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  1. I have found that while pushing A button, combined with B button and running in any direction may also help.

    While assaulting an enemy city, I ordered my teammates to push A button while I pushed B button. The main problem with this was none of my teammates were pushing B button, I was the only one. We failed that mission, but we had a second go; we all pushed A button and B button while running to the north (it also works while running to the North-west, South-west, South-east, and East). The result was a delightful victory for our team, many civilians were saved!

    If you are playing alone with AI, I suggest only using B button, and if you can, double-tab the C button. Remember the directions you must face in order to be succesfull


    I have no idea what this post is about. What is it about this game which makes people say "press J" instead of the informative "press action menu"? I'm dying to know what happens when you press A without B, A with B, and double tap C. Sounds like a cheat mode seeing as it causes delightful victory :D.

  2. all the code examples above do the right thing. in general terms, what's happening is as follows: -

    public variables can be used like this. you prepare a variable the same on every client. When one player does the required action, he changes his copy of the publicised variable and then uses the publicvariable command to broadcast that to all other players.

    because all the players are running a script which is waiting for the special variable to change, they receive the updated variable and all of them execute the required script on their own computer.

    if you need to use that variable again, at the end of each client's script the variable is reset to it's original value and the wait begins again.

  3. I've been playing with current 5.1 settings for about a week now. It's working OK but there's a bug if you have 3 screens and use the 12:3 aspect ratio. The increased fov is not reflected in the sound space: things you can see in front of you (on left or right screen) sound like they are offscreen.