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  1. Your signature is brilliant.

  2. Landed_Gentry

  3. Fixed it. :D

  4. Thanks, it was a lot of effort.

  5. Business as usual dus... :D

    Moet eerlijk toegeven dat ik zelf nog amper speel, zit verspil meer tijd op dit forum dan dat ik daadwerkelijk game. Tijden veranderen helaas...

  6. Lang geleden... armedassault.info nog levend?

  7. Not mad. Just curious. :p

  8. Damn it. Oh well, ill be back when you least suspect it. Just like before. :p

  9. NoooooOOOooOOOOoooo!

    *Must* *Spam* *More*....

  10. Maybe i should inform Placebo about your spamspree? :p

  11. The Netherlands arent even a part of Scandinavia. :D

  12. What do you mean by that? :D

  13. You got your postcount lowered for spamming? ;)

  14. I thought you had more posts then me. :p

  15. Im afraid i lost my spamskills on these forums a while ago. :(