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  1. I doubt that the AI really is capable of CQB. I really mean  house-to-house fighting, clearing rooms, covering eachother and such things. Usally for instance on tonal the Ai uses to spread over the whole town getting massacred easily by the enemy.

    If the player is the squadleader, it works better but then he has to give a waipoint for every single soldier to make the squad make move reasonably throught the streets.

    I hope this get fixed in Ofp2, because it drives me crazy seeing marines or deltas acting in CQB like crazy chickens.

    read the first post, then vote adn answer  wink_o.gif


    Quote[/b] ]

    (is that legal? rock.gifwink_o.gif )


    then how are people supposed to know that this topic exists?


  2. ok maybe im gonna make a campaign with a lot of close combat fighting... but i wanna know if people are interested  smile_o.gif

    EDIT: mhm i think i didnt explain it good enough, i mean guys slapping eachother in the face tounge_o.gif

    man my english sucks tounge_o.gif