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    Operation Arrowhead Campaign

    Οh I am sure it is. As I said I know almost nothing about scripting and complicated functions. Action-wise I know what I did though: I run with my bradley inside the city and my gunner killed everyone. Then I destroyed the missiles, blew the SUV up and got to the temple. Now I know there is a complicated mission infrastructure under there but as far as it concerns what I actually did to finish the mission, I can recreate that part of the experience. Maybe there will be no briefing, dialog and dynamic triggers and stuff but it will work. I don't mean to diss the creators of the game. I love them. I love their game. I love their vision. I just expected something big and challenging. I guess I have to try it in expert mode and see if it changes the experience.
  2. Master gamawa

    Operation Arrowhead Campaign

    Nothing in this world will EVER compare with the experience of the original Operation Flashpoint. Maybe because I was younger and less jaded, I don't know... Maybe it was the fact that no other game at that time offered the variety and choices of Cold War. The voice acting was shitty the graphics where blocky and the missions were vague at best. But I felt I was there. I've actually 'lived' in Everon. That said I wasn't disappointed with OA at all. It was a fine little campaign. I can't remember any parts where I shat my pants or felt I was involved in the story. I just played through, killed a bunch of dudes and suddenly it was over. Not bad. Now as someone previously stated the original game had 40 missions that involved stealth, armor, intelligence, aircraft, recon, guard duty, defending positions, stealing stuff, convoys, choppers, chasing a man all over the map, wandering for hours in the wilderness... even an amazing 'escape from captivity and run into the night using the stars for navigation' mission which really was awesome and groundbreaking for the time. Was that so hard to do again? I mean you have the technology, the ideas, a fine editor with which you can create amazing missions in minutes! I could probably recreate most of the OA missions in the editor and I just know the basics. Take the final mission for example. Really? Is that... all? Now don't get me wrong, I liked it... I just think BI could do SO MUCH MORE with this. But I guess that's just me. I mean I've created missions in five minutes that lasted longer than the last mission and felt more challenging.
  3. I can't do it. I give up. I do everything right and when I press enter nothing happens. See first I click on the thing that looks like a hook. then the diamond. then the round thing with the dot on top. then the vertical line, the thing that looks like it has a beak and another diamond. I click on enter and nothing happens. I have the time to try again and when I click on return, I say "we didn't make it" what the hell is going on? and I can't use endmission because I use these keys ingame. Shift is reaload and delete is turn left. edit: I replayed the mission from start and i got different symbols and it worked fine. sorry
  4. Master gamawa

    Game needs an attachment system

    that takes a whole lot more time than just picking the weapon you want from the crate. You just scroll a couple of times click and bang! you got it. Your way is more .. fiddly... Pick a weapon, select scope, select launcher, select laser sight, select silencer etc. I prefer the standard way.
  5. Master gamawa

    Ground ripple?

    it happens to me almost everywhere. It's more noticeable when going up slopes. The ground warps something awful. It's like short range tripping.
  6. Master gamawa

    help! just help!!

    yeah it seems you pissed FADE off...
  7. Master gamawa

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    Οh ok. Do they speak Independent-ish though? Cause that's annoying. The only reason I am asking for different factions is because I would like to allow them to fight anyone. Even Independent guys. Just for variety! Anyway you are doing a great job with this.
  8. Shift and click drag rotates objects. Then you preview and check if it looks right.
  9. Master gamawa

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    those are great and PLEASE RELEASE THEM NOW.. but what do you mean with "armed civilians". Do they belong to the civilian group? Cause that... you know... wouldn't work. Can you make west, east and independent versions of these?
  10. Master gamawa

    Fixed Range Nightvision

    is this still an issue? I want to enjoy a night mission ONCE in my life but unfortunately once you zoom in while wearing nv goggles, everything goes dark. It's almost unplayable. I tried the new fixed range nvgs and they work fine but I didn't have time to test them with reviving. It is very important that it works! Will/Can this be fixed?
  11. Master gamawa

    Save BUG in this Insane Buggy Game ...

    I am not the nit-picky kind of person but this random capitalizing of words breaks the flow. Don't do that dudes! I had difficulty reading it since in most languages capitals are used when a new sentence starts (I think the german language doesn't follow that rule). having said that I didn't really understand the exact nature of the OP's problem.
  12. Master gamawa

    Adjustable crosshairs splease

    the Addon you need is called "minimal crosshair" Look for it. Τhank me later.
  13. Master gamawa

    Will my new setup run everything at max?

    well, do you include view distance when you say everything at max? Because I don't think there is a pc out there that can run Arma 2 at full max settings. Of course that depends on the mission but still I don't think max graphics settings will make the game better anyway. I have a real beefcake of a pc (well, anyway it was when I bought it) and I can run the game at very high settings but I have to make light missions to make the game playable. I play at normal/high settings with a view distance of 3000m and 1680x960 resolution and the game looks mighty fine. I don't think the human eye can tell the difference between 1600 and 1900 res... But you processor can! :)
  14. Master gamawa

    The Undead Mod

    Thanks. Anyone came up with a solution for a working anti-zombie injection?
  15. Master gamawa

    The Undead Mod

    I can tell you but I don't think you can afford it: