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  1. OIC - was looking for something that wasn't really the problem then. I have also done a hard drive speed test and that was fine so the low FPS is something i'm gonna have to live with unless there is a eureka moment at some point in time!!
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    Urban Warfare

    Ok - i installed OA and ran it and had a quick go at Urban Warfare game whilst waiting for the patch (1.5->1.52) to download. Finished the game early and installed the patch. Load OA up and Urban Warfare has disappeared :eek: Can anyone explain what is going on?
  3. Ok i got my figure wrong; 700w is the PSU required which takes into account other hardware but you can definitely get 500w consumption (http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/graphics/2011/03/24/nvidia-geforce-gtx-590-3gb-review/8) even though NVIDIA rate it at 365w. This indicates i need somewhere between 30A & 45A depending on the load. So better to connect it up to more than enough and let it suck what it wants. This however detracts from the original post and low FPS so can we get back to that?
  4. No 60A - three rails each giving 20A thus a total of 60A and as the card is a hungry beast using upto 700w you will understand why (or you don't)! ;)
  5. I set up a small scenario one US guy running around Chernogorsk, depending on settings (mostly high) i get about 25-35 FPS depending on the location. Also GPU usage is around 25% 500MB. So i did some further testing which doesn't help but is somewhat strange :confused: In the NVCP i turned everything to ON if Off and also maxed if i could. Then in A2 in the Video Options i selected V High on all etc and also chose the large numerical otpions for the AA etc. I also selected 3D Res at 200% Native ie: 3300x2100. With my one man running around Chernogorsk => both GPU's are at 60%-70% and GPU MEM Usage is 1514MB each, so finally i've got them up and the card is now 'munching' it's way through the maths (Om nom nom nom). However, the FPS is still soemwhere between 20 & 25 !! So i think i'm missing something or i'm expecting too much from this supposed faster card ever - well when i brought it, it was reported as :p. The other place maybe to look is my 120Hz monitor, but whether i select 60Hz or 120Hz and change the VSync i'm not making much impression on the FPS. My PSU is an Everest Pro 1200 and after some fiddling around I have manged to power the card up with three 12v lines from the PSU to provide 60A (well i least i think i have) using "2x6pin to an 8pin adapter" and "1x8pin" - i assume this is fine otherwise the card would not give me the 1514MB MEM usage figure? (On the box it says requires 50A supply). Also connected are two HDD's and one DVD drive. Creative Sound Card, memory and CPU are really the only other loads so i should be well under 1200W. EDIT: Well while typing other posts come in - interesting ideas will give some of them a go
  6. (liamlight) If it makes you feel better i have a similar problem. I too have tried various tweaks and i get an increase between 2 & 7 FPS by reducing from V High to those as listed on the post (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthrea...66#post2081466). Which to me is an irrelevant increase, my GTX 590 is shown as using between 15% & 20% so i can only assume some issue somewhere but i cannot find it. My CPU temp never gets above 50c and i recently changed the thermal paste (i have a water cooler). NB & SB temps never move above 52c and i have extra fans fitted on these. I also have RAM fans fitted, and two case fans - basically temperature is not the reason. Using 3DMarkVantage i get good results; for those in the know my average FPS in Jane Nash is 75ish and the results were; P26514 3DMarks Graphics Score 27885 CPU Score 23107. During these test the GPU's were running at 98%+ as you would expect for a 3D Benchmark program. So back to your question which i would also like to see an answer for; why do i only get GPU usage figures of 15% - 20% which is obviously the reason for low frame rates?
  7. Well if it helps i get 60c - 63c fan speed 65% playing A2OA - when i played STALKER Clear Sky i was getting temps of 70c - 75c fan speed 70-75%. Fan speed is controlled by EVGA Precision. In A2OA I'm still having low FPS problems in towns - 20-35FPs with settings on V High and the GPU's are only at 20% usage. In fact my tests have shown that with a single man running around Chernogorsk i get better FPS with Single GPU rather than Multi GPU mode!! (NVCP). Still it seems to me there are too many options in th NVCP and also in the 'in-game' video options and the more you tweak each one the more you become frustrated with the apparant no change. :mad:
  8. What a Noob! :rolleyes: My PSU (Everest Pro 1200) has six 12v outputs (3x6 Pin & 3x8 Pin) each giving 20A so when using two of these (2 of the 8 Pin) the card is only getting 40A max. The PSU manual says it will give a max over current of 35A so not sure why my 590 would not suck it to the limit. Still I have just used a 2x6 Pin to 8 Pin adapter thus giving up to 60A, there is a noticeable FPS averaging at least 10FPS more on three tests i have done. Also used memory has gone from 800MB to 1300MB, so convincing me that this was a PSU issue. Right now i'm considering a new PSU as this PSU will only give a max of 90A on the 12v lines, so if i get another card i'll need a beefier one.
  9. Just by chance i was reading some forums and i had a Eureka moment => my PSU is an Everest 1200 Pro and the 12v Rails kick out 20A, the GTX590 needs 50A does it not? Maybe this would explain no more than 40% usage when both GPU's are enabled. Suppose i need a different PSU?
  10. EDCase many thnaks for your input. I have tried these settings and oustside of the BM i have seen some improvement. I think overall i am now settled with the settings i have chosen (a mix of all the replies i have had) and just need to get in a couple of hours hard gaming in so that i can see how it 'plays in the real world'. Many thanks to all who have responded with ideas and i hope this can help others. I have bookmarked this page as it has many other interesting posts and i will return occasionally to see what gives. ---------- Post added at 17:53 ---------- Previous post was at 17:49 ---------- Thanks for additional input. I had already reduced VD to 2200 from 3600 but what is a good 'middle of the road' setting? And another question what is HDR?
  11. Ok i saw a slight error in my last post=> by SLI i meant my 590 (i only have one) either in multi or single GPU mode (NVCP) as in essence it is two cards in one. Right i used MJK-Ranger's images to set the NVCP - i see you rely on the Global Settings not the Program Settings (Ques: does one override the other?). Some slight differences for me is that NVCP recognises my monitor and offers refresh rate either app controlled or highest available - neither made much difference! On the same 'line' the VSync option IGS (In Game Setting) does not give much difference apart from on ArmA2 menu screens where framerate is double to 250(variable) instead of 120(static). So i am always 'disabled'.Now, however.... i have fiddled with the 'pagefile' - oh yes i am a naughty boy. Firstly i increased it from "6135 W7" managed to "9216 - 10240 Custom" == no FPS difference. And also PF to "500 - 600", this setting gives me a noticeable difference upping my average FPS and on the E08 BM i'm between 45 & 55 depending on action. However, as ArmA2 only uses a max of 2048 RAM why would it use the PF and not the RAM - i checked performance manager and the actual mem use was 1935. Also surely using the BM rather than a map entices lower mem use and thus no read/write from HD? I would leave my CPU at 4.2GHz but the FPS change was nothing more than a few frames. I tried other OC'ing incl memory up at 2000MHz but it BSOD'd and frames were not great either. Current setting is OC memory at 1800MHz and CPU at 3.5GHz. On my mobo i can choose various presets or individual settings but as i'm not getting a eureka moment i have decided to leave "as is" for now. Also i have now spent 4hrs benching rather than gaming :( Apart from questioning my sanity i'm starting to think that i'm missing something simple here OR am i expecting to much from my PC?
  12. Calm down dear! But since you are waiting with baited breath; My conclusion is summed up by saying i don't know why i can't get more than 50FPS on the E08 Benchmark. Even when i set the in game settings to 'Low' :eek: i still only get 51FPS. What is clear is that having my 590 running in SLI is a waste of time as it does not increase FPS in fact there is a slight reduction :( This leads me to think i have a CPU issue - maybe i need to get a better CPU? Or maybe an SSD? Who knows eh.
  13. Before i disable HT in the BIOS i tried two scenarios with your exact same settings; Both GPU's working with PhysX on Auto - E08 BM => 36FPS One GPU doing all the work and PhysX on the other GPU - E08 BM => 57FPS Maybe when both GPU's are running the memory use is too much - if that's possible? By disabling hyper threading, what will that do exactly? I assume just 4 threads from 4 cores instead of 8 threads from 4 cores - but how does that help? Ok disabled HT => VSync Enabled Both GPU's working with PhysX on Auto - E08 BM => 54FPS One GPU doing all the work and PhysX on the other GPU - E08 BM => 57FPS VSync Disabled Both GPU's working with PhysX on Auto - E08 BM => 42FPS One GPU doing all the work and PhysX on the other GPU - E08 BM => 46FPS VSync - adapative half refresh Both GPU's working with PhysX on Auto - E08 BM => 49FPS VSync - adapative Both GPU's working with PhysX on Auto - E08 BM => 50FPS I could go on and on here but wont bore you. I will experiement and give best results when done.
  14. I used to have two GTX285's and still had low FPS! So what settings are you using because no matter what i try including running CPU at 4.2GHz i am stuck at 30-60 FPS depending on environment. Also please run the E08 Benchmark and tell me what figure you get - i get around 45FPS.
  15. I have gone back to 301.42 as i think i had a bad install of the drivers (SLI split not working correctly). This version seems to work fine now. Your specs are impressive and most likely give you that edge - anyway what in game settings do you use? Maybe i can replicate.
  16. hiper .. i think you just need to experiment with various settings. These forums have many many many posts and it is hard to find something useful but try these http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?101124-Operation-Arrowhead-performance-optimizations-comparisons/page39 or http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?85124-ArmA2-OA-%28low%29-performance-issues&p=2081466#post2081466 Inside both these pages are different threads with various ideas and also further links - try the simple things before thinking about Beta patches and other downloads. Also there are benchmark testers inside the Single Player Scenario menu in the game - these can provide a constant test each time you make a change. It is frustrating shutting the game down and restarting but perseverance is the key.
  17. Just tried with 301.42 again and the SLI split seems to be sorted but FPS still only 25-35. So i set up a UTES map with one man running from wood to Kamenyy; D 301.42 FPS 25 upto 37 in - town threw smoke just before buildings GPU's work harder FPS not much change D 296.10 FPS 30 upto 45 in - town threw smoke just before buildings GPU's work harder FPS not much change So i'm thinking a CPU issue? But there is a differnce in FPS for the two drivers. Hmmm this is not in the 296.10 driver so will install 301.42 (again :icon_rolleyes:) and do some more tests! ---------- Post added at 11:26 ---------- Previous post was at 10:43 ---------- Just tried with 301.42 again - UTES map with one man running from wood to Kamenyy; D 301.42 VSync Half Refresh Rate FPS 30 constant - town threw smoke just before buildings GPU's work harder FPS constant 30 Look at sky 30 FPS Look at ground 30 FPS D 301.42 VSync On FPS 25-45 - town threw smoke just before buildings GPU's work harder FPS variable to max 45 Look at sky 60 FPS Look at ground 60 FPS D 301.42 VSync Off FPS 25-45 - town threw smoke just before buildings GPU's work harder FPS variable Look at sky 140 FPS Look at ground 110 FPS To be honest i'm always gonna have VSync off - i brought a 120Hz monitor to use it not restrict it ;) - also i've played Takistan maps and had frames over 60, which is an advantage when online (well anything above 40 is!!). An i forgot to mention my settings are mostly V High and High. I did try some lower settings but the view is not so pleasing - once you've had grass you don't like to lose it :p plus all the other beautiful details that this game gives. Overall i think i need to tweak the in game settings and bump my CPU speed up. I will give this a go and report back later today. ---------- Post added at 12:19 ---------- Previous post was at 11:26 ---------- CPU Level Up to 3.75GHz D301.42 again - UTES map with one man running from wood to Kamenyy; D 301.42 VSync Off FPS 39-47 & more - town threw smoke just before buildings GPU's work harder FPS variable Look at sky 154 FPS - unbelievable FPS? Look at ground 110 FPS Conclusion Not sure why all of a sudden i was having FPS issues - maybe the new driver but this is inconclusive. One thing is for sure bumping up the CPU has improved FPS by at least 30% (30FPS to 40FPS). However, during general PC use i see that the CPU temp is up by 2-3C, once in full flow on a warfare map i will monitor temp. I also intend to give the CPU a full work out at it's max of 4.2GHz though during my brief tests the CPU reached 3.9GHz. So to wrap up => tweak it, tweak it again, and of course tweak it until you are happy :D
  18. I'm experiencing a drop in framerate and also a problem with one GPU running at 5-11% while the other is at 95-98% whilst using the 301.42 driver. I left the NVCP settings at default. I lived with the low frames for a few days then did some NVCP tweaks and in game tweaks and the situation got worse. Finally reinstalled 296.10 driver and hey bingo everything back to normal; Example of problem (no seetings changed in game between two scenarios just a restart of ArmA2); Driver 301.42 Run ArmA2 OA with Lingor & Isla Duala MODS Open screen video 13FPS In game (LAN Warfare Duala) 22-25FPS at deployed HQ Swonto Airport scrub/desert with small buildings GPU SLI split 95% - 11% (appx) Driver 296.10 Run ArmA2 OA with Lingor & Isla Duala MODS Open screen video 65FPS In game (LAN Warfare Duala) 38-45FPS at deployed HQ Swonto Airport scrub/desert with small buildings GPU SLI split 35% - 35% (appx) Is it me or are there some issues with the version of the NVIDIA driver? I'm goning to reinstall 301.42 just to confirm and post again - in the mean time any comments greatly appreciated.
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    Warfare BE ACE Lingor

    Yup just found it - was obviously searching the internet with my eyes closed. :p
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    Warfare BE ACE Lingor

    Jedra, Sorry for a tardy response, still many thanks - i had already looked through some of that post. Trouble with posting on that thread is i believe that people don't want to skim through the 42 Pages or even notice there is a new post. Also i've played warfare (for several hours now) and noticed various other little issues so i will compile a list and then possibly put in that thread. Though i've still no luck on what all the parameters do - which may take some time to figure out - gonna unpbo the WF pbo and sift through the hundred odd files :eek:
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    Warfare BE ACE Lingor

    Ok i am someway to the bottom of this - however i have upgraded to the latest versions of the Warfare ACE 2.071 CHUX 1.8 (this at least stops the AI from hanging around doing nothing). Now in the parameters there are various options including switching Towns: Camp Capture to 'Classic' which i have selected but i still see that the flag is still not changed to US even with Town SV at 50:50. Anyone shed some light on this? Also is there a description file somewhere of all these settings explained?
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    Lingor Domination

    Firstly i must say that i love this island - in Domination it is most challenging when the enemy AI is High. I have a simple question/observation; In Domination the Chinook will only lift Humvees - is this intentional? I have DePBO'd it and searched the files but cannot see where to change this (if its possible) Can anyone help here?
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    Lingor Domination

    Sorry to open this old thread but => Just downloaded the 2.6 version of Lingor Domination and it has the same bugs as in my previous thread (Lingor 2.54). I've also noticed that you cannot load an ammo box into the Stryker. These problems can be rectified by editing the i_client.sqf. I have not given the full list of required changes, but here is how to; Line 101ish Here you'll need to replace "LAV25_HQ" with "ACE_Stryker_ICV_M2_SLAT" i believe or whatever the classname is and i've just noticed there is no CASE SELECT for _ACEVer :confused: i will investigate and have a tinker. Heli LIft is at around line 388 which has the ace check incidently. I'm very :confused: now!! Hope that helps you all :D
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    I'm intending to write a program that will extract, edit & create PBO's however i haven't got a scooby on how the actual PBO file is constructed :confused: i have read that it is made up of three sections; a header contiguous data block - all the script files etc a four byte simple accumulative checksum I assume it's then combined like a CAB file or something like that and I presume it is not just a hash of a text file as the header part does not look text'ish! If someone could explain how to combine the necessary files into one packaged file - the pbo - i would be extremely greatful and possibly dance like a banana Ok i have devloped the simple program and it can be downloaded here MGD_Pbo.zip Any feedback greatly apprieciated :bounce3: And i have updated it (25 Nov 2011) with some minor amendments - but as i've had no feedback i wonder if i'm talking to myself :lookaround: Minor update to deal with UAC Settings (7th Dec 2011) Minor update to improve UI (20th Dec 2012)
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    Just a quick note to say i've made some improvements to my Pbo Tool - download is on first thread.