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    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    I'm not saying I expect them to make the perfect AI. I know that may never be possible. What I'm saying is at least revamp the AI so that you are not importing AI bugs that have occurred since the beginning. It's rather strange that BI has this pattern with these military sims. But I do understand also that it is a big game in scale and a lot of work is involved. I just think it's getting old to have these same old bugs.
  2. Makou107

    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    Yea a bit off topic but I read some of the posts in the beginning that were trying to say how the AI isn't "stupid" and just made me think of what I wrote.
  3. Makou107

    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    You hardcore fan boys need to calm down and realize when there is a problem and that it needs to be fixed instead of lying to yourselves and accepting what you got. We've spent years now supporting BI and it's not much to expect that as the years have gone by that they have some what AT LEAST improved aspects of their games like AI and performance. Time and money at this point should not be an issue. We have given them both over the years. It's just very disappointing and frustrating that we get the same product over and over again with slight improvement. I still love the game and the company but that does not stop me from opening my eyes and realizing what is going on.
  4. Makou107

    "Play with up to 50 players online..."

    Placebo what do you do on the development team?
  5. Makou107

    Why ArmA 2 is coming to steam 30 June?

    Are there any Euro english versions of the game available for download from a website? Kind of like Direct2Drive? I really don't want to have to wait that long for the game :(
  6. Makou107

    Physics question

    I think the big thing in the future (maybe of course) will be a physics engine that can represent everything in the game depending on developer settings. Like an engine that would control vehicles and objects depending on weight and type. Applied to everything in the game from the NPC's to trees to the wind. But most important of all, at least for my opinion, will be hit reaction. Example being you shot an NPC in the arm and he reacts to it. Maybe he grabs it and drops his gun, or falls back from the force, it could be random everytime. Are we there yet? I'm not sure. But I do know that some are getting close to that. Like the GTA 4 engine was pretty impressive in that aspect. I think in terms of hardware we are pretty much there. The power from cpu's and gpu's are crazy and just keep getting better. Now it takes some smart software to put it all to good use. Sorry I know it's not on topic with ArmA but I would LOVE to see something like this in the series in the future.
  7. Makou107

    Physics question

    I looked around but couldn't find the answer to my question. I hate to make a new post just for a simple question but I'm really curious. When you kill an npc in the game does it die with animation or go into a ragdoll mode? Is there any kind of physics in the game, like pushing objects over or driving through objects? Thanks for any replies.
  8. Makou107


    Always helpful, thank you Manzilla. And thank you Tony for the wonderful mod.
  9. Makou107


    Can't seem to find any links to the MP/SP versions of this fine mod. Currently using the FFN config version I found from armaholic.com
  10. Makou107

    AI mods for SP?

    How do I unpbo it?
  11. Makou107

    AI mods for SP?

    Are you saying that I can edit the GL3 mod and pick and choose some features? If so how do I go about doing that?
  12. Makou107

    AI mods for SP?

    Thanks for the replies. I found the FFN mod and will give it a try but I'm not sure what the other ones are. Could you tell me their full name please? Thanks again guys. EDIT: Nevermind, I've found them. Will give them a try thanks again.
  13. I've been looking around and can't seem to find a full AI mod for all SP. I don't play MP because of my bad ping so I'm stuck with playing the SP campaign and missions. They are fun but man the AI is broken. I was playing that Convoy ambush mission from the campaign and I was hidden up top a building prone. After the first BMP rolled over the mines I laid out they knew where I was AND was able to kill my while I wasn't even in line of sight. Maybe the building was bugged who knows. The one right next to the road before the stop sign in the building I was on. Anyways, so wondering what you guys recommend for an AI mod. Any input is appreciated thanks.
  14. Makou107

    ArmA Causes Comp to Restart

    Ok just in case the OP had this problem I seemed to have fixed it by uninstalling the old Nvidia display drivers, afterward restarting into safe mode and running the driver cleaner from Guru3d (link at the bottom) then installing the latest Nvidia drivers, 182.08. Was able to play for an hour or so and not blue screen. Hope that helps. Driver Sweeper: http://downloads.guru3d.com/Driver-....ownload