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  1. do pirates ruin the game or hacking dickwads ruin it? scriptshits are more likely to pirate the game just to mess up servers. Stop hacks working, stop pirates. Copy protection is a sure way to go to hell imho.

    In Arma1, pirated copied were easy to spot. just run #userlist every now and then and ban any stupid playerIDs. Was it after battleye came out that userlist stopped reporting PlayerIds?

  2. Mate of mine's 8800 GTS went titsup playing arma2 a couple of days ago. This heating-up would explain my 8800 GTX fan making noise whilst in Arma2 menus (and nowehere else).

    I think this might apply also when I go afk from a sever and come back after a while to find a "session lost"/ "you were kicked" or somesuch message - the fan is rattling around again in the same way as the menu.

    I recently installed Kegety's software triplehead and have an incompatibility with Fraps now. I start the game with Fraps. The fps quickly shoots up to 170 or 172 and the display freezes.

  3. IME, those gfx defects are the result of overheating of the gfx card. Take the lid off your case and my guess is that it'll stop doing that... Best purchase I ever did was buying a decent case for my Athlon 64 system.

    Your BIOS really shold have an AGP Aperture setting. Often it's defaulted to 64MB. Remember you 'lose' system RAM to assist with gfx with that setting, so setting the aperture to 512MB leaves you 1GB for the system and game. Assuming you find the setting, experiment with 128MB, 256MB and 512MB aperture - and don't put textures up high!

  4. Evolution is cooperative. All the players work together (hahahaha) to clear the towns one by one. Points make promotions and unlock weapons and vehicles. Promotions allow you to recruit AI under you if you don't decide to squad up with other humans.

    Hold is a team game where you compete for control of target zones. I'm loving this at the moment, playing AAS32 ("advance and secure") missions.

    Both types of games have respawning. Evolution can last for hours whereas Hold is time limited.

  5. i love how the AI helicopters don't ignore infantry any more! i love to just set up a squad in a field or a town and watch an mi24 or a ka52 take out the squad with a carpet rocket attack. i've noticed that the aircraft also do it too! :)

    Yeah I noticed that.

    I was editing a mission but the enemy choppers full of paratroopers just wouldn't arrive at their destination. For debugging purposes I changed the spawn point to be 200m above my start position.

    Lo and behold, the choppers spawned fine. Then they dived straight into the ground and the paratroopers all bailed out to save themselves. After about an hour if this, I realised that I hadn't put the pilots in the choppers in my script...

    So once the pilots were in, I spawned them over me with orders to fly to the target. However, they seem to relish the opportunity to peel off and engage targets en route. Impressive.

  6. I've worked out what my problem is

    I have 3 screens running at 12:3 aspet ratio.

    when a sound comes from outside of the centre screen, it sounds like it's 90-ish degrees out even though i can see it on my left or right screen which means it's somewhat infront of me.

    the thing causing the sound is out to me left at 45 degrees but is sounds like it's at 90 degreees

  7. Thinking also of buying ARMA 2 and was wondering if there are any dedicated Aussie servers for the game.

    After playing games like BF2, COD4 and such were your stuck in a small map, is ARMA 2 similiar to OFP as i prefer something more realaistic were u dont go running around spraying bullets .

    oh yeah! you can circle as many klicks as you like to a target. patience and positioning pays off.

  8. Hard-discs are 1000's of times slower than RAM at random access. I've got 4GB of DDR3 running at 1.6Ghz and space for a lot more.

    Pagefiles archive pages under two circumstances: either Windows thinks you don't need them anytime soon or your task's requirements exceed the physically available RAM.

    There are two problems then with using a pagefile (especially a "System Managed" one). First, if you've got more RAM than you need, then there's no point. Second (assuming the first applies to you), the time and resource overhead in managing this function slows your computer down. There's a third issue in that most people have one hard-disc and their pagefile(s) are therefore on the same drive as both Windows _and_ their hog application. This is not clever.

    In my work, I deal with people who need more RAM than is physically possible on their hardware and sometimes I make pagefiles on one or more discs up to the maximum of 8GB supported by XP. It's a sad place to be and, whilst their software _runs_ (and produces the data they need), it takes forever.