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  1. This stuff excisted ages ago for gaming: https://games.onlive.com/farewell/games

    I havent used that service myself, but it never really took off, mostly because the delay is just awful. Adding 50ms to send your input to a server, then waiting 50ms for them to send you a frame back is just plain terrible. Hell, i find just doing normal desktop stuff (Word/Excel/..) awful when using remote desktop services.

    EDIT: Also, if your i7 at home cant properly run the game, then their server will have the same problem. This really only helps if you lack a decent GPU which isnt really a problem for ArmA.

  2. But the other hand, highly reflecting walls normaly result in a high frequency flutter echo and almost no damping mut i guess that's weapon tail stuff.

    This. Currently, the indoor sounds are what you should hear when a gun is fired indoors, and you are outside, only hearing the lower frequencies that penetrate walls better. When you are inside and fire your weapon it should be as you described. So the current situation doesnt really make sense.

  3. Just had a quick firefight with some AI....well, I say "firefight", sounded more like a farting contest. Not sure what the hell has happened to the sound but gunshots were hardly registering as making any noise...

    I agree, this is completely unacceptable. It was bad before, but now it would be hilarious if it wasnt so sad and game/immersion breaking.

  4. This is one of my greatest desires for Arma. Right now only AI can give the "clear" command that returns AI to safe/aware from combat mode.

    I am pretty sure it is not really a command, just something the AI says after the forget about the known enemies because of natural decay, and they exit combat mode. An actual 'clear' command would probably need some work. I would like to see it though.

  5. Like I said before, missions like that often have scripts running in the background that share information between groups (related to reinforment calling, etc). If you want to prove something you will have to make a repeatable setup in the mission editor (without addons or scripts that influence AI behaviour). I am also not sure how the enemy tags relate to AI knowledge (though there is some relation, like the target marker, which cant really be used for proof either since its position is where the AI thinks the enemy is, not where the actual unit is)

    Right now if i put 2 units on opposite sites of a hill and let them walk around a bit and look in each others general direction they will not spot each other through the hill, and reading out any related values of their knowledge about each other shows absolutely nothing. What do you want me to say? And if what you claim is true, how the hell is anyone supposed to fix it if they cant reproduce it.

    And i am not blindly defending BI, i completely agree on the shitty rearming (which needs to be fixed soon, which all the new suppression stuff we are going to run out of ammo a lot more often) and the lack of a 'hurry up' command.

    EDIT: Btw, i can only see your images by copy and posting the URL in a new window, just URLs instead of hotlinking would be easier. (Hotlinking may not be allowed, though you would be able to see them because they would still be cached for you.). That being said, i am not sure what you are showing me with those screenshots.

    EDIT2: I dug up an old mission with some testing stuff in it so you can play around with it for yourself and see how objects/terrain influence AI vision. Feel free to drag the player and enemy squad around the map to try different situations.


    Unrar and drop in your normal mission editing folder.

    EDIT3: What the values on the right in the examplemission mean:


  6. No, that really didnt prove anything. The AI in your group aren't even in combat mode so they dont seem too bothered by your target. Also note that missions like that usually have some form of information sharing between groups enabled, though i didnt bother to check the details in DUWS.

    EDIT: Though if you can make a scenario where you are consistently shot through fog when this should not be possible report it here with all required information (skill settings, fog levels, etc). However posting bullshit claims just hurts a good cause and i wish people would stop it.

  7. nope. i challenge u to turn on enemy tags, and watch the AI call out enemies on the other side of the hill. hell, turn on "track units" in MCC to confirm it.


    There are some very specific cases where there is something wrong with an object which does not block view, and the grass layer is a whole other matter (

    , though it may be better in ArmA3). Also, information sharing about targets between groups is possible in the standard game, even without external scripts. Target information can also come from hearing (over hills). In any case, 99,99% of the time you can be sure that the AI did not spot you through anything.

    If you can prove that you are being spotted through a hill, feel free to file a bug report.

  8. While i agree that the UI is shit and is missing options like a 'hurry up' and a proper 'rearm' command,

    It is no secret that the AI is utterly useless other than for spotting enemies through walls/buildings/hills (cheating),.

    is bullshit.

    5. give the AI the explicit command to stay close instead of acting smart and walking all over the map. This problem is especially obvious in urban environments. By close, I mean right next to/behind the player. The second AI should be a bit to the left/right of the player so that he can fire at wherever the player is shooting as well.

    Is already in. Formation delta IIRC (And another one which i cannot remember).

  9. Additionally how long has Outerra been underdevelopment? Since at least 2008. And how many big titles have been released that use it? Zero.

    Maybe it's not so easy to create a fully simulated world sandbox and fill it in with perfectly realistic physics, objects and buildings and have the flawless Ai move through it fluently with only negligible bugs as some people make it seem ...

    Don't forget something resembling reasonable performance.

  10. i hope that more and more people will register and complain, after 13 years, this is the MINIMUM what the devs deserve.

    i understand these people and i support them.

    ---------- Post added at 18:01 ---------- Previous post was at 17:59 ----------

    indeed, if these problems would be fixed:

    - everyone would be happy

    - more people would buy BI games

    - no complaints anymore in this section

    - opening a subforum wouldnt be needed

    Because most things that people complain about will never be fixed, and the endless rant posts will certainly not help anyway.

    In any case, there is no need for such a subforum, the popular subjects already have their own dedicated topics where people are free to post their giant posts, where they will never be read. :)

  11. Chris, first of all, saying that there's a workaround to all of the AI problems is absolutely nonsense. The fact is, that there are certain scenarios that are completely impossible given the current AI. For example, show me a workaround for commanded AI slowness and irresponsiveness under fire - there is none. The fact is that you can't make a mission that has you moving fast with your AI squad in order to retreat or get fast to a different place while they are under fire or being ranged. Not making such scenario is NOT a workaround. There are a dozen logical and obvious combat scenarios that are currently blocked by very basic AI limitations.

    Sure you can, just disableAI FSM. Makes them quite a bit dumber though, but very fast. I thought about making an addon to make it a squad command, but it turns out i am too lazy. I only use it for 'rushing the enemy positions with suicidal tendencies' type of missions. :p

    I would prefer to be able to switch to a move simple FSM, which makes them not quite as stupid as no FSM at all.

  12. @forteh

    theoratically is NV slightly bether because of PhysX, but in the price range it will not be a big deal. (His processor is fast enough to calculate Physx btw)

    There is no hardware accelerated PhysX in ArmA3, so that doesnt really matter.

    Anyway: I have a similar system and run the game fine on an HD4870, which is getting a bit old by now. So anything that is faster than that will do fine.

    There isn't that much to gain by updating your CPU since it is pretty good already, and if you actually want to get one that is significantly faster you will have to throw a lot of money at it so it is probably not worth it at this point.

    Depending on the missions you play you will get roughly the same performance (because CPU speed isnt going up, and this is usually the limiting factor in most missions that actually have things going on), but you can greatly increase graphical detail by upgrading your GFX.

    12GB RAM is already overkill, ArmA is 32bit so cannot use that much anyway, and you would not see a difference between 8 and 12GB unless you run tons on shit in the background. (Think: 500 Chrome tabs :p )

  13. The only difference is, when playing minecraft, you eventually are able to escape that cycle.

    Or at least do some busywork (mining, crafting etc). Here you just have to wait it out. Which is shit, since you often dont have enough food, drinks or wood to make it through, finding and keeping enough with you is often impossible due to inventory constraints.

  14. Looks great for vehicles but those AI soldiers looked a little erhm *cough* tenative...?

    Considering Outtera itself is still pretty alpha-ish i am not suprised they dont look ready for release yet. :p

    Last time i checked trees still didnt have any collisions.