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  1. NeMeSiS

    The king of pings

    mhm, now u say it, ur right about that, but it was still on the first page so i didnt notice it
  2. NeMeSiS

    Your ofp skills

    yea well, for some reason im always the first one that dies, even if i dont move and stay at the (safe) starting point, some crazy AI bus driver will come by and kill me anyway
  3. NeMeSiS

    Bayonet animation on a rifle

    any news?
  4. NeMeSiS

    Zombie campaigns

    maybe they are (un)dead
  5. NeMeSiS

    Cannot connect with friend online.

    u can always use TS
  6. NeMeSiS

    Your ofp skills

    sssssssh, dont tell them!
  7. NeMeSiS

    Bayonet animation on a rifle

    how did u replace that anim? i need to know it right now!
  8. NeMeSiS

    American civil war mod close release!!!

    cool!, im waiting.......
  9. NeMeSiS

    Bayonet animation on a rifle

    OMG! this is the best ive ever seen!
  10. NeMeSiS

    Multiplayer campaigns ???

    there was 1 called brothers in arms... or something.... comrades in arms..., no.. well, something with the resistance+east i guess
  11. NeMeSiS

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    well, if u edit the zombiesAIscript, u can change it i think...
  12. NeMeSiS


    mhm, when did they make that pic?
  13. NeMeSiS

    Random guy episode 1!

    link dead?
  14. NeMeSiS

    Real war campaign

    sounds really cool! good luck mate!
  15. hey, sounds better!, tnx
  16. mhm tnx, ill try it today or maybe tommorow
  17. NeMeSiS


    wich addon is it? and do you have a pic?
  18. NeMeSiS

    Matching brightness and gamma

    maybe thats becuz u r running OFP in 16bit and windows in 32bit color?, altough im not sure about that
  19. u need another trigger for that, read the readme again... BTW, they are eating!
  20. sh*t, and theres nothing else, exept that ammorefill script for unlimited ammo?
  21. sry for bumping this topic, but when i use that, it says, no entry config.bin/bulletsingew of whatever, and when i use an addons it does the same with another name help me plz, i really need this...
  22. NeMeSiS

    The king of pings

    12kb?, even with 300b it would be too much..., i bet someone is running around with a floppy in his hand