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    Custom TDM

    Many thanks for the response, much appreciated. Ok i unpbo'd and i get the missions folder copied that to Other Profiles (overwrite missions folder already there). Still not visible in editor. :( FYI: Inside the unpbo'd missions folder there are several folders: armoury bootcamp campaign data mpscenarios mptemplates scenarios som templates pboprefix config.bin
  2. MiniGunDad

    Custom TDM

    Ok i extracted the missions folder and inside is a folder MP_Templates in there is MPT06_TeamDeathmatch. I copied this folder to my profiles mp_missions folder. Start ArmA2 Multiplayer to edit it and it does not appear in the list :confused: Can anyone explain how to do this so i can create a custom TDM using the template? On a side note in the extracted folder there is Urban_Warfare & Paradrop in the scenarios folder but these don't show in the game :confused: what is that all about?
  3. I've read various posts on frame rate increases and tweaks but i seem to have come up against a brick wall. I can play with all the video settings at Normal and obtain 60FPS, on High i can sustain 50-55 and in Very High (AA 8) i get 35-40FPS. (Obviously terrain dependant etc though i designed a map with 100+ guys storming a beach in RHIB's with a force of 30 defending whilst two aircraft bomb the hell out of the beach). Now if i play at Low, i still max out at 60FPS now presumably this is becaus the cheapy monitor i have only has a 60Hz refresh at max (native) resolution of 1440x900. Can anyone confirm this theory and also if i remortgage :p and buy a 120Hz monitor (say the Samsung SM2233RZ) can i expect a better frame rate? I know there are other variables that also affect this - having read the post that is 40 pages long :rolleyes:. So if i ask the bank manager for a loan as well as a remortgage i could buy a solid state drive and install ArmA 2 to that and that alone. These two upgrades may provide an increase in framerates but my question is will they? :386: Just a minor annoyance but i have v1.07.71750 so why does it still tell me v1.07 is available for download :mad: And why do i still see 'shearing' on some menu screens? Most likely irrelevant but this is without any OC - which would be my next step, Oh and yes my system is; Win 7 64 Bit DirectX 11.0 NVIDIA Driver 257.21 ArmA 2 v1.07.71750 Intel® Core™i7-975 (3.33GHz) MB ASUS RAMPAGE II EXTREME 6GB DOMINATOR GT TRI-DDR3 2000MHz 2x2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX285 PCI EXPRESS in SLI (I currently have the CPU doing PhysX) HD 300GB WD VelociRaptor
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    Who got SLI to work?

    Ok i used Global settings but forced Alternate Frame Rendering 2 in SLI menu - it does produce some white outs and white screen flashing but for 99% of play time all ok. It also increased frame rate by 10-15 frames over the Crysis hack. Playing a simple DM with AI i get frame rates between 30 & 55 (generally 35) at 1440x900 and detail set to Very Low. Not pleasing to eye but very playable. (I can get 90 frames plus if i run looking at the sky :p ). Reducing resolution reduces frame rate - something i experienced in ArmA. However i had the option to choose refresh of 75Hz then, something i can't find in ArmA2 so i'm stuck with 60Hz. I digress sorry! SLI balance on screen:- both run at about 85% My rig not powerful but i'm pleased with its performance considering. System Spec: 2.4GHz Core Duo 2 x 512MB NVIDIA 7950GT's 2GB XMS RAM Win XP SP3 DX 9.0c Hope this helps someone!! PS: I'm still checking out other configs :bounce3: