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  1. This is a great scenario and i cant stop playing it.  I have one request to Rydygier can you put in the options screen choices for the independants/opfor/blufor units.  I only say this as i was playing on Lingor and came across Takistani's - my fault for still having various CUP MOD's loaded but i have also noticed other unnatural units.  I appreciate that you are not responsible for 'ports' to other maps but if this option was in the CORE of the Pilgimage i think it would ensure a more realistic feel to what is one of the best scenarios that ArmA 3 has had. 


    Many thanks for a great scenario!

  2. SavageCDN thank you for your reply.

    CBA_CO is for 1.63 version of Arma 2 OA ... the others are for 1.62 AFAIK

    For mod order you'll want to put CBA_CO first, followed by @ACE and @ACEX then the content mods last (guns, islands, vehicles, etc).

    Many thanks for your info. From my research the 'version info' you supplied is correct and all works well on my Server and PC (v 1.63 CBA_CO). The order of MOD's is how it is in my shortcut so i've got that right! The issues i've had are most likely scenario based or from me 'sleeping' the Server.

  3. I've come back to ArmA2 as i cant find a decent Warfare scenario for ArmA3 - well one that doesn't lag so bad!!

    Still onto my issues; After moving to Steam :rolleyes: i decided to ensure all ACE MODS were correct and reading through all the documentation i have found this conflicting information;


    There are three different setups depending on what variant of ArmA II you're using:

    If you have ArmA II Original, use both both the @CBA and @CBA_A2 mod folders

    If you have ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead, use both the @CBA and @CBA_OA mod folders

    If you have the "merged" ArmA II: Combined Operations (ArmA II+Arrowhead expansion), use the @CBA, @CBA_A2 and @CBA_OA mod folders.

    I have Combined OPS so i must use @CBA, @CBA_A2 and @CBA_OA or do I? As below tells me not to use CBA_OA :confused:


    Stable Release

    CBA and ACE are always Required

    CBA_OA is only required for Operation Arrowhead Standalone users. Combined Ops users should NOT use it.

    ACEX and ACEX_SM are optional, ACEX_SM should not be installed on dedicated servers. ACEX_RU and ACEX_USNavy are also optional, but are intended only for Combined Ops users.

    Also further down that page;


    CBA should come first, then ACE, then ACEX if you are using that. If using a beta version of ArmA2, include the beta module at the front of your module list - before any of the ACE-related modules. The updater has the option of creating shortcuts for you, using those as a template is always a good idea.

    For example:


    So my questions are;

    1. CBA_OA - use it or not?

    2. Does the order of the MODS really matter? (Been using Tophe's Server Tool (2.4) which seems to put the MODS alphabetically in the command line)

    I have been running an ACE Warfare Scenario (ACE WF BE 2.071) on my home LAN Server - there are some issues but i'm not sure if they are related to problems within the scenario. The issues are;

    On re-spawning, sometimes my call-sign is changed to something other than No 1 position.

    Sometimes when re-spawning at a town Camps, all of my units are moved from their various map positions to my position.

    Salvage truck does not work if i disconnect from game and connect later - I can still get in truck but it does not salvage wrecks.

  4. One thing to note for this discussion. Uniforms are side restricted, so not every civilian uniform will be fair game when putting them on opFor soldiers. It is not a reliable solution.

    Indeed there are restrictions however, you can use 'forceaddUniform'

    Also i think this needs work...

    this unassignItem "NVGoggles";

    this removeItem "NVGoggles";

    I believe it needs to be;

    this unassignItem "NVGoggles_OPFOR";

    this removeItem "NVGoggles_OPFOR";

  5. Firstly i must say that in the two hours i've played this version of Warfare i have been blown away at how good it is (Stratis map). I love the Warfare Menu - just so simple and easy to use. But on to my question which is about the "Commander" - in other warfare scenarios there has been an option for an 'AI Commander'. Is this in the pipeline for WASP Warfare?

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  6. I'm having a problem when running the latest Domination (1.22) on a LAN Server - the lift choppers do not give the option to lift any vehicles. If i load the same pbo on standalone and play, the option to lift appears. Anyone hazard a guess as to why this is? (probbaly me being a noob!!) :D

    Yup me being a noob - hadn't selected correct mission ... what a plonker!! :a:

  7. To anyone who would find it useful :P

    ====================AGGRESSORS CLASS LISTS====================

    Faction names as seen in mission.sqm


    Blah Blah Blah.....


    - CAF_10RND_762X54_SVD

    You are a star! I was shuffling through the Editor Cfg list before i found your list!

    Many Thanks!!

  8. Having problems with Bastion Zone - or maybe i don't understand the operation of it?!

    Ok my 'player' enters the Bastion zone and the first of 2 waves start. If the 'player' exits the zone the AI despawn, and the Hint says 'Zone lost need to recapture' (or similar). However on re-entering the zone no AI appear because the parameter in the call is set to 'False'. So the zone goes red and no units present. My call line;

    null = [["MKR_03"],[2,1],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0,EAST,TRUE,TRUE],[5,2,120,FALSE,TRUE]] call Bastion_Spawn;

    If i change it to;

    null = [["MKR_03"],[2,1],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0,EAST,TRUE,TRUE],[5,2,120,TRUE,TRUE]] call Bastion_Spawn;

    The included instructions say that area should go to an EOS type zone once the 'player' leaves the zone. So my big question is when the 'player' re-enters the zone, what should happen as it is now an EOS zone? Currently in the simple scenario i have, nothing happens. I was hoping enemy units would spawn but they don't.

  9. My recent testing has shown that the Kill Counter works great when you host a game on your own machine, but it does not seem to work when the scenario is running on a Server. Is it just me or is this a known issue?

    For info; I have exported the EOS_1_98.Altis example to a multiplayer scenario and then run it on my PC. Kill Counter works great. I copied the file to my LAN Server PC and run the Server. Connected to the game and started the scenario but the kill counter doesn't show in the hints. Interestingly enough neither does the unit spawning hint show.

    Any ideas anyone?

  10. AI will purchase what was given to them (in the squad template), this version is not from me.

    - In OA versions, AI will buy only OA units (Takistanies/US army).

    - In CO versions, AI will buy both OA and CO units (Force Recon, USMC, Russians, MVD...).

    It'll be tweaked in next version with the new AI logics.

    Otherwise i'm almost done tweaking the High Command, do you guys have any special wishes for it (more waypoints, more waypoint types...) ? I've already removed playable groups from the hostile shown groups to prevent that glitchy base spotting.

    After some web searching it took me time to find the maps I like and with the ACE features, but had noticed this issue across most maps etc. As I have CO this explains why the behaviour is there and I really appreciate you took time to answer my query even though the version was not yours.

    Overall during my reading of these forums I see that you always reply to posters which is fantastic and your work on the Warfare project is just out of this world. As with many others I salute you and please keep up your excellent work. :clap:

  11. Most of the groups are fetched from BIS configs like that:

    _return = ["East", "INS"] Call Compile preprocessFile "Common\Config\Core_Squads\Squads_GetFactionGroups.sqf";
    _aiTeamTemplates = _return select 0;
    _aiTeamTemplateName = _return select 1;
    _aiTeamTemplateRequires = _return select 2;
    _aiTeamTypes = _return select 3;
    _aiTeamUpgrades = _return select 4;

    You can add other types after that, even adapt that line & make static groups.

    Sorry to jump in on this - but this might explain this;

    When I play Warfare and select sides as US and Taki Army, after the AI commanders have upgraded Barracks to Level 3 (I think) the Taki Commander produces (masses of) Russians.

    So my questions are;

    Firstly is this intentional? Or is it because as stated groups are fetched from BIS configs?

    And Secondly is there a way to edit this behaviour in one of these files so that only Taki's are produced?

    I should mention i'm using the WarfareBE_071_ACE_18 version - however i have seen this behaviour in other versions.

  12. Sorry to jump back in after a couple of months and open this thread up, but i have a possible solution to the low FPS. I bit the bullet (:p) and brought a new PSU as all the troubleshooting i did seemed to point to the 12v rail being poorly. And i'm fixed with GPU usage going up and frame rates going up. I had tested the 12v rail under load but it stayed at 11.98v which is fine but i can only assume it was willing to give out the amperage required. I had the PSU 2-3 years (Everest Pro 1200) so maybe it was time for a new one. I hope this helps other people having similar issues. And for info i now have a OCZ 1250.

  13. You want artillery and air drop in the ACE version, right? So you need to activate ACRE *to pick up radios* in the base. You need a radio to call artillery and / or air drop. When you are carrying a radio on your back you will get additional entries in the action menu. Don't worry about points as long as you switch the career-option (or whatever it's called) off in the parameters.

    Dont need ACRE enabled - just need to take a particular backpack from thne crate at the base - silly me :o

    However, still cant seem to get a parachute :icon_frown:

  14. For the ACE version activate ACRE in the parameters and get yourself a radio. That'll do it regarding artillery and air drop.

    As i was loading the Server with @ACRE enabled i wondered how this would help. Still loaded up and nope no change - and i don't see how ACRE would make a difference to the situation, surely that is just for radio between team members?

    Does anyone know where a list of the points system is? Maybe that will throw some light on this.

  15. Thanks for quick reply. I'm running this on my own PC - so no server, however to eliminate i'll run this on my home server and reply with results.

    Ok i have it running on Server and connected - still no joy pressing "T" ONLY gives 1.SHOW STATUS 2.CREATE TRENCH 3.BUILD FARP 4.ADMIN SPECTATE

    I am an Arti Operator

    Enough points? Not sure how points work, not heard of that before.

    If i have exactly same settings in the non-ace version all works fine.

  16. I've just downloaded Domination 2.71 and have found some issues - just wondering if it's me not understanding or has someone else expererinced these in the ACE version;

    • Artillery is not available in the "T" menu.
    • Air Drop is not available in the "T" menu.
    • Cannot parachute from base as "i need to get a parachute first" (got one from a chopper but it still wont let me - maybe because it's not an ACE parachute).

    No problem in the non-ace version with these three.

  17. That's 491W AC (power draw from the wall) for the entire system running an artificial benchmark. Comparing the idle 156W to the load 491W gives a rough estimate of 335W for the GPU (although no doubt the CPU is loaded somewhat by the benchmark anyway, so it's less than that). The DC draw on the other side of the PSU, ie how many amps the GPU needs, will be considerably lower but even if we assume it's 335W@12v that's only 27A.

    OIC - was looking for something that wasn't really the problem then. I have also done a hard drive speed test and that was fine so the low FPS is something i'm gonna have to live with unless there is a eureka moment at some point in time!!