, just saw that farce in mens 100m. This new disqualifying rule is not very good in my opinion. And also what I heard from one of the sprinters through tv, is that no one really likes it at all . I really don't like 100m anyway, it's just so ridiculous today. Long live the marathon, 10000m, 5000m etc. .
  14. norsu

    Bibmis african militia update?

    Now that the JAM has been released, it would nice to see that African militia addon updated. I'm pretty sure bibmi would agree if someone re-released his addon to use JAM Â along with the bugfixes .
  15. norsu

    Modern usmc marpat

    Nope they aren't CS conversions, earl just has the talent .