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    A function when called in the scheduled environment executes synchronously only in the context of the scheduler, and then only if the function does not wait. Calling does not make a function uninterruptable by the scheduler.


    For example:

    [] spawn
    		systemChat str diag_frameNo; // n
    		//A long running command to force the scheduler to go over the 3ms limit for the frame
    		selectBestPlaces [position player, 1000, "forest + trees - meadow - houses - (10 * sea)", 5, 1];
    		systemChat str diag_frameNo; // n + m, m > 0

    Ah yes, you are obviously correct.

  2. Being able to have uninterruptable segments of code in the scheduled environment would simplify both tasks, and i doubt it would be very difficult to implement either.


    I may be missing something here, but why cant you just use 'call' for these segments of code? Just cleanliness/readability or is there something else?

  3. What I can tell you though is that although our average PC is able to handle 2000 arma3 sounds without issues (Bohemia's audio guys did a test of that, around 2000 is what they tested), they had to put some strict limits on the maximum number of sounds being played because some people play arma on a toaster and they have to make sure the performance is good.

    I cant be bothered to check, but i think that sound just runs on the main thread which is already overloaded as shit in most cases, and thus the amount of sounds playing would directly impact performance if you are running with some AI and scripts to actually play that amount of sounds.


    EDIT: Odd sentence, cant be bothered to fix

  4. Software virtualization, in a attempt to make a 3D sound based on Xaudio2.

    Not a "true" 5.1 as we have, for instance in Assetto Corsa, after FMOD implementation.


    You do realize that a software implementation can be just as good? You just lack hardware acceleration so it comes at the cost of CPU usage (which in the case of ArmA3 is really bad, as i doubt its done on a seperate thread). But there is no real reason it has to sound worse.


    I do truly miss the days of EAX and its list of features that we almost completely lost since then. Every time i start up Medieval2 (i went trough the hassle of getting EAX to work under windows 7) i remember how good some games used to sound. But all of this could be done through software, its just that no company seems to be bothered by it, as it is hard to sell good audio through cool looking screenshots, and too many people who play on laptops with their shitty speakers wont ever hear the difference anyway,


    EDIT: Also, i am still not sure what 'true 5.1' is supposed to be.

  5.  and that's why I know that ARMA 3 does not have support for 5.1 or/and even any configuration possible.



    What do you mean by that? Shots behind me come from the speakers behind me, shots on the left come from the left, etc. And i am running on an ancient Creative X-Fi xtremegamer which hasnt had any driver support since 2012 or so, and those sucked garbage.

  6. the explain how they spot a player which just stood up from behind the cover while they are running away and instantly turn around 180 degrees and manage to quick aim? Been in this situation so many times that I find it weird that some people still do not know about it. It is only possible if they have 360 view. It may not trigger all time, but it always triggers if you behind AI backs and try to aim at them. They suddenly turn around and head shot you.

    You will need to make a reproducable scenario in the editor, because there are many factors that could properly explain this, things like team information sharing, them hearing you because you are very close or the AI having spotted you before and then attacking the position they estimated you to be in based on your last know heading and speed, and you being predictable.

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  7. Oh yes absolutely moddable. For instance, it would fit nicely in the C2 mod or WW AI.


    Imagine the high-fives around their offices when they cracked this problem that has plagued AI team control for years. I just simply can not understand why BI go through all this trouble, but fail to make it accessible in-game. Still hoping for the MoveNow as a feature in the normal commanding menu :)

    It is not 'Movenow', and explaining what it does to most of the community is pretty much impossible and would only create more frustration ("My AI stopped fighting properly after i told them to move, WTF", or worse "The AI sucks").


    An actual easy to use force move command would need some extra stuff.

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  8. Scripting, you say. As far as I can tell, this new feature is then worthless in existing missions, unless I am the author and can change the mission? So basically the 1.000+ missions on Steam workshop can not benefit from this breakthrough. Or the missions that I have in my library of prime community missions.


    Why not simply add a MoveNow command to the action menu items to accompany the Move command? That would allow this feature to affect existing missions.


    I almost hope that I misunderstand the requirement of scripting before this can be used,




    Could be modded in as an extra command, though I am not sure if it can be put into the normal commanding menu.

  9. Overall i don't mind the loss of the 2d editor, the 2d map version in the 3d editor is a decent enough replacement, and an improvement in some areas.


    My only wish is that double leftclick could be bound to the old function of 'place selected asset type' instead of 'move camera', which i will probably never use. Having to move to the list on the right, select something, place it and then edit it is a bit of a hassle compared to 'click click, edit, enter'. Same for placing waypoints and triggers.


    EDIT: Also, the fonts look absolutely terrible, with jaggies everywhere.

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  10. So idea is simple (somehow already created in ACE 3);

    - CHANGE behavior .fsm  of tank crews - when they are in "combat" mode (automatic, when detect enemy), they should have applied "allowcrewinimmobile", when enemy isnt visible ( "danger" behavior), ONE crewman disembarks to repair vehicle, while rest of crew stays in it.


    I am sorry for typing this while being slightly inebriated but are you sure this is done through the danger.fsm or is it done though an external script and you just dont know what you are talking about?

  11. Remember how they mentioned working on two other prototype maps for the Expansion before they chose Tanoa? Do you guys think we'll get the see what those looked like at least? They had a Nordic and Australia typical map. Kinda want to see what those looked like.



    Probably a heightmap with a simple texture and no new objects, at best some small worked on area's with old objects as placeholders. I doubt it would be interesting to look at.

  12. If you know RAID 0 and Arma 3, you should know that the game streams data directly into Hard Disk (not in to RAM as some believe), streams in a continuous and peristent way things like terrain or new objects.


    It means that when we have a fast read/write the game becomes incredibly smooth and fast, also the LOD transition/load becomes incredibly fast and smooth allowing to have a stable fps permanently and under every situation, even when we fly at high speed and low altitude and we are approaching high density scenarios like huge towns in Altis, tons of vehicles or even AI.


    I am pretty sure that the game keeps most stuff in RAM most of the time, and loads terrain in/out whenever needed, but that won't be a huge amount of data. I have installed the game on an SSD as well as a normal HD and i cant really report a difference in FPS. LODs may load faster, maybe less microstutter (though i am not sure about that). But the game certainly isn't waiting for data from the HD until sending the next frame to the screen, our FPS would be atrocious.

  13. As others said the forum design isn't exactly perfect, but I guess that can be fixed over time. 


    They seem to be listening to feedback pretty well, text/background contrast seems to have been increased a bit, buttons are now blue and the 'threads with new posts' color has been changed from very red to a much easier on the eyes blue. A bit of a shame that there was no beta period to sort this stuff out, but it is too late for that now anyway.

  14. There is too much wasted vertical space. I can see at most 2 posts on 1080.A third of the top is filled with useless bars, the top 2 completely unrelated to the forum, the third one just being way too big for what it is supposed to do, and it is mostly empty (a bunch of stuff could go in there, like the whole 'view new content' and search bar row). Also posts themselves are very big even though the content is small, its like someone left a bunch of <br>s everywhere. And why is, for example, the 'like this' on a completely seperate row? What a waste.


    I also don't like the color scheme, grey on grey with buttons in the same grey color does not help usability in any way. Needs more contrast. The navbars are very small and lack borders, making them hard to click (the actual clickable area is just the text while they are surrounded by these big '>' signs, make the clickable are at least that big.


    EDIT: Also, i live in a place where a day has 24 hours, not 2 cycles of 12. Can we get rid of the AM/PM shit?


    EDIT2: I also miss the join date under the postcount like in the old forum, would be nice to have that back.

  15. EDIT: I didnt make sense.


    In any case, i dont mind some extra daylight in the evening and couldn't give a crap about daylight in the early morning. We should have it all year round so i may be able to have some daylight after work in the winter as well.



    EDIT2: I just realized we might as well just adjust job and shop opening hours then, but i guess that would be harder to achieve.  :P

  16. Hello,


    If you had trouble with login, please try a password reset and try again.


    Old links should now be properly mapped. Please let me know if there are cases where it is not working.


    Best regards,


    Thanks, i am back on my account. :)


    Btw, the 'Passsword has been reseted' message seems wrong, i am not a native speaker but i think it should be 'reset'. 


    EDIT: the 'paste as plain text by default' option doesn't seem to work, which is why this text is green.

  17. A couple of those 'System' processes seem to lead to 'C:\program files\...' and they are writing to your disk in that screenshot, have you checked those folders?

    Another thing you can do is just to start checking folders for their size. Start in your root C: and just select a bunch of folders and check their size until you find some that are suspiciously big, if you do it efficiently (like checking half of the folders at the same time, then narrowing it down if you need to) it wouldnt take very long to find out where all this space is being used. Something must be using up all that space.

    I am not sure if you tried the 'datemodified:‎16-7-‎2015' file search suggestion, but it should also reveal the files as long as you know the date they were added or changed.